Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Message of the Divine Holy Spirit

April 17, 2009

The Light of God fell on me and I heard His voice. He told me:

Daughter, your God speaks, hear My Voice and come with your heart open to know what I want from you. I want you to do My Will. I love you and you're Mine, I am your life, I am your Light.
I am the Light of the world, but men still prefer the darkness.

My Lord and my God, Light of the world illuminate us. You called me Lord; here I am at your entire disposal to make your Will. I am nothing, but I'm still here, although still as stone I came to listen to Your order. I know that your power can make the stones to listen Your Voice, the stones may move, talk, walk and to listen and see because You dominate all that exists in the universe. Strengthen me Lord, make me Your daughter, descend on me Your flame of Love. Heat, make me be like a grain that falls on land and one day sprouts, grows under Your Light, it becomes a tree where the birds make their nests, a pleasant tree, helpful, giving a shadow for vagrants that pass.

My Lord, I love You, adore You, praise You, bless You and glorify You, I give You thanks for Your great glory in the Three Persons of the Trinity.

Little daughter, I like to listen to you, My instrument. I made this instrument to serve Me in this end of time. I want you always sowing the Warnings for all to convert, hurry up in the conversion. This seed of warnings concerning things that are about to happen to the world, needs to sprout and grow quickly and produce the fruit of reconciliation of man with God.

I am God, the man needs light, you need the Lord, must return to their Creator with urgency.
My Lord and my God, Light of the world, iluminate us. I offer all to you, my life, my entire being to be the instrument that You created. You are God, You are everything that the world needs.

We need of your Forgiveness, forgive us Father, forgive us Jesus, forgive us Holy Spirit. You are the Trinity that dwells in us. Let us grow, make us find the solution to reach the eternal happiness. Forgive us.

Little daugther, I want you to do a prayer for the world. I forgive you if your regrets are real.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, God of Love, of Peace, of Justice, You make to sprout in us the hope, confidence in You, the love, the flame that makes us remember that we are all equal and being equal You gives us the spirit of donation, of union, of help, of prudence, of knowledge to share with others what we can, to silence as we can, of patience and tolerance, acceptance and especially of prayer. Lord open your Wings over us and blow on us Your gifts.

I know that we do not deserve, but Your Mercy is infinite, we need of graces for not to fall in the traps.
Have mercy on us, help us, we are oppressed by our sufferings. Come Lord, come warm up our lives, keep us under your wings and deliver us from all persecution.
We adore You, we love You with all the forces we have in our minds, in our souls, in our hearts. Amen.

Little daugther, I want to make the earth bloom. I call all men to refuge in the Heart of My Wife, the Virgin Mary, the One who loved Me more in the world and loves Me more. She is the only refuge where you must gather in this time when I call, go to it, because I will burn the weed. I want all men come to Me and I will renew, you were born in New Baptism. I give you the Baptism with the Holy Fire. I will warm you, I will plant you in the New Earth, because it became a desert and lost its beauty, became filthy, without love, without respect, without light, for disobedience.

I’ll give you a the new obedience, obedience that I give to the Saints after the purification. You shall be beautiful, a beauty without equal, without differences, all that have converted will be all shine with My Light.
You will not need more schools, only I will be your Master, you will be wise and free, no longer act as acting even now.

My Lord and my God, tell to us what we must do to make this happen soon? We are afflicted, without direction, without hope, because we are sinners.
Come Holy Spirit, come upon us, grant us to know the truth.

Little daughter, in truth I reveal, is near the time. Woe to those who are not prepared! I will fall suddenly, there will be no time for the man to think about to get ready in time. Will want to look of where comes the noise that is so strong in that moment, what is doing the ground to shake. The shock will be great when the curtains of the Heaven are open and I will come to show the inside of man. The conscience of each one will move. It will be a painful day for all sinners. There will be screaming and gnashing of teeth, no one can escape this day.

If man is not attached to disobedience, would be better prepared to receive Me. But now is in danger of falling into despair.
It is time yet, reconcile with the Sacrament of Confession and Holy Eucharist before My time arrives.
I am the God who liberates those who are truly captives of sin.

My Lord and my God, Divine Light iluminate us, let me stuck on you, I do not want the freedom of the world, it only makes us suffer.
I want to be free with the freedom that you want us to be, loving You above all, I give myself to you day by day, my life.
I am happy because recognize Your existence, Your power and I want to submitt only to you.
I believe in you without balance of faith, I firmly believe.
If the day of the Final Judgment I do not deserve to continue in You, Lord, have mercy on me, let me in Your Heart until the end.

Daughter, you said well, you already decided for Me and you are with Me, but even those who have not yet decided, I will have them, until we get to the day of the Last Judgment, I give all they need. But the contempt of them is great and this is going to the judgment in the last day, both they and those who already decided have a life to be judged. So that is why all have been tested in their faith. Only those who are converted and are truly repented of their mistakes will be free, those who do not betrayed Me. Who does not convert is renouncing the Salvation, is renouncing the Resurrection.

During the Holy Lent you learned all what I allowed on the Resurrection, then you must take the right decision now.

There are men who act as correct people, but bring in their hearts projects of treason. Very soon you will see that Judas has many examples and many will revolt against God, that we are one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The rebels will be known publicly at the same time when it will be given to man to prove it in front of Me with their character to receive the sentence.

Who is able to repent and renounce the rebellion and not be dominated by the sudden attachment, will have a little time to return to Me, the last chance to enter in eternity.

My Lord and my God, Divine Light, descend on us. Give us strength to reach the end with your help, forgive our sins.

Daughter, I want that you pray always for the Holy Church.

2nd Prayer – Now for the Holy Church:My Lord and my God, Light of the world, help the Holy Fahter the Pope Benedcit XVI in his journey for the peace inside this Church that you planted in the world.

We are your people guided for him in Your Most Holy Name, I bow on the ground to ask Your Mercy. Forgive our Church, forgive the Priests, to the faithful who in this moment will pass for the river of regret, betrayal, disrespect, profanations to the Holy Eucharist, fallen priests, sick, weak, full of problems, because did not have the strength to win.

Help us Lord, we come with our cross to your hands. Put Strength in this church that is agonizing in his bed waiting for Your Mercy, to revive the New Baptism and get up with your hands.
Give to your Church the Resurrection for eternal life as you gave to Your High Priest Jesus Christ and with Him we can be the perfect Church for Your Love, for the Truth. Amen.

Little daughter, I hear your prayer and I tell you, if you remain in Me, you will be this church I want for Me.
You are in time of decision, I do not want to force you to choose a life of pure love. If I push you, you will not give importance to it. The man only values the achievement with his own effort, so you lead this way for a decision, I provide all the answers to your questions.
Some keep thinking later, others forget because they are not interested and others throw it in the trash because do not think I'm the only solution that the world can trust. They believe in many gods and think they can do more than I.

But, I let them free to choose what they think is best for their lives. This does not mean that they are right, but I wish they discover the truth without being forced by Me.

My Lord, come to our assistance, especially help those people that you just talk about the weakness of them because of lack of faith, they still do not understand that You are the solution for us all.

The diseases are increasing, hunger and wars as well, we have not the strength to win if You do not give it us.
We hope in you Lord, grant us strength, courage and a lot of Light to overcome all our weaknesses.

We are your church, iluminate us. We know that inside this church, which still walks toward the Heaven, exist people weak, very weak that are full of evil, able to desecrate the sacred things, capable of injuring the Priests, of trying to kill the Holy Father the Pope, Cardinals and Bishops and the priests within their parishes leaving our Church with bloody hands of envy, full of hatred, of greed and ambition. Help us Holy Spirit, allow us to be trapped by Your Love.

Daughter, I have mercy on you all sinners and I say to you for you to tell your brothers that I come soon, very soon, that all prepare before I arrive. I come suddenly without anyone knowing the time.
Daughter, now I want you to prophesy to Jerusalem My Church, My people. I will purify It.

My Lord and my God, Light of the world, Your Will be done, that your word be heard by all peoples, by Your Sanctifying Grace, even if we have to suffer to be closer to You, I will prophesy, I'm all yours, help me.

Listen with all the forces of your hearts.

Yes my God, tell us the prophecy.

The prophecy is next of being realized.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, wake up and open up your heart. I am the Light of the world, I am your God, stay stand and listen what I speak.
I planted within your heart the love that you have not cultivated; you need to have more hope to overcome your difficulties.

Listen Jerusalem, I will descend on the world for the New Baptism, will be with Fire. I descended upon Jesus Christ in the Jordan River and descended on My Wife, Mary and the Apostles of Jesus Christ in the Cenacle with Tongues of Fire. Also I will come on you to cleanse you, to renew you with My Power. You will grow spiritually and will give the fruit of sanctification.
Come, listen to My call, get up from that accommodation in sin and reconcile with Me, only so you will be forgiven, let My Light dwells in you.
This is the last time that I warn you and then I will withdraw the blessings that I am giving you now, you are not going to have them more.
Do you want to be happy? Then come to Me.

You heard many times that if God does not anticipate those days, no creature would be saved, but because of the cause of those that are converted, they, the days of great suffering, would be anticipated.

The time arrived, there are few converted in comparison with the not converted, but who has converted is even in danger of falling into despair. We must persevere in prayer of open heart. What leads a man to weakness is to lose faith and is the despair.
These things Jerusalem, need to be remembered by you.

It's time for you to lit your lamps, they are not ready, the danger is coming. Only a part of you is lit, is vigilant because they opened the eyes of the spirit to better monitor their soul.

Listen Jerusalem, I am your God, I call because love you. Come under My Light, I am offering you a new dress, the dress of Glorious Light, if you decide really for Me, you will be dressed.
You are the church because I'm your life, if you do not want to abide in Me, you turn into dark, with no lamps to lit the fire and not to sanctify it, the Sacred Fire, Divine, this Fire comes out of Me to turn the faith of those who want to convert to live under My Light.
I am God, I am what I am, I am the Holy Spirit, I love you with Eternal Love.

Come my beloved, I make you radiant, bright, and you will survive, you will be elevated to the Holy Mount where all the converted may rise, and inside of you will bend their knees to worship Me.

Come My beloved, I will purify you and bless you, you'll be the Holy City where the righteous will dwell, are chosen to live forever before God, the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, that will welcome and bless you in the day of the Final Judgment.

I love you, if I do not love you, would not transform you on light, you would be thrown into the deepest abyss of the ocean where there is a fire ready to receive those who deserve the punishment because denied the Resurrection.

Little daughter, now go to the world and deliver My Warnings. Do not be afraid, I cover you with My Light.

Thank God, You are with me, do not let the enemy comes to confuse my mind, protect me Lord, You are our God, come quickly. Come Holy Spirit, hide us from the dangers with your wings.

Daughter, I enlighten you, you are under My protection. I bless you and bless you all.

I am God, I am who I am, I am the Divine Holy Spirit.
I am the Light of the world.