Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Message of the Divine Holy Spirit

February 17, 2009

The Light of God fell on me and I heard His voice. He told me:

Daughter, come, listen to My voice and do My will, stay under My Light. I am God of Light, illuminate your hearts.

Daughter, I do of you a ray of My light to guide you forever with My love, I give you to know your mission and you must transmit it to humanity, never forgetting that you do part of it. Do My Will.

To profess I make you to know what you don’t know, and enlighten you, I give you wisdom, I give you My anointing, if I do not anoint you, you could not serve Me. You must fulfill your mission and not fall into weakness.

My Lord and my God, Light of my life, I kneel before You and prostrate to the ground to meet You and tell You with all the strength of my heart, with all my soul and all my spirit that I love you, I praise you, I bless You, adore You, and give thanks for Your great Glory in Three Persons of the Trinity.

My Lord and my God, forgive my sins and grant me the grace of liberation, give me the peace and forgive us all sinners. I hope to make Your will until the end of my passage on earth and not disappoint You anymore.

You ask me compassion for all of you sinners.
And I tell you, if I do not have compassion on you, I would have not call anyone to do My will. If I call, it is because I love you and My Compassion is
My Love for you, with It I will forgive when you ask for forgiveness.

Thank you Holy Spirit, my Light, my Life, You give me everything I need to live and still give the Grace to be able to be at Your service. If I am capable of anything, it is because You are ruling me, giving me life.
I thank You for everything I get, is Your love that pours over us all. I am Your servant, I am all Yours, I should love You for all my life.

Little daughter, I love you, now say a prayer for the world.

Yes my Lord and my God, I’ll do it with all my love.

Prayer: God, You who illuminates the heart of every human creature, I ask You on their behalf and I being part of it and now receiving the grace of Grace, to hear Your voice Lord, I beseech You: Lit on us the flame burning for your love, to burn in us our desires to offend You, our disobedience, any weakness that leads us to sin. Give us this flame, we are consumed by it and renewed to love You more. Grant us Lord, Your Seven Gifts, to overcome with the strength that comes with them, the seven 'deadly sins', the cause of our ruin.

Strengthen us Lord, we want to repair our faults, but the enemy is always damaging us, by dragging us for the ways that place our souls in danger. We are all in very bad situation. Lord you know how we are in danger, we do not know to calculate this ruin in which we are.

By fault of the enemy, You give us clarity that we can even lose the grace of being guided by You. Come Holy Spirit upon us, give us strength to get rid of him. You are why we ask, pull down the snares that arise in our life, day to day suffering malignant attacks. Help us, we are at the gates of tribulation, we know that the temptation will be worse, teach us to overcome the fear and not to fall in despair, strengthen us, strengthen us, strengthen us Father, the Son and the Divine Holy Spirit.

Give us your Grace, your Light, throw away this darkness that is in the world. The cruelty, the falsehood, the dishonesty, the infidelity to God, all is darkness. Deliver us from it, come help us.

You are the fire that consumes the sin, that feeds the real science, which reconstructs the heart and flood it with Your spirit and enriches the love and peace for one day it will bloom with Your Light.

Come Holy Spirit, come to console us, stop all evil that here proliferates and causes racial inequality of social positions. Stop with the sovereignty of all foolishes, Make all to bend their knees to love You, to worship You and glorify Your Holy Name, that all know to thank You for the Grace of Life, the Grace of spiritual vision, of Your Love, of Your forgiveness which gives us the right to Salvation.
Thank God because You are always with me.

Little daughter, your prayer pleases Me and I will return it to you and all mankind.
I will purify the repentant sinners of all their sins and all will see Me.
Very soon I will manifest to the world, I will give to converted the New Baptism, will be baptized very soon in the Spirit of Fire, a fire that burns not the flesh, but burning the disobedience, purifies and sanctifies the spirit to enter paradise.

I will enrich most of your lives, to all who believe in eternal life, I will enrich you with special Gifts. I will take from you everything that is useless, I will take from you everything that separates you from My Grace, I will stop the sin of the world lighting up your hearts with the fire of My Love. You will seek to follow My signs forever, you will no longer stay away from Me.

My Lord and my God, my Light, my Life, if you allow me, I have a question.

You can ask daughter, which I know you will ask.

Holy Spirit, my Lord and my God, many people who are embracing the messages they want to know the date when you will descend, the day of the Warning.

They've heard so many different
dates and are confused. I know that there is no time or an exact hour, or a day
as you have already revealed, but the confusion is happening. Console them Lord, with your explanation.

Daughter, I am your God and I know your desire to help them. Everyone is anxious, everybody wants to know when I will manifest. I know you’re too anxious waiting, but you want to console them much with My answer.
Little daughter, this answer will only come in the appointment time, do not anguish your hearts.

Many will come to me before that day, I gave no knowledge to anyone if are going to be alive at this hour.
Everyone should be prepared just trusting that I am responsible for the time that will arrive, even take care of everything, so I advise, prepare children,
value the time I am giving you, renew your hearts.

You know well that are free to live and know that if you want to live beyond this time on earth you shall satisfy Me, to do My will. I am God.
I want that in your hearts overflow My Love.
The faith that I give you, hope and love must grow in you, cultivate them while awaiting My coming.

Who loves me, believe that I am in him and he is in Me.
Prepare then, it will be any day, any time, it will be suddenly My descent to the world.
Do good while there is still time, love without measure, you can impose your hands on the sick, forgive each other, if you do not do so is because are far from Me.

I am the Gifts Distributor, Come unto Me and come over to pick the Grace I am offering for you to learn what I do. I love, I forgive, I give you what you need for your life.
Have no doubt of My existence neither of My power. Call My Name and will do many things.
I am console for the suffering and renew you every second, I want to cure your disease, enhance your faith.

Thanks God for your love for us, give us a little more time, have mercy.

Little daugther, all of you had extra time, I have granted you in attention for the request of the Most Holy
Virgin Mary, the Daughter of the Almighty God, the Father Almighty, the Mother of God Son Jesus Christ the Savior of the world, My wife and I want that she be loved by you, your Heavenly Mother, Mary, the Mother of sinners.

Lord, You Holy Spirit, with Your Power gave us joy of receiving Jesus Christ our Savior, He our God, our King, was in the womb of the Immaculate Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth. And now that we are who she brings inside the Heart, growing, fed by You to start a new life.
You Holy Spirit, through our Mother You give us spiritual growth for one day arrive to Heaven.

We thank you Lord our God, we are learning. We are in the womb of Mary our Heavenly Mother, this preparation, born to
grow in completely holiness to God.

You shall be My happy sons, so your conversion is necessary,
if man converts, he can find the means to achieve complete happiness.

Is not with disobedience that you will find, only will be quenched from this thirst for happiness if you become obedient to Us, the Trinity. Love the Commandments and the Sacraments, be faithful, humble and recognize that it is
better to obey Us.

Come Holy Spirit, console us not to lose the happiness that we still do not know, but we want to reach it.

descend on the world every second, but the world does not understand, I give you everything, give many signs, but you are far from Me and having not understood that I am with you.
Remember and realize that are in great danger that is why I have manifested to My instruments to guide you
. Listen carefully to what I speak at the end of this time of sin.

Daughter, now prophesy to Jerusalem, My Church, My people. Persevere in your mission.
Yes, my Lord and my God, your Will be done.
While I do not want to suffer, I also have to hear that prophecy, because we are all sinners and deserve punishment.

Forgive us Lord
, forgive us, have mercy.

Do little daughter, My Will and prophezise.

Yes my God, I will prophezise according to Your Will.

The prophecy.
Jerusalem, Jerusalem, keep standing and listen the Voice of God revealing another prophecy for you.
Jerusalem, Jerusalem, your days are numbered and are coming to an end. Recognize that many are your sins.
You must renounce them to initiate a new era.

Come up the time in which the converted will celebrate their Easter with Me. Convert, convert, is close.

Remember Jerusalem, when I carried you in My arms, you were a child, humble and I fed you with wisdom, I gave you to know that you had a God who I am and that I wanted to reign within your heart throughout your life. But you, you draw away from Me, you put your life in danger, offended Me and also did it with rebellion. Remember that you can not hide anything because I see everything, I am God, I am the Most Perfect Holy Spirit. Your life is in danger and you do not see, even animals know when they are in danger, but you do not perceive.

You judge yourself as powerful, but are not.
You lose the purity of childhood and become challenging to Me that I am God. Take care Jerusalem, I will correct you.
You know you need Me, but live as if not need. Remember, outside of Me there is no life, beware.

Shortly I will come to anoint you, I will baptize you in spirit with fire and you will not be away from Me.
Prepare, trials will be strong, you must defeat them, then I will purify you, after your final conversion. You will no longer stay away from Me.

Come Jerusalem, I hope you.
I am your God, I love you and guide to sanctify you.
Come Jerusalem and you will bloom all eternity.

Daughter, now fulfill your mission, brings forward what I order with your head up, with a heart full of hope, do not be afraid, you will be prosperous in Heaven.
Thank you Holy Spirit, you are my life, to You we ask Light to know the straight path.
Release us from our sins and grant us Peace.
I am always with you and now I give you My blessing and also to all.

I am God, I am who I am
I am the Divine Holy Spirit.