Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Message of the Divine Holy Spirit

January 8, 2009

The Light of God covered me and I heard His voice. He told me:
Daughter, come to Me with your heart open. I am God, I am the Peace. Listen to my voice and transmit to the world My Will.

I Am the Light of the world, I am the light that illuminates the human mind and makes fertilize the Wisdom, the Fortress, the understanding, the compassion, the advice, the science and the fear of God.

In your hearts I build My Temple of love and peace.
Come child, I am pouring on you; I am the Source of unfathomable Power of Mercy, of Goodness and Knowledge.

I am Who knows everything, Who can make everything, Who gives everything.
I am your God, the One and True God of all things.

My Lord and my God, You called me, to me a poor wandering pilgrim who looks for you. Come Lord, help me. I want to be all of you, take my life in Your hands, transform me so that I can serve You.

I love you, I love you, I praise You, I bless You, I glorify You, I give You thanks for Your great glory in the Three Persons of the Trinity.
Come Holy Spirit, illuminate me, burn in me all my sins so that I can serve You. Forgive me, illuminate my intelligence to serve You.

Daughter, I'm with you, correct more your mistakes every day.

My Lord and my God, You are the Divine Light that warms us, You are all good that may exist, you are above all things, before You we prostrate on the ground to repair our sins waiting for Your generosity. Illuminate our hearts, You that are the one who eliminates the power of darkness.

You, my joy, my wealth, You are who breath life into me and gave me the right to hear Your Voice, You are who gives me the directions, which moves my human nature, I bless your name O Merciful God.

Daughter, if you exist, it is because I wanted to give you the existence, to Me you belong, but I listen to your weaknesses, your lamentations because you find hard to live, you should thank Me for I have called you to live.

Thank to God the Father who created you, to God the Son who offers salvation all the days of your life and to Me, God of Light, which illuminates the world, giving spiritual growth to all who ask Me, burns, purifies and sanctifies and give the Holiness.

Thank God, in You is everything, so I ask You, renew my heart and I want to offer it to You. Sanctify me Lord, my heart needs to be pure so that my life becomes pleasant to You.

Daughter, I will renew the world, I am the Light that strengthens the weak and renew you for the Eternal Life.
My Lord and my God, look at the world, it is crushed by its own challenges, seeking to ruin their own and do not wake up because of the weight of their sins.

Help us, come Lord, come Holy Spirit, Come to finish with the darkness of sin and purify us, sanctify us so that we can reach the Salvation.
Lord, illuminate us, warmed our hearts, we are suffering.
And now Lord, I dare to ask You, what is the next act of this people who do not know Your voice?

My daughter, listen carefully.
It is coming to the world a terrible war and the only way that man has to defend itself in the middle of this darkness is to follow the Signs from God.

War is sin and sin is darkness, obscurity, and the world is in darkness because they departed from God.
Only through the heart of man can overcome this darkness.
My light has a special place to shine and is in the heart, there I build My Temple, but for this, the doors must be opened for Me to enter. I do not enter using the force, the world is free, I only enter if I’m invited and has only light who invites Me to enter.

Divine Holy Spirit, to You I give my heart.
Daughter, I am happy to come and renovate, to build My dwelling in all hearts that are open to Me.

In the hearts, which are infertile, I will come and fertilize them and build My Temple. Nobody can build a temple to Me, in their hearts, only I can do this. I am who models, which provides beauty, the one who illuminates with Divine Light, so THE MAN NEEDS TO SURRENDER TO ME SO THAT I BUILD INSIDE OF HIM THIS TEMPLE.

You can compare with the fruits of the trees. The fruit that is ripe using the force has no taste, so without your donation, your life does not produce a healthy fruit.
The man needs to give his life to My body and soul and I transform from a sinful man to a holy man.

This is the last thing the man can still make to go out of the dark, remember that I am God, I am the Divine Light and he needs it to survive.

For while the man, while on earth, may learn to preserve in their life, but if do not learn to value it, they will lose it for having despised the teachings of God and served the devil before to leave the earth. If do not look for the Light of God, he does not get converted and those who are not converted will go to hell.

Many get comfort in the sin and do nothing to get out of this hellish illness. There are so many that are just hanging by a thread, thinner than the web of a spider, almost entering in hell! Should meditate before the time I'm giving to everyone about the eternal suffering.

Hell is a deep abyss, where the fire moves without stopping, a fire that will suffer eternally, is a liquid fire and its flames are like a sea in fury swallowing the souls and very soon will swallow the bodies after the resurrection, when also the bodies will have their destination. Some to heaven and others to hell. Those of hell, many souls are there already, but the bodies not yet.

The fire of hell is for eternal suffering, there, nothing is destroyed; body and soul will suffer forever.
There are only these two destinations for humanity, Heaven and Hell.
Purgatory is a temporary place, there are purified sinners who died with debts that are possible to repair, but while there was no repentance, the man did not repair. Many repent only at the time of death.

Hell is the place for those who trampled on the Grace of God, do not repent of their sins and are pleased to have committed them, they exalt themselves for having had the courage to commit them.

The man needs the Divine Light that I am, to see their sins. Only I can bring their past, everything that happened, to remember the man what he did in his life, and to tell them what they can still correct.
Only I can activate the human memory.

Today I am telling at each second, showing the man that this is the last time of reparation. I help each one to open the eyes of the heart and see the errors, to correct and apologize to God, that we are Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We are One God in Three distinct Persons.

Our power is the same, our Love, our Mercy, our Goodness. We are Life, Truth and Light, in Us All is infinite. We are the Beginning and the End of all things.

The man has not even conscious that our power is eternal. We give the Heaven to who is converted and give the hell to who is not converted.

Daughter, say this to the world and I cover you with My Light. Know My dear daughter, that the hour passes and the confirmation comes, who do not change will suffer more than those who are changing. The world won time to prepare, correct, regret, renounce the devil and return to God, but who do not hastened, arrives late and the door is narrow, it is possible that are unable to pass. My day is coming, for some, it will be a day of joy and for others a terrible day.

I will manifest before the world My power, many will fall dead to the ground by fear, but those who heard the warnings from Heaven, brought to the world through My Wife the messages revealed by the Blessed Virgin Mary, bearer of My Light, these will be the ones who will pass through the narrow door and arrive to Heaven.

I will purify the world; I will bless those who return to the purity of heart, with open hearts to a total donation, those who were charitable with the brothers and with the very soul, those who have the fear of Me.

You, daughter, chosen to help humanity being the spokeswoman of the Blessed Virgin, Mary the Mother of God and the humanity repented for their sins, dear daughter, it is your duty, not be sad with those who offend you, remember that you are Mine, I take care of what is Mine. Those who attack you are under My observation, I am the Divine Justice, I am who gives the sentence.

I called you and called you as you are, do not worry with the human trial, only I am the True Judge, be faithful to Me in everything, even in your mission. If no one wants to hear you, say to the nature what I speak, nature does not ask anything, she only obeys, she will hear you. So this way, you will arrive to the glory of the Resurrection.

I will give strength, more strength to those who serve Me, I will give more strength to the nature and to those who make fun of the messages that come from Heaven and people who are still on earth to our service, the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit see everything and will do justice at the hour that only we know.

My Lord, You that are the Divine Light and it is by your own will, grant us courage, we need to keep in silence, while we are persecuted.
Divine Light, Holy Spirit of God, even though I have suffered a lot during almost these twenty years, spreading the messages that Our Mother reveals us and the messages of Jesus Christ, of God the Father and You, who come to us, I ask You forgiveness for those who offend me, I ask for Your Mercy, in Your Goodness, that You come to the rescue for them this time and they arrive one day to You and they can live under the Light. Divine Holy Spirit, come, come, purify us, sanctify us, give us your Grace.

Dear daughter, if there is repentance in them, I give them forgiveness. I see the heart of each and know who is truly repented and whoever wants to pass as repented without being sorry, I leave this very clear, for all to prepare for the day of purification.

In consideration to Mary, My Wife, I have not go down yet, I will go down shortly, very shortly.
Thanks Divine Light, illuminate our hearts and Save us. Holy Spirit Come and Save us.
I bless you and bless you all.

I am the Light of the World, I am God, I am who I am,
I am Peace, I am Justice, I am Truth, I am the Life.
I am the Divine Holy Spirit.