Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

December 12, 2009

Message of Our Lady - Mary Full of Grace
The Birth of the New World - Words of Our Lady.THE TIME OF PREPARATION FOR THE TWO JUDGMENTS

December 12, 2009

Dear children, with much love and affection I come to bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
United to the Holy Trinity, together we will get the real peace for the world.
My children, is great My joy to meet you here in this home, gathered in prayer to attract true peace in your hearts and to the world.
My little children, you are living the Advent of Christmas, the remembrance of the Birth of Jesus to you today preparing for His glorious return very soon.
It was so beautiful all this time when humanity has celebrated and still celebrates the date of the Birth of My Divine Son, true God, true Man who became the Living Word and comes to dwell in your hearts.
Many children did not received Him from His Birth until now because did not cultivate the faith, but a small part of those who receive Him, will have the great joy of receiving Him into your heart now to be born the true love of life. Those who love him will now feel an inner peace and will have many benefits for your journey toward Heaven.
I, your Heavenly Mother, I warn you, value this Christmas, put your requests before Jesus with love, because next year your crosses will have a greater weight far than now.
Throw yourselves in the Hands of God that He lets you renew, show you where you can stand.
This coming year will be a very difficult year for you, because God gives you each year the most difficult tests to pass for you may pass these difficulties feeling more help from Him, that you may understand that you need to win the failure and to raise with more power for life.
The cross of each has different weight because the sins are there and everyone should renounce to them, but there are few who can sin less.
The sin crushes the flesh My children, but many times you are not understanding, often end up thinking that God has abandoned you.
God does not abandon anyone, you will have to win to find true happiness.
They are coming many trials, many diseases, a lot of hunger and many wars, internal war in several countries, the economic situation leading to the most painful misery.
Awake My children, pray, because prayer can perform many miracles.
You will feel that your shoulders are injured by the wood of the cross, because you still have no definitive faith at the same time you are willing to believe in God, you were also shrunken in fear of being criticized for being called crazy, lunatics and fanatics.
Ye children, are called to a high state of alert that is value the last moment.
My children, I am here to help you, come without fear come confident I protect you.
A major catastrophe will hit the world very soon.
This is what I come to warn you this afternoon for everyone to get ready for the time of danger of this end of time.
Pray, pray, pray for the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, for all the clergy, for the religious men and women.
Pray for the atheists and pagans, together we will fight for them, that they find peace.
Pray for the Holy Church founded by Jesus Christ today is in need of God's help more than ever before. You are on the verge of terrible events, unite in prayer for your protection.
I love you too much, I cover you with My Mantle of Love, I ask all the Brazilians to dedicate more time to prepare for God.
Now I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Mother of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world,

Mary, the Immaculate Conception

Thank you for your presence.
I already blessed religious objects, I hope that those who have faith, keep within the heart these images that are to help you to love more the Baby Jesus.
If you wish peace, pray confident that it will come very soon.
I am grateful to Estela to welcome all the children who come here to pray.
To all I give My Immaculate Heart, children seek refuge, be not outside of My Heart, that Jesus wants to meet you.
Beware, death is dangerous, pray, pray I love you with love of a Mother who wants to protect the children of all danger.