Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Message from the Divine Holy Spirit

March 17, 2009

The Light of God descended on me and I heard His Voice. He told me:

Daughter, listen to what your God speaks and transmit to the world what I want it to know.

I love you and protect every second of your existence. I Am the Light of the world and I illuminate each one.

My Lord and my God, you called me, I am here to serve You. Iluminate all my being that I know to do your will. Dwell in Me Lord, make my heart a goodnesss heart, comprehensive, fair and worthy of your Grace.

My Lord and my God, I love you, I love you, adore You You, bless You, praise You, I give You thanks for Your great Glory in Three Persons of the Trinity.

Come Holy Spirit and transform my life, forgive my sins and the sins of the world.

Daughter, you are dear daughter because you love Me and have courage to answer Me by giving your yes as instrument of peace to help all humanity. You'll be the Blessed in heaven if persevere in your yes.

Come bring your cross without quitting, I know that the enemy wants to destroy you and destroy all who are taking care of their conversion.
But you must trust in Me and let My light penetrates in your heart warming up, so you'll be strong and will never be conquered by evil.

I am illuminating the repentant hearts, more in this end of time for the sin, so that nobody gets lost.

Exist those accommodated, they need to wake and grow in conversion, they still do not realize that have a great danger threatening the world.

Holy Spirit, come over our hearts, give us your Seven Gifts to fight the seven Deadly Sins.

Daughter, I give always, but few are who give thanks. It is precise that all men fight against evil and to value the every day Grace.

The Capital Sins broke into the feelings of men and enslaved and today they are in danger of death.

Now is My time, I will take care of all men, heal their hearts and bring them to Me, showing them the Strength of My Power.

Holy Spirit, you are calling, calling each day more the humanity to convert and grow in love, but we can see with our eyes that the world is only getting worse. People criticize us, do not want to believe in us and believe that messengers were not called to serve You. We do not understand why so much indifference, we think that it is very difficult to take forward our journey as messengers.

Lord, when you will give a sign to them?

Daughter, do your part and wait confident, My time is soon, very soon, is coming already.

I am the love, do not revenge the sins against Me, just express My power. I reconstruct any rebel creature and give her My light so that it no longer get lost in the midst of darkness. My Light is vision for the blind, leg for the lames, voice for the silent and sound for the deaf; everyone can hear Me,
just say no to sin and yes to Me.

Who is illuminated by Me, does not stumble on the rocks, does not step in spines, does not fall in the depths. Who is illuminated by Me see with eyes of love, of compassion, of mercy and forgiveness. Who is illuminated by Me does not go hungry or thirsty, because I am their support, and do not feel cold or heat, just feel My love.

So who wants to be rich, come closer, come and I will give of My Wealth. I distribute the wealth that does not exist on earth, but there is within My heart, and eternal life. The earth produces only material, things that go with it, but I am God, and Rich in Love and Mercy. My wealth is infinite, it is immortal, with it I sustennance everything that comes out of Me and nothing is lost. I am giving you to know that
no power can be equal or come close to Me.

My Lord and my God, you are everything, You are the Absolute Power, do not let the world continue destroying as it is, come to our rescue.

Little daugther, I will descend on you as I am, I am the Sacred Fire, burn what needs to be burned and burn needs to be burned, the flesh does not burn, burn the pride, the vanity, envy, lying, the gluttony, the sloth, the avarice, lust, all evil, all sin, burn all rotten.
Therefore, all must know this before I descend, because who does not empty from of all these satanic deeds, will come when present yourselves before Me.

Lord, Divine Spirit of God, have mercy, give a signal for all to wake and get empty of any error and can wear a dress more beautiful to present themselves in front of you.

daughter, I will be with you very shortly, and will confirm what you all My servants are revealing, do not worry if they believe or not, do your mission with love.
Now that you already have compassion for your brothers, make a prayer on behalf of their homeland and all humanity.
Draw all Brazilians to prayer urgently.

Yes my Lord and my God, thanks for giving me this honor to pray before You for my country and for all humanity. You are the Light of the world, iluminate me, give me wisdom, the humility for my prayer reach you.

Prayer: "
Light of the world, iluminate us.

My Lord, before you I prostrate and on my knees ask You, that You are the Light that illuminates my soul, which enriches Your Will on us sinners, descend upon us now, fill our homeland with Your Grace. You are our Only True God and You love our country and love to all, give us a little of Your Wealth.

We are poor, Lord, and in our country there is a lot of misery, too much hunger, many diseases. Our country is a country of great mineral wealth, but is a poor country; we are victims of corrupt governments that enjoy the goods of our soil and do not worry about our problems. Unemployment in our country is very serious, the lack of responsibility of governing is much higher and everything is in the same situation.

I know that there are righteous men, good, aware of the need for a country but they do not live here. Here, lacks the character, responsibility, honesty, lack the love to the neighbor and more painful, lack the love to You.

Our country is your sanctuary, but are so few who understand this.

Here, Lord, the money flows like a river for those who already have in abundance, those enslaved that we are the Brazilian people, considered low class, we are not near the river of coins, are distant, but if we live is because we have hope and confidence that You are our livelihood. We will win because You are with us.

My prayer is of gratitude by the power which accompanies us, power that is You, God, you can give us. And on behalf of my country I leave here my request. All nations are dominated by governments unclean, come Lord, come, we need Your visit, Your support. Come Lord and see how the Brazilian children need help. come to defeat those who are already powerful. We know that wars are not going to defeat them, but they will fall with Your coming, come Holy Spirit Comforter.

Come Lord, all the earth will tremble with Your visit. Our country needs You, our flag is stained from innocent blood of aborted children, children trampled for a society without love, without character. Our flag is tainted from blood of the victims of many crimes, so much cruelty and runs the danger of war, as You already revealed us many times. Also in other countries all these things happen. Help the world Lord.

Come Lord, come to clean the hands of criminals that live within all of our countries and on us that You love and put all our hopes. Come Lord, we love you. Amen"

This daughter, you did a prayer of hope. I heard you.

You children, you are not orphans, you have a God who sees everything and everything weighs. I am the True Justice, nothing is hidden before Me.

I can fix the world in the blink of an eye, but I want that it recognizes that I am God and overthrow everything wrong. I will overthrow the leaders who do not govern in righteousness.

My power is above all that. Is going to descend the New Kingdom, you will see no more impurities anywhere. You shall be rich all of a richness that only I, God, can give you.

Prepare, prepare.

Thank God, because You give strength and protect us. I fear no evil because You are with me. Do your will because I am all yours. Forgive Lord, our faults, our weaknesses.

I can only give you gifts and give to all, some value and do well with them, others do not value and use them to do evil, to destroy, to explore, to commit so many sins against Me and against the brothers, this means use the intelligence that I give to harm someone. The world with this, challenge My power and I will fix it, I will overthrow the entire human disrespect for Me.

My Lord and my God, Light of the world, we trust you and thank you for this because You gave us the Grace to remember and hear Your warning. You know well that we are wandering sheep. Sometimes we fall into deep holes and stay there hoping that there arrives from Heaven Your Light up to the bottom, to shows us how to go out from this terrible trap and start to walk again looking right this time, the way to Heaven.

Are our weaknesses, and we ask Your forgiveness. Forgive us Holy Spirit, forgive us.

Little daughter, if you begin to correct your mistakes really, you will find the direction and will not more fall on these traps that the enemy sets at your feet. Take more care of your life; your soul suffers the fault of your lack of attention.

Watch and pray to overcome the temptations. Beware of small sins, they grow quickly and destroy you.

I am who illuminate you in spirit, the heart and the world. Do not step aside from My Light. You are away when commit sin.

I am who guide you spiritually, because My light penetrates into your entire being. Be safe and strong in Me, I will not leave you lost in the darkness.

You will see My Light if you stay with Me. Sin no more.

Thank God, forgive us for all the times that I ask for forgiveness. Forgive us Lord our God, our Light and in the day of the Final Judgment I ask You, make to glow in us Your holy light sanctifying and giving us worthiness of Salvation.
We want to live in Paradise, help us to get there.

Fill our hearts with Your Seven Gifts, to be ever more faithful and that the fire of Your love burn in us the passion for You and turn us into true children of You.
Forgive us and grant us eternal life. Amen

Daughter, I am your God and forgive your faults, but there must be real repentance in each one to receive My Forgiveness.

Daughter, now I want you to prophesy to Jerusalem, My Church, My people.

Lord, according to Your Will I will prophesy, even if I get scared with the prophecies of this time, I want to serve You with all my love and I want to deserve to stay forever in your Light.

The Prophecy:

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, stand up and remain standing, listening to the voice of thy God that calls you in the desert. Here is another prophecy for you.

Jerusalem, this is the last time that I give to repent of your sins and ask Me to forgive you.

Humilliate and bend your knees in front of Me that I am God,
repent before the day of Particular Judgment, which will be during My visit to repentant hearts. That day you will see before your eyes all you did wrong and you will be judged in minutes.

I will descend as a rain of fire on all humanity. There will be devastation. Yet, you have not fear of Me, but shortly you will have.

You will want to go back to the time to live again, you will want to repair, but time does not return.

For now you still in doubt, insecure and ask Me if it is true that I will show clearly to the world. In truth I say, I will arrive giving to the world My answer. I will descend. My Light is stronger than the sun that illuminates the earth and you will have fear of dying burned. You will want to run and hide, but wherever you go I will be there, I am God and nothing is hidden before Me.

Jerusalem, do not worry,
I do not burn the flesh or material things, I just want to burn the sin of the world. I want to relieve your conscience and take you to the awareness of My existence. Now you have this little time for you to repent of everything and tell Me that you want Salvation.

You Jerusalem, you have everything you need to be aware about Heaven, Purgatory and the Hell. You never will give up to Heaven, I Am Who truly loves you.

After the Final Judgment you will be dressed in Glory and will shine forever in My Light.

Get ready Jerusalem; you are My Church, My people. You're My wife and I want you by My side. Protect yourself, trust in Me and get ready to your Easter Feast.
I am God, I am what I am, I am your life.
My Holy Spirit will dwell in you forever.
I love you with Eternal Love.

Daughter, once again lead the world to My will.

I will be with you shortly to confirm what I reveal.

Do not be afraid, what is done against you, is done against Me and I am who corrects those who are wrong.

My Lord, I trust in your protection, I hope for Your time. Thanks for covering me with Your Shadow. You are the Light of
our life, iluminate us increasingly.

Daughter, I bless you and bless you all.

I am the Divine Holy Spirit, I am God, I am
who I am, I am the Light of the world.

Divne Holy Spirit, save us: of the pride, the greed, the anger, envy, gluttony, lust, sloth's, burn all our sins.