Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ

December 27, 2008

Jesus called me within my heart and I responded with great joy. He told me:

Come to Me wheat flower, and I will give you My peace and with it you will learn to love God the Father, to Me God the Son and to the Holy Spirit God of Light. We are one Life, one Love, one Power, one Force, We are everything and everything is contained in Us, We are everything that you need.

My Lord and my God, You called me, and I am here at Your Feet, You know better than me that without Your help I can do anything, that is why I ask help to know what You want from me.

Lord, I know that You love me. I told you Lord, from the bottom of my heart, with all my soul, with all my spirit, I love You, I adore You, I praise You, I bless You, I glorify you, I give thanks for Your immense Glory in the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity.

Little daughter, I call you to model yourself more, to renew you and give everything you need, especially strength and courage. I see your suffering and tell you that if you do not pass through it, you would not follow Me. The suffering purifies, the suffering strengthens, the suffering is a moment in which the man remembers that I exist. I heal, I am the Life, I liberate, I am the Salvation, I raised the dead, I give New Life, Eternal Life who reconciles with Me, with My Father and the Holy Spirit. We are One God in Three different Persons.

Come all to Me, I am who forgive the sins committed; I am who gives the Holy Spirit.

My Lord and my God, I cry, cry because know that the Lord gives all of this and much more, but I am not feeling worthy of anything because I am weak, yet, I fall into the traps and offend You, I know that we are making Our Mother to cry. When I see pictures of Her crying, I think when I was the cause of Her tears, and I feel great sadness and think and say to you:

“My God, my Mother is crying, is crying Blood, I know that I was the cause of Her tears, I would like to die instead of make Her to cry anymore.

I say to her, my Mother, I love you, but my love is poor, of a bitter poverty because I am still making You cry. I see in your eyes the blood flowing. You are full of purity and love, You are all the goodness that you are able to receive us at any moment. You Mother, You are able to receive us at any moment, You are also able to take us into Your arms, to cover us with Your Mantle which covered Your Divine Son Jesus Christ, our God and our Lord.

O Mother, forgive me, I'm putrid, I'm miserable, Your Eyes, by my fault, run the blood and Your Heart, to console us, run the purity, the console to forgive me, to help me, to protect me.
How Wonderful You are, You are the bright rose that pleases God, You are able to forgive us all sinners in the world.

Give us Mother, Your Son Jesus Christ, in this hour of our departure from this world of miseries, a world of sin, in this hour of our purification, He, only Jesus can transforms our hearts. We want to beat the death and this is possible only if we are in His Hands. I love you Mother, forgive us because we made you cry. You are our Mother our Queen”.
Then, I heard Her Voice and She tells me:

“Dear daughter, I always forgive, forgive all of My children,
but cry to see so many trampling the love of God, trampling the Holy Eucharist, even the priests despise it. Poor children, how much purification they will endure!

I cry to see so many lives in danger, many countries are living their lasts moments, because they will disappear swallowed by the waters and destroyed by fire and atomic bomb, and worse, devastated by earthquakes and so many terrible things, wars, famine and plagues that are still taking place in the world.

There is no more time for them to wake up.

Little daughter, I ask to you and everybody to enlist in My army,
to pray with a heart full of faith, hope, and charity, for God to lessen your sufferings that He has compassion of all of you sinners.

I know the suffering purifies, saves, but the men need to have conscience of this, for not to despair. The despair leads the men to lose the faith in God.

I cry daughter, not only for the offenses that the world makes to Me, but for the offenses to God.
I cry to know that the enemy finds persons able to serve him and they provoke the death, even death in mass, as you will see very soon, wars, disasters, catastrophes, tragedies, and so many things.

O little daughter, how good would it be if everybody truly love God, to surrender to Him and I can tell you, because I tell you in His Name,
that God still promises the Salvation to all who wish it.

Mother, I ask you forgiveness, if I can do something, but do not know how; I trust that the Lady will help me so that I would have a deed in my hands to take it to God.

Little daughter, if you truly love God, do not have fear, He gave Me to you as Mother and gave Me to the whole humanity.

Who want My Love, I will give Mine too.
I have joy to have all My children with Me

Thank You Mother, Thank you for bring us Jesus.

Thanks Jesus because You give Your Love and Your Love is Mary, Your Mother and our too. We love You.

My Lord, that is how my life is going, I do not want to give You sadness, but I end making You cry because of my sins. Forgive me Lord.

Little daughter, I always forgive you and always promise to give you My Love and to all My brothers I promise too.

My Love is My Mother, I am Love and She is part of Me, because She is My Mother and for ever She will be. If all in the world love My Mother, would not be suffering so much. The world would be better. Who loves Her in the earth, will love Her even more in Heaven. The Love in Heaven is high in purity.

O Jesus, leads us to heaven, release us from this damn disease that is sin, because of it we still not knowing the Heaven.

Little daughter, to Heaven you go converted, who is truly converted is in the way to Heaven, and need to be careful because My enemy makes snares to deceive the humanity and who does not pray, fall easy in them.

Little daughter, make a prayer now, (can be a small) for the good of humanity.

Yes my Lord and my God, before You I give You my plead for the sinners.
“Come Lord Jesus Christ, come to give us courage, force, strength, good will to clean our hearts of every putrefaction of sin.

Forgive us Lord, forgive us, help us, our hearts are sicks and only You can heal them. Come Lord, have mercy on us, do not take any longer, we need You.
Forgive us, forgive us, we are sinners but we want to leave the life of sin, we want only the Salvation, help us, help us.

We adore You, we love You, come Lord Jesus, come and save us”

Little daughter, come now to My Sacrest Heart and tell to the world what you saw during this vision. What you are seeing now, tell it without fear, I am your God and protect you.

O my Lord, I see Your Sacrest Heart exposed, out of Your Body, on Your Chest and on Your white
Robe. It opens, is involved in a flame of light, in fire, a fire that does not burn and inside of it that opened pulsing,
I see a multitude running, all seem desperate, they cry and moan. Some seem insane and rip their clothes from the body.

Jesus, what is happening?

Daughter, in truth I tell you,
in a warning of war, they run because wake up and see something terrible that will happen, they look shelter, the want to be protected, they have fear, but know that now is late, they played with the life, in this day in which will be revealed what the world did not believe that was true, a great surprise will arrive.

The revelation of two Secrets is near.

My Lord, what is the country where this vision is happening now?

Little daughter, in truth I tell you, all what you are seeing now, in this vision inside My Sacrest Heart,
will happen soon, in several countries. All will happen to purify the world. In your country will be the same, will be so much run, much fear, much sadness, famine, sicknesses, many destruction, but I will help those who convert at the last time. I am your Mercy, do not forget this.

Jesus, have mercy on us, send the Angels of Heaven to guide us. Our country is big and the misery is more and bigger than it, there is so much suffering! Without war we live suffering, how much we will suffer with the consequences of a world war.

Daughter, trust in Me,
I will send them, they are ready waiting for My Order. Many are in the earth already, the world is blind.

Daughter go now and write what I make you know in this vision and tell to the world to prepare, to reconcile with the Heaven before these events.

My Lord and My God, is horrible!
I see a revolt, people scream. I hear bombs and more bombs. Now are exploding large buildings and entire cities. Now only see clouds of dust, this city seem to be Israel, but I am not sure. Now see many people dead, ones on top of the others. My God, what sadness! Help them Lord. How many children and those who are alive are so hurt, everybody runs want to help the others.

My Lord, tell me, how Your heart remains intact with so many bombs going on?

Little daughter, inside My Sacrest Heart I bring all the universe and nothing can hurt it or destroy it because I am God.

All things pass inside of It, all conflicts, all wars, the ingratitude also pass, the offenses that the world makes to Me. The happiness also pass, all the universe moves with the Force of My Sacrest Heart.

You are seeing now a passage of time of wars and this is a beginning of a global conflict, you are seeing now the people of Europe. It will be soon, very soon, all involve the people of Israel, but people in despair that you are seeing are Europeans, all will coming soon and who will suffer most are the little children who have just been born and they will not understand because they will born in a world of evil, so cruel, a world able to cause harm to an innocent being, who does not know to pronounce a word to say: “do not kill me, I want to live.”

But I am God, I see everything, no one can hide from Me anything. I am true Justice and the balance is now set.

Poor humanity, its days are counted, she did not wanted to learn to comprehend the love for the Live!

Many are the human beings that love to kill, trampling the Commandments of God’s Law and the Church.

My Lord and my God, forgive us, give us forgiveness.

Daughter, I hope all to ask Me forgiveness, but now is too late for many of them and they will bring a great chastisement.

The great war is coming, take care.

Jesus, that is something awful to see so many dead people inside of Your Sacrest Heart and know that I can be one of those people. But I believe in the Resurrection and know that Your Mercy is for ever on those who trust in Your love.

My Lord, strengthen me so that I do not fall into the weakness, I always want to be Yours, I love You My Lord and will love You for all my life.

Daughter, who believes in Me, even if he is dead, I will raise him on the last day.
Lord, why You say that last day?

Little daugther, in truth I tell you, the last day is the Judgment Day, I will raise each and every one to hear his sentence in accordance to the deeds conducted on each day of life on earth.

Blessed are those who persevered in Me, they will gain the Salvation.
Thank You Jesus, You are the Wisdom, in Your Hands I surrender my life, my soul, my heart, everything I have, my children, my brothers and all of my family and for all humanity. Lord, Save our lives, release the souls of Purgatory and takes them to Heaven.

Daughter, I am listening to your requests, always Trust in Me. Now I want you prophesy to Jerusalem, My Church, My people.

Yes My Lord, although I am more sad, I will do Your Will. I only ask You to strengthens me.

Little daughter, you are with Me, I am your strength, do not fear.

Thank You Jesus, I will prophesy.

The prophecy:

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, wake up, stand up, your Lord calls you, this is another prophecy for you.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, come and bends your knees,
is still time to pray, then you will lose force in front of so many sufferings.

Come to purify your life, past and present and if you do not bend your knees, will not be happy in the future. Your future depends on your repentance. You will be inert during a time reserved for the awareness of your practiced deeds in the past and in the present.

Return to Me, remember that you are in Me and will rest in Me for ever and will know what happiness is. I will give you a new cloth, it will be resplendent and you will bless My Name for all eternity.

I am God, I am what I am, I am the Light of the world, I am the light of your days. Stand up and come to My meeting, before it is too late. My love for you is eternal, I am Jesus Christ,
I came to the world to give you life.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the time is ending, another year is passing and you are not yet ready.
Come now a new year, make this year a year of your purification. See your heart and repair your mistakes. Come to Me and I will give you the Salvation. I wait for you.

I am your God and you're My church, the people, I shed on the Cross all My blood and water of my body to save you. Come, come to Me and I will give you eternal life.

Little daugther, now go and say to everyone wha I revealed. Remember you have a mission that God gave you, comply with confidence and good will, so you will be prosperous and will be blessed one day in Heaven.

Do not worry with those who despise you, those who criticize you, they have a meeting with Me and I am the Judge.

Comply with your duty, do not empty your hands, I am who gives the prize to those who deserve it.
Thank You Jesus, You are always with me, I'm happy even through the difficulties. I wait the Salvation in My Lord.
Daughter, I am with you and with all who believe in Me.
I bless you and bless you all.
I am Jesus Christ
I am God, I am who I am
I am the Savior of the world

I am Peace.