Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Message recently translated


September 9, 2011

The Angel of the Lord, the Archangel Gabriel came to talk to me while I slept, God ordered him to reveal.

I slept after the morning prayers and he came, he was as beautiful as ever with his costumes of bright light, I watched him, but did not say anything because I was admiring its beauty. He, his serene face gave me great peace, security and happiness, I am not afraid to be there with him, not because the knowledge of his visits, but for the assurance from God, because only God can give so much beauty to His creation, this visit only could do much good to me.

He spoke to me in my heart, not moving his mouth to speak, though he smiled gently letting me see his teeth that were straight and very white.

In this spiritual vision I could understand more about Heaven, that Angel had a body like ours, but it was a body that has always been holy, his light was shining, he never became contaminated with anything, was a servant of God. If he had been contaminated could not be there with God.

The Angels that were contaminated by evil were cast into hell, Lucifer and his companions, lost the right to remain in the heaven.

Saint Gabriel has always been faithful to God so God gave him a beautiful mission, the mission of bringing warnings to us from heaven and help us in many things.

At the time that he spoke to me, told me to be faithful to God, not to betray him, because everyone who idolizes the betrayal will be cast into the fire of hell.

Later he said:

Jesus Christ will come a day and hour nobody knows, is a surprise, and who betrayed him will be surprised, repentance does not help that day, the time to repent is now, should be in the early morning, as He could arrive in an afternoon.

So when you open your eyes at dawn, ask God for forgiveness for everything you did wrong, do not fail to regret later.

I promised to make the best of my capacity to be always faithful to God, but as she (the capacity), God only knows that I am loyal. I hope to have good amount of strength to be faithful to God until death.

But I insisted in asking through him, the Angel, to ask God for me to teach me to be ever more faithful to Him, my Lord and my God. What I want is the grace to get to heaven and deserve to be accepted by God.

The angel told me that after transcribing what God told me to reveal to the world, he was going to help me as he has always helped me.

He also remembered me about an event telling me:

Remember that the Bible opened alone in the quilt on your bed?

Yes, I remember.

I opened it for you.

So I thanked him. Thanks Saint Gabriel, I am happy for your help, never leave me without your help.

I'm not scared, but I always trusted that God sends angels to help us. I trust my guardian angel is always near me. The Angel said to me:

Your guardian angel is your protector, I am the Angel who announces the hours of joy and happiness that are close to the world.

I thanked him. After talking with me all these things, he asked me to do my duty in that time, had to pay attention to what he said when I woke up and transcribe on paper, not to forget to reveal to the world.

Then I saw that he took a parchment rolled up like a tube. He took it from inside a bag that was hanging on his right shoulder in the chest to the waist. It was rectangular, not large, the handle should measure about three fingers wide. He opened the book in which was written:

I bring the Peace that the Lord asked me to bring upon you and all who listen with their hearts, souls and spirits.

I am the Angel Gabriel, rich in obedience to God. I come today to tell the world just this:

Everything is beginning for the final time for conversion.

Straighten your steps, do not continue in disobedience to God.

Do not remain in fear, seek the strength and peace in your hearts from our God.
Be sure firmly in His Hands.

What is not eternal will pass, but what is eternal does not pass.
It will come upon the world, the Comforter, very soon, He is God the Holy Spirit.

Prepare to receive Him, clean your hearts.

I am the one who serves the Almighty.

I am the Angel Gabriel.

Then he said goodbye to me telling me that will not return in October, just in November and in December will be the last message to write. He will speak only, but I will not have to write, just to know. He said that we must valorize the last warnings that we are receiving, warnings to accelerate the conversion.

We will remember all that God has taught us, but only after the Holy Spirit comes to open our minds to the reality.

He went slowly, always in front of me without giving me the back. It was wonderful that vision full of light and I thanked him for helping me and I thought how great and patient is the Love of God for us. He is giving us plenty of time to straighten our lives for not to be taken to Him with empty hands.

Let’s do more charity, we do not know which of them will have value before God. Maybe there's something of value to God.