Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

October 27, 2008

Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ

October 27, 2008

Jesús called me inside my Heart and I responded with great joy. He says:

Come to Me wheat flower, and I will give you the Peace.

You are the instrument that I wanted to use for the end of times. This is the end of time for conversion of mankind. You and many others are My instruments, I am God and call those who are willing to serve Me. Those who do not exalt. To Me all have the same value, the same utility, but even so I like to call those who receive My Voice with humility and come to know what I want.

I called you and you came and emptied of all content to know what I want that you do. Now, come. I want you advance on your mission. You are prophetess of this time, so I determined. I love you, come and do My Will.

My Lord and my God, here I am before you. Do with me what is Your Will. I know I am nothing, but You can only do with me something pleasant to You. My Lord and my God, I love you, I adore You, I praise You, I bless You, I glorify You, I thank You for Your immense Glory in the Three Persons of the Trinity.

Little daughter, I want you do a prayer for the benefit of mankind. My Lord and my God, I implore You, heard my prayers, give to the whole humanity Your peace, Your Mercy. Stop Lord, the world is in terrible state, each day emptier of You rejecting You for lack of humility, lack of knowledge of how to response about the sins he commits.
Forgive us Lord, give us Your Light, Your forgiveness, to change each man. I know that to be forgiven we need to ask for forgiveness. Not all ask, but I implore You Lord, give us strength, give us courage, we need Your Forgiveness.

Forgive us our sins, our weaknesses, forgive us Lord. Little daughter, to all who ask forgiveness with sincerity, with real repentance of their sins, I will forgive them. But not everyone does this. Repentance must be true, there can not be disregard, the man can not love sin more than Me. Without conversion there will be no forgiveness. The men need to repent of their sins.

Oh! My Jesus! Do with all that they repent and seek help in You. I implore You for us all sinners. Little daughter, now I want you to open your spiritual eyes and look inside My Sacred Heart and write about what you see. Yes, my Lord. I see a flame burning in a fire that consumes me in love, it do not burn my eyes, but strengthens me in a wonderful way. Is an ardent love, a love that people feel the will to fly to Your Arms, without looking back.

My Lord, your love for me means that I see the world at huge difficulty. It is spinning very fast, it is difficult to find countries. I only see stains. Now I see the earth surrounded by a smoke. It seems that is inside a cloud of smoke as a volcano in eruption. I do not see fire, only smoke. It is not making easy the location of countries. Something terrible is going on, the heat is very strong, I feel my skin burn; it appears that will cause burns. I now see a place on earth, I am among the people, people do not tolerate more the heat. Now I see many deaths. Lord, help us, I am not tolerating the heat! Come Lord Jesus, come quickly.

Daughter, I am at your side, still showing what you see and trust Me.

Yes, my Lord. I now see another region of the earth, seems to be in South America, a dangerous storm is coming. Arrived. It is very strong, very hard! Houses are collapsing. It will be very painful, I have the feeling.

Lord, the population is in despair. I see a lot of water, it seems an invasion of water from a large dam that is broke, but now I see that is not, is the same storm, big flood, caused only by the storm itself. Many bodies are on the water, there is not much assistance, is difficult, everything is being washed by the waters. Now is stronger, I see so much water like a tsunami, but is not just heavy rain.

Jesus, help us! Help us! Help us! My God! My God!

Little daughter, do not be afraid, it is time for purification, it is time for changes in nature, still showing what you see, write, write, I'm your God. Now my Lord, I see the epidemic. The people being reached by it, in the region of rain. It is a painful situation! Much of debris come in the flood, there are a manifestation of flies in large numbers, there is almost nothing out of this situation.

Lord, yet is not coming help from countries. They are Brazilians, I understand their conversation. People without resources are accumulated in ruins, hoping to find help elsewhere.

Now I see the storm of hail. How terrible! I have never seen anything like it. Woe to this people that is us Brazilians!

My Lord, forgive us, forgive us, come to our rescue or we’ll not survive more! Little daughter, will not survive who is out of Me, who did not convert. Jesus, now finished? Little daughter, no. Continue writing.

My Lord! My Lord and my God! Have mercy on us! I now see other place in the world, a great catastrophe caused by an earthquake. I see many ruins, many dead. How terrible! How terrible! It seems the result of scientific experiments, from crazy. The human science failed, how terrible! And now how the world will endure this consequence my God?

Daughter, I am God, I am who resolve, not the world. Thank God, O Jesus, for your love for us. Continued daughter, continue I want you to reveal. My Lord, I now see a great war between nations. I think from this war anything will be left, I think it is the end of a people who ventured. Someone went crazy and caused this war, this is the huge tragedy. This is a work of the Hell, I have no doubt.

Daughter, all war is Satanic work, has a master Lucifer, he is trying to take possession of the world. My Lord, take care of us, we are yours, we fear this time that I am seeing in advance. Daughter, who loves me not die, sleep and I will raise you on the last day. Lord my God, not all are out of you. What will you do for those who love You? See all sleeping at the hills, I do not know who is good and who is not, all are together, dead, and I do not see survivors.

Little daughter, this is not important, I will remember to all; about the soul is what matters, that be healthy to fly in My direction. The difference is in the soul, bodies are all equal. But Lord, and those who are sick of the soul, there will be no help for them? In truth I tell you, I decide. I will collect and give them a time of peace to recover and they will have to deal with the uncertainty and start a lifetime of effort to win. I will put them in place then I will seek those who have learned to be faithful to Me, the others I decide where they go, those who did not convert.

Lord my God, when all this will come? Daughter, these things will come soon, very soon. Lord, I can not understand the time coming soon, I do not know how many years. Get ready, should prepare all peoples. The near future belongs to Me, not the man. Jesus Forgiveness, forgiveness, yet I have not learned to wait. I have fear, distress and worry about surprises.

Now you see the arrival of the Light that will purify humanity, but remember that make part of it, you need to prepare also. The Light comes to cleanse humanity and mark those destined to Paradise. Are few in comparison to those who are alive.

My God, that beautiful! But do not hurt my eyes and not feel scared, because I know that the Lord is near me.

But now my soul trembles, it hurts, I am feeling that never happened this. Lord, Lord, help me. Little daughter, it is time for purification and then I will do the Great Miracle and will seek the dispersed.

During the Miracle, all knees will bend, will be a mass conversion and the cure for sick, there will be an acceptance of those who are humiliated.
Then the great chastisement will come.

Woe to those who trampled on My word, in My church. Is coming, is coming the hour of adjustment.

My Lord and my God, forgive us. I lost speech. How terrible! It hurts know about this day! Come Jesus, come help us, come to console us.

Little daughter, see now the hour of Salvation.Everything I do to Save My brothers and bring them to God Father, My Mercy is spread over all generations. My love is eternal.

Daughter, now prophesy to Jerusalem, My Church, My people. Yes my Lord, do with me what is your will. Here I am at your complete disposal. Continue My daughter, I love you and protect you.

Thank You Jesus, even though my heart is in pain for so many visions, I will prophesy because I love You with all my heart, with all my soul and with all my spirit.

The Prophecy: Jerusalem, Jerusalem, listen and engrave well inside your heart, with much love and obedience to Me your God.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, listen to My advice, correct your steps, do not deviate from Me, get out of the error and return to reality. I am your God and out of Me there is no life, do not want the darkness.

I will send the Purifier at any time and you're ready, do not be attached to more illusions, give up what you already have. If you want to win, reacts and start your conversion. Detached from your “I” and be Mine entirely. Do not forget I gave you a Mother and want Her to be loved, respected and honored by you.

The punishment is coming and woe to those who offended My Mother.
The balance is now ready to weigh your works, your charities and it will give the result only. Will be irreversible, punishment for those who merit to be punished. Is coming, is coming, is coming the day of the trial, it wont be long, there is still time for conversion.

Jerusalem repent, take care of your soul.

You are My beloved, My church, My people and You will triumph over evil, even if I have to let you suffer but you will win. I will cover you of Glory. I am God, I am what I am, I am the Light of the world.

Anyone who truly loves me will not see the darkness, will sleep and will wake before My Light.

I love you with Eternal Love Jerusalem.

Daughter, now forward what I revealed, do not to give up in your mission. You will be blessed in heaven one day, if you remain with Me until the last moment of your life and being faithful in your mission.

Bear your cross as I bear Mine, in quiet, loving the Trinity until the end.

I bless you.

I am God, I am what I am. I am Peace; I am the light of the world.