Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ

January 27, 2009

Jesus called me within my heart and I answered with great joy. He told me:

Come to Me wheat flower and I give you My Peace. The world does not know this peace that I offer you, to the world I offer it too, but does not do their best to get it, they do not want to hear My call and each day they are far away from Me.

Come little daughter, surrender in My Hands with everything you want to be, I will console you. I am your God, I can give you everything and if you wait for Me, you will not be disappointed.
Yes, my Lord and my God, I hope in You. You called me, here I am at your feet and I give You my life, I give You all that I am, all that is mine. You know that I am nothing without You, You know that can do with me what is in your Will.

God I love You, I love You, adore You, bless You, praise You, I give You thanks for Your great glory in the Three Persons of the Trinity.

Little daughter, you are My instrument, My prophet and there are many that I chose to be at My disposal at the end of this time. I can do everything alone, in the blink of an eye, but I call because I gave to each one a mission and for you and for the others instruments is to listen what I reveal and to plant throughout the land.

For each time the Heaven chooses Its prophets. I have chosen you, you are My prophet of this time, be faithful to Me.

Listen little daughter,
all I want is that you do with love and with great care, because a task is valid only if it is done in faithfulness to God.

I know you have heard painful things, but do not mind the human judgment, it is imperfect. Nobody can hide from Me, nor from My Justice. When you offend, you are offending Me and I will give them what deserve. I am God, I am fair, I see everything that everyone does and I feel great sadness to see so many sins in all men who are away from Me.

I do not force anyone to listen to Me,
but happy are those who hear Me and obey the Commandments, the Sacraments and change their way of life, these are ears that open the heart and grow in conversion. They are those who are preparing for the day of My arrival to the world.

But those who do not listen to Me, those, I, Myself will look for them, I want to bring them and they will cry with regret because did not value the warnings from heaven. They did not want to come near Me, even knowing that I am God. Woe unto them, they will decide within themselves, the will direct their own lives. I still saying to all that there is still time to repent of their sins, to correct their mistakes and lit the flame of faith within their hearts. It is still time to give the first steps to be converted.

It is better that everyone be converted because I will show the world My love for him and he will feel shame to be so indifferent, for not love Me as it was necessary to love Me before the day of purification, this day is already very close.

My Lord and my God, You who are seated at the right of God the Father, awaiting the time that God will send You back to us sinners, and we all know, without exception, we are all sinners. That you have Merciful Eyes, look at us and make the seed sprout of love, that here in our hearts You plant humility, that everything grows and that we learn more carefully, with more goodwill, more authentic, most hope to imitate You. That each man becomes meek and humble as You are, that You can release us from all imperfections.

Little daughter, I give everything to humans, he who does not valorize and end just stepping on the benefits that I give. He steps on it because does not remain in a state of grace, purifies and get dirty again because he loves sin more than Me.
The world is in arrogance, are judged far more than Me and is losing right to happiness.

Lord Jesus, here I am listening to You, I am nothing, I can nothing if the Lord does not come with Your Mercy on me, but I ask You, tell me what can I do more to improve my heart and to help my brothers too.

Pray daughter, pray a lot every time you remember Me, ask Me and I come to your aid.
Make now that you are with Me, a prayer for you all, especially in trying to get in Me the relief of suffering in all over the great tragedy, the great catastrophe, which will be held responsible for your sins. You are sinners,
are in great peril by not persevere in the renounce of your sins.

Yes, my Lord, I do a prayer at your feet. Illuminate me, give me wisdom.

Prayer - My Lord and my God, for all of us sinners, the cause of your passion and death on the Cross, I beseech You for forgiveness of our sins and grant us Peace. Make, Lord, that the hearts of men that feel powerful, to govern nations, to be more conservative, generous, understanding, complying with the obligations of their country, to be meek and humble, capable of being submissive to You and govern with justice and have conscience that are imperfect creatures who need from You to help them.

Give to all, Lord, faith, hope and charity.
Give to the world the Holy Wisdom, the Holy Spirit, to be born in union, harmony, and clarity.
That man knows how to serve You and renounce the devil.
Make, Lord that all people of the world learn to love You, truly, learn to adore You and to cultivate Your Holy Word within the heart and in the earth. That Your Will be accepted by everyone.
Lord, come to our rescue.

Forgive us sinners, redeemed with Your precious Body and Blood and give us the strength to renounce our sins, every day of our lives while we are pilgrims on this earth toward Heaven.

Come Lord Jesus, we are anxious for the Lord to come to release soon in this time of many impurities. You are our God, You are our Divine King (1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary, 1 Glory to the Father, Amen)

Daughter, trust that I hear your prayers and wait for My Time, it will not delay. To those who serve Me, I will give the return of their prayers, will give the grace that you need.
Daughter, now that you look into My Most Sacred Heart again with eyes of the spirit, and show to the world what I give you to know.

My Lord and my God, you are merciful, I see Your Most Sacred Heart and is surrounded by a flame of fire that does not burn, not burning. I see a crown of thorns around him. The crown, this hurts deeply. We sinners that made the crown with our sins and made You suffer bitterly with all cruelty.

Forgive us Lord, forgive us, we are weak, ungrateful, unfaithful to You. Forgive us, we humbly beg You, we recognize that we are guilty.

Little daughter, I really want to forgive all My brothers, but they are not many who ask Me forgiveness, not many want to be forgiven, on the contrary, they think not need forgiveness. Most are not concerned with the soul, live as if they do not have it.

My Lord and my God, we who are fighting for our salvation and of all humanity, ask Your help, especially by atheists and pagans and those who are not, but are living as if they were, because they behave with habits of atheism and paganism. We ask You Lord, pour on them your Mercy, waking them, warning them so they can also notice Your existence.

Daughter, still praying for them,
I seek the same if they want come to Me. Who does not take out through the mouth by true repentance of their sins, their sins will leave the flesh through much suffering.

Little daughter, continue showing what you see inside of My Most Scared Heart.

My Lord and my God, now I see a huge Cross rising in the air. Of the two arms hangs a long robe, it is stained with
blood of your body that run by fault of our cruelty, we were executioners to take you to the Calvary to die for us on the Cross. Our sins were that caused this great sacrifice that you suffered Lord.

Forgive us, forgive us, deliver us from the fire of hell.
My God, I see now the result of our mistakes, our cruelty attracted to us all, living beings, terrible punishment because we "crucified You."
The world is now in a great turmoil, it is huge, the place where I see a great change, I see now a very strong wind, everything is shaken.

My God, my God, have mercy on us! I see now a great and terrible earthquake, is throughout the land.

Lord, intercede for us before God the Father, grant us the forgiveness. We beg You, come to our rescue.

Little girl, continue, I have a consolation to offer you.
Listen well: those who value the presence of My Holy Mother in the world, will be prepared with care and hope to receive the grace that I will pour upon the world.

The world needs learn to listen, is coming the time of settlement, it is at hand, prepare all of you sinners.

Continued daughter.

I see Lord, that Your Most Sacred Heart still open, a lot of light comes through it. I see a white dove, radiant as a large diamond exposed to the sun, reflecting light from all sides. Now becomes a ball of fire coming at us.

My Lord and my God, how wonderful it is fabulous to feel that this gift comes from You,
receive the grace to be able to contemplate all this wonderful with spiritual eyes.

Little daughter
, is the Holy Spirit promised by Me to the world, for the transformation of humanity.
I want you all to prepare.

You sinners, you will want to escape, wanting to hide from Me, I am God, you have not how, because nothing is hidden to My eyes,
you did not want to prepare as you should have prepared according to My teaching.

You wil pass first by the prosecution of your own consciousness and then feel the fear of a Final Trial, have fear of condemnation of the One who comes to judge your sins.

It will be a day of surprise, It will be at any time My Warning.

Therefore, straighten, it is still time of conversion.

Who values the messages of My Mother, The Blessed Virgin, the Immaculate Mary, that is the Name of Mary, Mother of
all humanity, brought to the world, accepting them with obedience to Me that I am God, Second Person of the Holy Trinity, His Divine Son, who receive the messages, will be strengthened and I take care of him and he will live in Me forever. I will purify the man and make him Holy.

My Lord, how good to know that You are merciful, and is good to know that we will be purified by You, and quickly. Thus we have no more fear of losing Heaven.
Only You know how to save us and lead us to the Father.
Our Blessed Mother takes care of us with great love. We will win under Her Mantle.

Little daughter, all I want is you to trust in My love for you. I love you like nobody can love you because I love with True, Perfect Love because I am God, therefore I warn you this time on all dangers. I see everything before it happens and I say, the hour that is coming to the world is a painful hour and it is coming already.

It is falling the afternoon, arriving at treacherous night and a new day will born to you. Ask each day to Me the forgiveness of your sins.
That day to come, you will see the light of the Holy Spirit descend on your hearts. I want to radiate your lives for the new time.
Come children, let’s go to the Father, He expects to give you the new dwelling into your heart, He will give you true happiness, peace, justice, eternal life. He will give you the new Sun, His own Light.

My Lord and my God, Most Merciful Jesus, You wanted to be our brother and to save us all lead us to God the Father to be together throughout eternity.

Thank you Jesus, thank you for this Mother so sublime that You gave us, we were Your torturers, You were able to forgive us and save us.

Thank you, thank you Jesus, in Your Hands we surrender our lives. Save us.

Daughter, now prophesy to Jerusalem, My Church, My people. You're Mine, you must fulfill your mission, it is to serve Me, your God, with faithfulness.

My Lord, I know I need You, therefore, I need a lot of faith, the enemy is pursuing. I ask You Lord, each day more faith and hope, with it, I hope to have strength to fulfill Your Will faster.

Little daughter, the faith is achieved with the renewal of your yes to Me every day, today you must always attend to My call, do not worry, I love you, I always give you strength and courage, I give everything you need, trust Me and wait. Follow Me, follow Me, follow Me.
Now prophesy, I am who Saves you, do not think in the bad tounges, I can paralyze them when I want.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, your God calls you, stay up and listen.
Your time is more difficult and short. Come listen I bring another prophecy for you, plant it in your heart and cultivate it to grow and give the fruit of your conversion. Hurry up the harvest is near.

I am your God and warn you, bend your knees and pray, your days are numbered. The Angels are ready to battle against the evil that pursues you.
I am your God and love you, I want you, prepare your heart.

Jerusalem, you have little time, remains in a state of Grace, I will first send you the Comforter, He will give to know that you need Me to survive the tribulation that is coming to you very soon. I will purify you, all your pride will fall, I will transform this, your heart that today is infested with evil, this heart that likes war, it is able to talk about peace, but is unable to live Peace.

You Jerusalem, live in deception, you do not remember that I am your God. Get ready, I will cure your disease, it is a weakness. I will purify your heart and sanctify it after your conversion. You will come to Me, after learning what is peace,
you will thank Me for the healing you will receive, both spiritual and corporal.

I am your God, I am what I am and you are Mine, I will enrich you with My grace, all days of your life. You will wear a Glorious Robe and no more would go away from Me, know that I love you with Eternal Love. You, Jerusalem, love Me, truly with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind. I comply with My promise, convert and I will give you Eternal Life and you will live with Me in the paradise.

It is near the time of harvest. Jerusalem, love My Mother, have gratitude to Her.

You have despised the love that She offers you, it is time to correct your mistakes, correct your heart, be servant to
serve Me with good will. Love your neighbor as I have taught you to love. I am the Principle and the End of all things.

Now I will put order in your disobedience Jerusalem.
I will transform your heart; comfort your soul after your true conversion. I will strengthen you to survive the great tribulation. Then will come the Final Judgment.
But before going through the Particular Judgment, when first comes the Holy Spirit for Baptism with the Holy Fire. You will have the awareness of all your sins, those you forgot and those you judged as if they were not sin. The Holy Spirit will renew you.

You Jerusalem, you have to beat the time from now, you must have awarness of My existence, it is coming after for you, if you convert now, the time of Peace, you will not disobey Me more.
You will submit to your God that We are, the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
You will become meek and humble of heart. Kneeled and prostrate to the ground, you will give your life, your soul in My hands and I will give you a Glorious Life in Heaven.

Jerusalem Get ready, get ready, hear My voice and plants inside your heart My word, you know that heaven and earth pass, but My words will never pass, It is Eternal.
I love you Jerusalem, I love you with Eternal Love.
Daughter, now transmit to the world what I speak to you, do not be afraid, I am with you, I wait for you with open arms.

Is not My will that the world pass the suffering that will pass, but from the beginning there was a revolt against the submission, obedience to Me and so it brougth the suffering, he followed deceivers steps and do not know how to return alone. I will get him even if have to allow the suffering to cure him of blindness and will awareness that he was not created for the darkness, but to live in My Light.

Thank you Jesus, because You did not quit on us and make everything to bring us back to You. Even if it is suffering, in it, Your Merciful Power shows that Your Love for us is infinite.
We will suffer, but You give us consolation, the comfort of dying in Your Arms and You will restore us, I have full confidence that Your Power frees us from death and gives us Eternal Life.

Little daughter, you said well, if you are in this awareness, will wake in My Arms, but careful not to fall. Be steadfast in your faith, lose everything, but do not lose your faith and for not to lose it, practice every day more the charity, especially with your soul. You are part of an army that is in readiness day and night, watching the soul.
The flesh is causing damage to the soul because it is used by the enemy to put the soul in danger of losing Heaven.

I bless you and bless to all,

I am who I am, I am Peace
The Ligth, the Happiness.