Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ
April 27, 2009

Jesus called me inside my Heart and I responded with great joy. He told me:

Come to Me wheat flower, I give you more perfume of holiness, listen to My will and do what I want you to do. Sow what I talk about this infertile land which is the heart of humanity.

I will make to rain on it My Grace, it will be a rain of fire that descend from heaven to burn the weed that is subdued, proliferating, leading the man not to understand My existence. Tongues of Fire will descend on those who hope in Me and will give them knowledge of the truth.

Those not converted will have what they deserve.

My Lord and my God, you called me, here I am. Do with me according to Your Will. I, this nothing, hope for Your Mercy. Give me Your pardon, so I can call the Father. You well know that day by day, I love You more.

Nothing I am Lord, but I hope that Your kindness, Your generosity to take care of me and You will make me a clean person, pure, full of love for You and for my brothers.
My Lord, I love you, adore you, praise You, bless You, glorify You in the Three Persons of the Trinity.

Little daughter, I forgive you all the times you ask Me for forgiveness. Come, do not separate from Me, I like to hear and help you when are in danger. I want to give you peace, joy, the Eternal Happiness.

Today I want you to remember what I will talk to you without fear and to deepen your thinking in the ocean of My Mercy. I give you understanding to comprehend what is missing to achieve the degree of holiness.

Every man must grow in holiness, know to despise the wrong things and sign on right things. Right is what comes from God and wrong is everything that do not come from God, comes from My enemy.

My Lord and my God, deliver us from temptation, help us all Christians that want to walk with Jesus Christ, want to be inside Him. Strengthen us with Your Forgiveness. Have mercy on us, give us more opportunities Lord.

My daughter, I put My Hands on you, you're not alone, also I put on everyone, even on those that still not decided by repentance. If My Hands were not on any human being, there would be no one standing, all would be lost.

My Lord and my God, thanks for Your patience in protecting us, even if we do not deserve protection.

I am happy because You are with me. My life belongs to you, I do not want to offend You and if I offend You without realizing it, I ask You for forgiveness. Jesus Forgiveness, forgiveness, teach me more to repair my mistakes.

Daughter, how many in the world today carry a heavy conscience and do not ask for help because they are afraid that I will say they need to renounce sin. I just want that man is empty of it and accept to be led by Me.

My Lord and my God, look at your children and help us.
Daughter, now say a prayer for the world.

I always help you, lift up your hearts as a sign of humility, I listen to your requests.

Prayer: My Lord and my God, hear our prayer, make that all nature stop and accept Your kingdom and become calm and humble, recognizing that is a creature.

Grant us Lord, Your hands, that They touch us and transform us into people who can truly love, that they know to donate, to help those in need, to sustain. That all your children learn to head down in front of you, that know to respect the life, know to live in unity. I ask my God, I know that is no longer possible to avoid the great tragedy that comes to the world, but so I leave my request of a sinner. Protect us Lord, grant us strength to the end, that no man denied the Salvation, that all recognize that need from You and return their hearts to Your, asking for forgiveness.

Give us strength at each moment.

We love You, Lord, with all our defects, our difficulties to understand your teachings, our failures, our disobedience, and that in no time we must give up to our Salvation.
Help us Lord, help us.

Only your love can rescue us. Have mercy. Amen.

Daughter, You made My Most Sacred Heart happy with your prayers. Everything the world needs is many children to be praying for everyone to have power and bear the suffering. I am not vengeful, man commits ingratitude, but I am God, I love infinitely to My brothers.

I always forgive, every time I call for you to come closer to Me. One day you will understand how truly you must love each other.
Lord, your will be done.

Daughter, now I want you to see inside of My Most Sacred Heart, I want that the world know before the coming of the day of purification.

My Lord and my God, now I see a Heart surrounded by fire, is a Heart, is a Glorious Heart is Your Most Sacred Heart. Now I see in the midst of this Light, and on top of Your Most Sacred Heart, a cross.

Oh! My Jesus! How I felt sadness to see this vision! From It is dripping blood, much blood and the blood came from the cross. Now Your heart is opening. I see in It, in small size, the planet earth.

My God! As the earth is stained with blood, even the ocean waters are bloody.
Lord, Can You reveal the reason for this blood?

In true little daughter, My mother has shown you that the sea will not be sea-water at the end of time, but a sea of blood. And all that She said, I sent Her to tell you.

Little daughter, the world needs to prepare, it is not ready for what's coming your way, the clock is ticking and the man does not stop to think whether it will be easy for him.

What you saw my daughter, is the result of human aggression, the indifference to the authority of God, the disobedience to Him.

When the man received the 10 Commandments that limited human freedom, he should kneel and thank Me, I am God. I am in the Father and He is in Me.

When I show the man what he can not overcome, I protect him, I want to protect him from danger.

When the man disobeys Me, when he takes wrong decisions, I warn him because he causes tragedies with disobedience, injuring his brothers, as the tragedy that is coming to the world very soon, already at the doors.

You, daughter, saw this vision of a planet that was created to be the Garden of God where He planted flowers with life, the human being. This planet was not created for sin to dwell therein. Sin entered through the disobedience of the first couple created by God as the Father is the Creator of all things visible and invisible, Creator of the universe.

This planet was not created to be the scene of wars, of hunger and not of diseases. Here increased violence, inequality, the vices, crimes, the number of abortions, it was not created to die, but was created just for it to be happy.

But see what happened, sin entered, and caused leprosy to proliferate, the leprosy that is called sin.

The man has become disobedient and the disobedience caused intense suffering to the man himself, the nature of all species, air, water, fire and through the land. Then the whole world is contaminated by human guilt of disobedience.

You see, My child, the planet earth dying, because man sinned so much that is causing the death of planet earth. But this planet and all that is Divine Work, is under the protection of God. Observe daughter, no man could invent a world and place it in space. Only God can create things that exist, so the man cannot doubt in the existence of God. The man needs of the awareness that God exists, that I am God and can do everything.

Sin led the man to exalt him so much that he lost the notion that has no where to go. Only I can rescue him, so I'm calling you, giving you to know that I am your God, your Savior.

You must come back to Me urgently, you never saw in the world the things that are happening now, already starting in this year with many diseases, earthquakes, floods out of season and many other problems, but the man covers the eyes for not see and not listen and cover the ears because he feels better as it is.

Evidence is not necessary, the events arrive surprising to all, without exception and there is no more to do. Now it is late, who heard Me and tried to prepare, will endure, and who made himself greater than God, will not endure nor the beginning of events, will fall with the revelation of the eve.

Lord Jesus, our God, our Savior, forgive us our sins, have mercy!

Oh, what will be of us if cannot endure the suffering?

In true little daughter, I tell you, you have not any strength if do not surrender in My hands. I sustain you above any danger, just is enough that all repent of their sins.

Thank you Jesus, we trust that repented of our sins, we will have Your help.

Now little daughter, the vision ends and you must continue your mission until the end, the end is near, the end of Warnings to man. Or he wakes now and reconciles with Me that I am your Savior, or he loses all opportunities to lessen their sufferings.

Now little daughter prophesy what I reveal and you will give Me joy. Prophesy to Jerusalem My church, My people.

My Lord and my God, I'm all Yours, I will prophesy even knowing that You will tell us more sadness, I do Your will, I will prophesy. I feel sorry for ourselves, the Prophecy is heavy because Your Word is heavy, we will be very worried, but thank you Lord for letting us know.

Pray, only with prayers, sacrifices, penance and fasting, you will feel strengthened.
My Lord and my God, I am at your entire disposal.

The Prophecy:

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, here is another prophecy for you. Listen to My Voice, I am your God and warn you, get ready, I will heal your leprosy.

You know that leprosy is the worst sin and this is your leprosy, your sin.
Jerusalem, Jerusalem, I gave My life for you. You're Mine, I will purify you so that you will have life in Me forever.

Lit your lamp of faith day and night, the time will come by surprise, which I will send to rescue you and bring you to Me. I will seek for you, I will get you out from this exile where you are.

Listen Jerusalem, My enemy, Lucifer, is tricking you long time ago.

Now seek to open your heart and listen to My Voice, follow the signs that I give to you, renounce to your sins and come My beloved, I am your God, I am what I am and you're My Church, My people, the people that I gave My life for them, I have the power to rescue My people and bring them back to My life.

Get ready Jerusalem, your time is ending. I gave you a thread of gold to weave your purity again, this thread is the Love that came from Me to you. If I do not love you, you would have no part with Me, therefore, do not miss this thread, rebuild your faith, do not commit uselessness.

Be faithful to Me, live quietly. The uselessness make you running, rushing to fill your heart, but it still empty of truth. Know that your heart was created to be filled with Me, I gave you a heart to be a temple of Me. I'm not speaking from the heart of flesh, this was gave to you to keep your body alive, but I am telling you from the heart of the soul, it can not be closed, it needs My Love, of My Voice, of My Light to survive.

I love you with Eternal Love Jerusalem, this is the love I want in you, Eternal Love.
Now your love is temporary, you love a little because you sin. Your love is conditional on what you choose, not in what I choose for you, because you most like to be sinful.
The love that I want in you is pure love, holy love that fills your life, your heart.
When you repent of your sins forever, when sin no more, when you convert truly, I give you the Glorious Love, I will dress you with Light and you will shine glorious for the Eternal Life.

Come My beloved, I built you on a rock, made you My Church, My people, this people that need to become poor for I enrich it with My Grace.
Come my beloved, I want you resurrect to live with Me, to enjoy the delights of Paradise and never suffer.

Come, the happiness that I will give you is not in the impurity that you appreciate, it is in the perfection that I want to give you, the Eternal Life.

I am your God, only in Me you will be truly perfect, happy.

Go little daughter, and deliver My message to the world, are the latest, just a little more time and I will stop them. I am still waiting with patience the decision of each, but will come the time to finish, because so God the Father determines and it will do so. Hurry up to hear, comply and decide between Heaven and Hell.

The Time does not return and what happened, happened.

Daughter, comply with your mission, I protect you and do not be afraid. Follow My Steps.
My Lord and my God, my Savior, thanks for calling me, I’ll do what I can do to serve You until the time of my death. I will take Your message to my brothers.

Daughter I bless you and bless you all.

I am Jesus
I am God
I am What I am
I am the Savior of the world

Divine Heart of Jesus, providence our conversion.