Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

September 30, 2008

Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ

September 30, 2008

Jesus called me within my heart and I answered with great joy. He told me: Come unto Me wheat flower, come and I will make you happy. I am who always console you in the sad hours and can give you more of My Love. I can only give you everything. I am God and you must listen to me and place inside your heart what I speak. Also, you shall deliver to the world My Message of warn given to you, for the good of all who need to convert.

Yes my Lord and my God, you called me, here I am. I am all yours; do with me what is necessary for You. I am nothing Lord, but You can make from me what is the best for my Salvation.

My Lord and my God, I love You, adore You, praise You, bless You, glorify You, I give You thanks for the great glory in the Three Persons of the Trinity.

My Lord and my God, You are the Mercy, You are the Love, You are the life and I ask you, transform my heart so I can please you. Sanctify me I feel great difficulty in my walk, help me Lord.

Little daughter, follow My footsteps, not dismay, I called you by name and you told Me yes, but do not forget that I am at your side, know that I will never abandon you, be steadfast in your decision. Take everything in your heart everything I teach because you have to fulfill your mission and only I know the time to close the mission of each person.

Am I who trace your path and assign what you have to pass for your Salvation. I know what you have to do to take My message to those who open the heart to Me.

Yes my Lord and my God, I would do my best to please you, but you know that without your help I am not able of anything.
Daughter, now say your prayers for the pilgrims who want to reach the forgiveness of their sins.

My Lord and my God, I beseech You in favor of all of us sinners, pilgrims on the way to the Heaven, give us strength and courage to recognize our sins and to repent of all our sins. Show us Lord, Your Kindness, grant us the Salvation of our souls and the resurrection of our bodies when it comes to the day of the Last Judgment.

Lord, make our hearts a temple worthy of your presence, on which you can dwell, that is your liking. Make us poor, empty of ourselves, meek and humble as You are, spread Your Mercy on us, heat us and we can show our gratitude for everything that we give each moment of our lives.

That your love overflows on all of us and teaches us to ask you forgiveness of our sins.
Forgive us, forgive us Lord.
Lord Jesus, come quickly, Save us, deliver us from all the persecution of the devil.
Daughter, I am your God, I do not deny anything, I hear your prayers and you will see the fruit of it very soon.

Daughter, now want you profess to Jerusalem My Church, My people.
Yes my Lord, your will be done, even if I would suffer persecution, I will do your will. Bring forward what you order me.

Daughter, writes the prophecy.
Prophecy: Jerusalem is standing, listens to the call of your God, this is one more prophecy for you.

I am your God Jerusalem, I am the one who pours all blood and all water from his Body in that Cross that you prepared for my death, because you did not believe who I am, I'm your Savior.

You Jerusalem, did not repair your cruelty against Me. Repair now, before the coming of the One who I promised to send the world, before My coming, the Divine Holy Spirit will purify you. While you show your disrespect for Me, I, your God, save you, I show you my love for you and even today you still close your eyes and heart to Me as if I did not exist.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, today are few My words to you, time passed on and you did not seek to humiliate and now is very close when you will have to stand before Me and you did not change anything in your life.

Listen Jerusalem, get ready, you'll be surprised and all your rebellion will fall and you feel the weight of your guilt that will crush your heart.

Are already dropping those who feel powerful, stands up, empties you of yourself and I will give you the happiness. Recognize that are sinful and asks Me for forgiveness of your sins.

Remember you are dust and will return to it.
I am the Resurrection and the Life and you are the powder that I'm going to give new life, if you are converted.
Already is approaching the time, convert, convert.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, your trial is coming, where is your gratitude for the Salvation that I offer you. Remember, I am your God, I am what I am, I am the Divine Justice. I see your whole life; nothing can hide from Me, I know of all your sins, wake up and repent before it is too late.

The time comes when you will be surprised. I will purify you and you will dazzle to eternal life. If I do not love you, do not send the Holy Spirit to purify you, to sanctify you. He will comfort the world.

Little daughter, now go and forward to all the peoples My message in order to all be converted. My Lord and my God, thank You for Your love for us the sinners. Forgive us, forgive us, because You have suffered the death on the Cross to save us.
Repent, Repent, convert, the time is running out.
I bless you daughter and bless you all.

I am Jesus, I am God
I am who I am, I am Peace
I am the Salvation.