Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Message of Our Lady - Mary, Full of Grace
The Birth of the New World - Words of Our Lady

February 28, 2009 – Saturday - Lent

Dear children, with much love and affection I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
United to the Trinity, we will get the real peace in the world.

My children, My dear little children, I feel great joy to find you here in this house together in prayer, responding to the call that God has made you, to fight for peace in your hearts and in the world.

My children, the Holy Word of God reveals today that He sent Jesus to the world to take the sinners to reality. So you have to engrave well in your hearts that God wants you with Him today and He invites you to live the Holy Gospel more because all are sinners, all need prayer to grow in holiness.

My children, I am here all the time listening and watching your distress wanting to understand what happened at the beginning of the world when sin entered the earth, when sin entered the man.
You still can not understand as should because the mystery of God you can not move in front of it, but very soon He will give you even more wisdom and then you understand.

But, there is a way of man to learn to wait the time of God that is being humble and accepting what He determines.
The world lacks from a man to welcome the Will of God and seek help in building a better world.
A man to reform his house, he must first observe what is in danger, which is danger of falling; the man makes the calculations to know the expense.
But today you are rebuilding your lives, you who have stopped to listen what God wants from you.

If the world wanted to stop and listen to the advice of God, perhaps the situation could be softened, but not to Jesus as you saw and heard in the Holy Gospel, sat with the collectors of taxes and He said he did not come to the world seeking the righteous, but sinners. So you can understand that Jesus today is along with all sinners to teach you to rebuild a more just, more pure, more holy world.

What needs to be rebuilt in your lives is the heart of every man. What is in danger of falling is your soul, is missing the faith, hope in the hearts of all.
If the man reforms, his heart, his dwelling will remain strong; nothing can overthrow it on the floor.

Then, to reform, the man needs to know to live, to recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit, He illuminates, shows what is rotten, which should be thrown away, which can be utilized.
What can and should be used is your life. You know that life is eternal, but we must believe. Know about something, is not the same thing to know that it exists. Believe is essential, you must believe, to believe is not precise to see, just have faith, have confidence in what God reveals inside the heart.

God wants the reform of your lives, which means the cleansing, health and beauty.
Cleansing is the renounce, throws away what is not and has no value that is sin.
Health, not allowing to be contaminated by sin, to heal the wound it has caused so far, and sin no more.

The beauty is the holyness, to love God above all things, is man feeling well with the Presence of God in his life, enjoys and does not want to stay away from Him. The beauty of a soul is the purity, is a soul that is longing for Heaven.

Then you must make these reforms in your life; live the new life, life feeling the presence of God and repairing everything that was damaged.
To give a beautiful color to your life, the Heaven is the Grace of God is the Holy Spirit bringing the light, the glitter.
If you put a rose in the dark, you will not see the beauty of it, is missing the light. Then, today the world is a rose in the dark, so God sends the light and you are living the time to ask God to give you the Light.

The Holy Spirit will come soon.

My children, now you are closing one month of the year, it was difficult but now come the third month of this year and you are in a painful time of the Holy Lent. This month is a month for the man to carry his cross with more courage to live the Easter time closer to God. You must this month to do more penance, sacrifice, fasting and praying, is not easy because this year is a painful year, full of suffering.

We will reform your lives, do not leave to do this at the time that is close to the world and Brazil in particular, time to union.

Love more to each other, love your life, be fraternal and charitable.

I am with you to help, My presence with you is a special time of grace for the hour that is approaching.

This is what I am come to reveal in this message of conversion.

Pray, pray, pray for the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, for all the Clergy, the religious men and women, for all the humanity.

Pray for the atheists and pagans, the danger is greater for those who want to be far from God.

Pray for the Holy Church founded by Jesus Christ, the persecution
is increasing, but if you are united to My Immaculate Heart, you will know to win this battle.

I love you verymuch and cover you with My Mantle of Love, I ask to all Brazilians to fight, to seek wisdom in God to win.

I appreciate the presence of all, you are the flowers of the Garden of God, I'm taking care of each family to offer them to My Divine Son Jesus Christ.

Let’s accompany Jesus in the desert these forty days, correcting your mistakes, confess you all, the Holy Spirit consoles you every second.

Now I bless in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Mother of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world,

Mary, the Immaculate Conception.