Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ

March 27, 2009 – Feast of Anunnciation

Jesus called inside my heart and I responded with great joy. He tells me:
Come to Me wheat flower, come to listen My Voice and do My Will. I want that you be each day an instrument of My Love to help all the humanity.

You did not choose your mission, I your God chose you, I want that every day receive it and obey. I make from you a channel of Grace to the world. Reveal what you hear from Me.

My Lord and my God, You called me, here I am, make of me Your slave, renew my heart, all my life so that I can please You each day more.
I love you, adore You, praise You, bless You, glorify You, give You thanks for Your immense Glory in the Three Persons of the Trinity.

Little daughter, look to My Sacred Face and see what I had to endure to Save you. If all the times you wake in the morning and do so, you will win, because these wounds that you see bleeding, are because of that crown of thorns that the executioners put on Me. Each thorn symbolizes the human disobedience. All men need to contemplate My Sacred Face to repair their errors, all committed sins. If all are aware of this fault and repair, will give Me a great joy.

My Lord and my God! Oh Jesus, here I am on Your feet, contemplating Your Sacred Face, I ask Your forgiveness for my sins, for the sins ot the world, for the sins of our homeland. Forgive us Lord, help us to defeat all the temptations of the demon, streigthen us, help us, You are our God.

Little daughter, tell to all about contemplating My Sacred Face. Happy are those who contemplated It at least once in life, most happy will be those who contemplated It always.

Lord, when contemplating Your Sacred Face, I felt a deep pain in my heart, I had the will to put a cloth to dry Your Wounds, but suddenly I felt unworthy to touch You.

My Lord, You know what happens inside my heart, if I could born again and never practice the sin, not to be one of these people who made this cruelty, but I am a sinner and I am one of them, because did not understand how not to be.

Forgive me Jesus, forvgive me for many times that I was a thorn, to hurt Your Holy Face. Save us. I know that now is too late for us all, time does not return, we can not erase what have done, but Your Mercy can erase all our faults.

Little daughter, you give Me joy recognizing your sins and asking for forgiveness to Me. You are a treasure for My Father, you are a treasure for Me and for the Divine Holy Spirit. We will help to recover your life.

I suffered to give new life, a life in Me, you were separated from Me by the sin, but you can repair and return, is enough to have humillity to ask Me forgiveness of all your faults.

I will give a New Life after justified, sanctified.

To born again is only possible through My Forgiveness. Is not reincarnation, nobody reincarnates, but is justified and sanctified.

The New Life is a holy life. Who does not want to be holy, is at risk to go to hell. The Purgatory is a place where go the souls that despite being converted, did not make reparation of their faults while were on the earth. Now have to repair all faults and then go directly to Heaven.

Who is not converted doesn’t go to Purgatory, will go to hell.
Convertion is truly repentance of having sin, repair them all and follow My steps to Heaven.

I came to seek for sinners repented of their sins and take them to Heaven and take them to My Father.

It is precise that man obeys the Most Holy Trinity that We are, Fahter, Son and Holy Spirit, love the live and receive us.

We are One only God and want that all come to Us.

The man needs to have holy life, is not cancel the time already lived because life is eternal, is to renew the customs, clean all dirt that is the sin, to deserve the eternity.

The world of today will pass; all that is corrupt will end, only what is Eternal will prevail.

Jesus, then, renew our lives, help us, do not allow to take longer our sufferings, keep away from us all things which contaminate, give us Lord the Salvation.

Little daughter, I offer you the Salvation, but not all want it.

Those who want it, I promise, after passing your judgment, after purification, nothing will contaminate you again. Now you should think while I am giving time to lessen your sufferings. You do not know how much time you have to do this.

The suffering in Purgatory is much, you do not know how much suffer those who are there. The time to reduce the suffering is now, while you are alive in the earth.

Jesus, how much time we have to repair our errors? Why we can not know now? Tell us Lord, we need to know, we are worried, if we can do something.

Remember that I sent My Mother little daughter, to prepare and advice you to live each day as the last day in your path through the earth. Then, you should understand and then try to repent of your sins more urgently; you have no other quicker way to prepare.

You have not taken seriously the advices of My Mother, you are waiting to see a better answer, with events visible and tangible, for then take a fast decision.

But My answer is this, the signal will be like that given to Jonah. I am God, always gave signals, the man does not understand.

Lord, have mercy on us, lead us from darkness. Show Your Sacred Face and we will be saved.

Little daughter, look now inside My Most Sacred Heart and see what is coming to the world and reveal it.

My Lord and My God, I see now Your Most Sacred Heart involved by a flame of fire that does not burn my eyes in the middle of it, just below your chin, I see a Cross that is bloody, is the Cross were the executioners crucified You. Drops of this blood fall on Your Body. In Your Most Sacred Heart is a lance that cut You the day of Your Crucifixion and from It went out from Your Body all Water and Blood.

Oh! Jesus! How much pain You suffered to Save us! Forgive us Lord, forgive us.

Lord, now, as a movie, I see a mutlitude, it is crying much, are aimlessly, desperately crying, it was announced a big tempest, it will fall on Brazil, and most of Brazilians are indifferent.

Little daughter, that day Brazil will be very scared, but I will give strength to all.

Lord Jesus, You are our Lord and our Saviour, listen our prayers. Help us and protect the world from the danger of waters. How painful are the floods. Waters invading homes, taking everything, causing so much destruction, how much fear in people!

Daughter, I am with you, now continue revealing, I want that all see what the sin attracted. The sin attracted sufferings and more sufferings. If the world does not have fear of Me, attracted itself the sufferings that you are seeing.

My Lord, now I see people worried about danger of a big war. It seems like irreversible. All the world is worried. Your Most Sacred Heart bleeds and drips on Your body.

Oh! My Lord! Why this war will happen? Deliver us from it, we will not survive, will not survive, You know very well that scientists has gone insane and prepared the destruction of the world and we will not survive. Only You Lord, can help us all.

Come Lord Jesús, show us Your Sacred Face and we will be saved.

Little daughter, continue and trust that My Sacred Face will be showed in Heaven and It will streigthen you.

My Lord, thanks, but I have anguish, forgive my weakness.
Now I see a huge earthquake in the world, the mountains are divided in a half. How powerful is this shaking! How collapses everything, even entire cities! How much people dead! How much people dessapeared! All this is painful.

Oh! My God! Help us to endure all these things.

The famine arrived, the thirst, the cold, the heat out of season, what will happen to us with so many epidemics that are in the world! Come Lord, hurry up, show us Your Sacred Face and we will be saved.

Shortly Daugther, you will have to contemplate My Sacred Face in Heaven, I promise.

Daughter, know that these terrible things that you are seeing, are the result of human disobedience, but the world needs to feel these things to get closer to Me, needs to be in a hurry to convert.

While there is no awareness, wars will not cease and the tremors will also continue, and the diseases will multiply. The man must learn to value life and and only when he value it, the earth will have peace.

Daughter, continue revealing what I speak.

Lord, now I see Your Most Sacred Heart all resplendent. A ball of fire is within It and spreads as if was the sun exploding and falling particles on the earth, the woods are on fire, and there is destruction in a part of the earth.

Lord, have mercy on us, give us strength.

Little daugther, I did not want this for you, but the world despised all that I sent and did not prepare.

Jesus, You resurrected the dead to liberate us from the slavery of sin.

I think that we will not be dead for long time, then the Lord will Raise us, that is why I ask forgiveness of my sins everyday of my life, to agree after the death for the Eternal Life.

Yes daughter, so you will be heard by Me and if you give Me your yes by the time of death, I will Raise you on the last day.

Lord, give me strength, do not let me to be weak, Save all sinners, and leads us to Heaven.

Daughter, make a little prayer now for all humanity.

Yes my Lord, I will make it with all my love.

Prayer: “My Lord and my God, I ask you forgiveness for my sins and for the sins of the world.
My Lord, send on us all the Divine Holy Spirit and He will strengthen us, will give us wisdom so we will not lose the Salvation.
We adore You Lord, we love You and to You we give our souls. You are our Life. It is coming our hour, forgive us Lord and save us.

Thanks Jesus, for Your Love. Amen.”

Daughter, now prophesy to Jerusalem, My Church, My people. Do not be afraid, I will protect you from all dangers.

Yes my Lord, Your Will be done. I am afraid of the prophecies my God, because know that You will say sad things, but I will prophesy.

The Prophecy:

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, your God calls, stand up and listen, is another prophecy for you.
Jerusalem, Jerusalem, bend your kness and decide if are going to listen and obey Me.
From now on the days are shorter, you have a lot to ask for forgiveness to Me that I am your God.

Do not be deceived, do not seek false gods, they do not exist. Believe in the True God that I am, the Eternal God, I am your Saviour.

Today I speak a little, only this, convert, convert.

I will send the Divine Holy Spirit on you, do not despise the Grace that I am granting you.

Listen to My Voice, remember how much I suffered to Save you, do not be indiferent, you know well that your conscience will make you suffer until you recognize that I am your Saviour and you can not wait the salvation through false gods. They will fall and you will be desolated, alone and will lose your strength until you recognize that only in Me you will find peace.

If you want to live your Easter, come, renounce to your whishes and totally surrender in My Hands. Come to Me and do not wait more.

It is coming already the hour when I will purify you, while you are impure can not enjoy the richness I want to give you, prepare. You are My Church, you will not be always far from me, although I have to give you strong sufferings, I will save you. You will return to Me.

I am who I am, I am God, My Word will not pass, It is eternal, It Saves, It gives Sanctity, the New Life.

I love you with Eternal Love.

Daughter, fulfill your misión, I am with you. Go now and take it to the world what I revealed on this day.

Thank you Jesus, I want always to do Your Will, help me giving me strength, courage and wisdom.

Daughter, I give thee, now I bless you and bless to all.

I am Jesus Christ
I am God, I am who I am
I am Peace.

The Eucharist is life in God, the Bread of life.
Who eats from this Bread will live forever.
Jesus Christ our God, our Saviour
Body and Blood that give us the right to Resurrection.