Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Message of April 23 – Recently Sent to Our Email for Translation


April 23, 2012

Jesus called me in to my heart and I listened with great joy. He said:
Come to Me, wheat flower, I want to let you know what you must reveal to the world, by My Order.
I am your God and I called you to serve, to work on building a more fraternal world. The fraternity is forgotten by man. Pride in the world is drowning it and few know it. Humanity is full of mud and claims as if were clean.

            Come daughter, works with love and responsibility as you have done so far. If all listen to Me, it would be better for them. But not everyone is with open hearts to worship Me, they do not hear Me, are deaf and have even contempt for Me.

            Prophesy daughter, My word to those who are listening. Tell the world:

            The earth is about to undergo for a major transformation. Difficult hours for everyone are coming, for children, youth, adults, for the conscious and the unconscious, for those who are elderly, no one is safe.

            What remains now is for humanity, hear My Word and live it with all the good will.

            Prepare to know the signs that are mine to you. There are false signs, which have been for long time in the world. To recognize the signs of Heaven, pray and take better care of your conversion. Prayer strengthens the man, so you should get used to pray, you have to increase your faith. Only then, will overcome the dangers.

            My Lord and my God, Source of Divine Justice for all of us sinners, extends Your Hands over all of us, grant us Your mercy, save us. I ask forgiveness for my sins and I ask forgiveness for all sinners in the world. Lord Give us your peace, your forgiveness to all sinners of the world. Come and save us.

            Give us Lord, a bit more time to improve in front of you, You're our Savior. You want to meet us with clean hearts to welcome the Second Coming when it happens to the world and come to establish Your Kingdom of true justice upon us all that you are caring with all Your Love, Your Kingdom is for all those who convert even in the last hour of life on earth, You told us this already, so we ask Lord, have mercy on us, make us people who are aware of Your presence, pure and holy people, grant us forgiveness.

            Pour upon us Thy Mercy.

            I love Thee, I adore Thee, I praise Thee, I bless Thee, I glorify Thee, I thank You for Your great Glory in the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity.

            Daughter, is not worth giving more time to man, the more time I give, the further away from My Father they are, who gave Me so that I make of you people able to surrender completely to Him, but you are divided, illusions confuse the mind, you are attached to material things. Time goes on, you are not safe, you are not aware of it, did not value the Grace of this time, you are throwing out My teachings, are stepping on the offer of Grace granted for this time.

            Hasten to improve more, you are falling into the trap that the enemy is creating in front of you. You're letting him to win space in your hearts. You are giving him your lives so that he seizes you and make you his slaves. That's why I do not give more time, it is best to now show you the things you have conquered with your disobedience. The more time I give, the more you are devaluing your lives, most are hindering their days on earth.

            You are idolizing your disobedience.

            My Lord and my God, Thy will be done, on earth as in heaven and throughout the universe.
            We pray, heal us, fill us with love for our lives, to give us the Light out of this darkness in which we live on earth.

            Have mercy on us and purify and sanctify to have the merit of salvation.

            Daughter, I am your Savior, I fulfill what I promise.

            I am God, I am righteous. My Justice will fall upon all mankind and all creation will pass for the balance on the last day, the day of Final Judgment.

            No one is outside of this time that will pass on earth.

            What I offer to relieve the weight of your conscience is My Love, the response to your request for forgiveness of your sins. If you humble yourselves and ask forgiveness, I will give it to you.

            It is necessary that every creature regrets what he did wrong in his lifetime.

            But to be carriers of My forgiveness is necessary to have faith, truly believe that I am your Savior. Always remember: "He who has seen Me has seen the Father, for I and the Father are One and the Holy Spirit is in Us that We are Three in One, nobody cannot separate Us. We are the Truth, Justice, Wisdom, Love, Forgiveness, We are Life. We know the weight of each conscience, We justify the action of all human beings on earth and take them to Heaven, where is the true happiness. There everything is eternal.

            If you do not do Our Will on earth, you will not live in Us, will die forever, for the man who does not value the life he received from Me, for I am God, has not the merits, it is removed from him forever and he will be on the depths of hell, and will have no relationship with Me. He will be eternally unhappy. This is the eternal death. This penalty applies to any man who does not convert.

            Who displeases Me, displeases the Father, displeases the Holy Spirit. No one enters to Heaven without asking the forgiveness of sins. Engrave this within your hearts.

            My Lord and my God, the Savior of the world, save us, give us strength to open our spiritual eyes and see with our consciences, repair the weight we put on it. Strengthen us, heal our blindness. With your Grace, we will get the correction of our sins, help us Lord, you who are our God, only You can cure all that is ill in us.

            Daughter, without My help you will not get better in your lives. Be aware that you will not do any good if are not doing My Will. I'm leading you to Heaven, if you do not follow My steps will not get to arrive there. You should meditate on My passage on earth and do everything as I did, accept the Will of My Father who is also your Father. Trust in Him and please Him by following Me. Remain in Me, out of Me there is no life.

            I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

            My Lord and my God, You are a Fountain of Mercy for us, pour over us, heal our imperfections, Lord give us understanding to improve our situation in front of you. Give us the Holy Spirit.

            Daughter, trust that I can give you everything, you just need to keep believing and straighten your hearts.

            Now I'll give you a vision, open your heart more, increasingly seek to offer your life to Me with faith and hope. I want that you reveal to the world what I will show you today.

            My Lord and my God, my life out of You, now is in danger, but I know that Your Goodness is infinite and will protect me.

            I am in Your Hands, give me the strength to do what You reveal at this time.

            Daughter, trust in Me, do not be afraid, I give you courage and strength. Do not worry if they would believe in you, do your part, reveal what you see now. I'll take care of everything.

            My Lord and my God, far from me is doing this alone, I just want everyone to receive your Grace and become aware of Your Will, to prepare themselves with courage, faith, and not suffer much. I wish that all people have the strength and feel true peace one day.

The Vision:

            "My Lord and my God, now I see Your Sacred Heart in Your Chest, is surrounded by a blaze of fire that does not burn, in the fire at the center is raised a cross at the right side, there is a balance and next to the balance is an Angel with a scroll in his hand, rolled up like a tube. He opened it, is doing a reading of the life of each of us.

            Now I see another Angel, he gets to the people who passed for the balance, and separate one to the right and one on his left.

            A voice says firmly and loudly, "It's time to strike. Prepare".

            The vision fades gradually.

            Now comes another, I see wars, deaths, many ships at sea, aircraft in the air, fire across the sky everywhere.

            God have mercy on us, help us to overcome this for the Day of Judgment!

            The vision fades now. I see the cross moving, rotating and light rays in all directions, then enters the Heart in your body, and I see nothing. I am very sad inside!”

            Daughter, do not be sad, do not forget to take care of your heart.

            Now make a prayer for all of you and get ready.

            My Lord and my God, send upon us the Holy Spirit to enlighten us, let our prayers reach Heaven. I know you're preparing a table for us in the face of the enemy and we will sit with You to satisfy the hunger, the thirst of true Peace and Love.


            "My Lord and my God, Holy Heart full of goodness that helps us in every moment of our lives. Either when we need small things, or when we need big Graces. To You we come at this moment with our hearts full of hope, faith and charity towards our souls, today threatened by despair and concern for the wars. We know they are the last wars on earth and the result will be very serious. You have warned us already. We have your protection. We know, of course, that after the war, will be the "Day of the Final Judgment." Lord, we are so full of guilt that we have upon us, that we've not been able to straighten out our lives in this time You have given us on earth.

            We beg you, Lord, hear our prayer on behalf of all of us, we do not know if we'll die or survive the war, but we need from You, whether we are alive or dead in the same situation to be judged. Have mercy on us and grant us Your Peace.

            Give us strength to carry our cross to the end.

            We are careless with our souls, you surprised us with Your Warnings, we are not prepared and do not know what we deserve. Help us, Lord, Help us, stay with us every day of our lives.

            Give us a little time for us to pay for our sins, bless us every second we have left. Amen."

(One (1) Creed, one (1) Our Father, one (1) Hail Mary and one (1) Glory -. "Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us all.")

            Daughter, I like your prayer, continue praying while living, be more fraternal and trust in My answer for you and for the world. Many criticize you, do not give importance, pray before, I am the True Judge, I can only judge your actions and your prayers.

            Thank you my Lord and my God. You are the source of love and tenderness. I do not care what the world is doing to me, I only care what You want me to do. You are my life, You're all I need. Stay forever in my heart.

            Daughter, now prophesy to Jerusalem, My Church, My people.

            My Lord and my God, thy will, I prophesy, I only ask you to have mercy on us sinners, we are afraid of the prophecies. Give us the strength and acceptance to overcome this fear!

The Prophecy:

            "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, here's another prophecy for you, stand up, listen to Me. I am your God, and out of Me there is no life, if you want to live, straighten your steps. This is an opportunity for you to improve. Be obedient to Me, and live forever. I want you to be prepared to be present in front of Me soon.

            Plant in your heart what is My Will.

            I will put your deeds into a balance, if you have no deeds to offer Me, make some now as I am giving time. You know it is coming the last day of your passage for this earth in sinfulness.

            Open the doors of your heart and check out all sin that is accumulated there, clean it. I will cleanse you and give you a radiant garment with which you will present to Me for our wedding.

You'll be the most beautiful bride, but is up to you show Me your deeds. What you did in your life. Have you thought about this? Do now and answer Me later.

Check your conscience, put in order what you did and acknowledge your sins, make haste to apologize to Me, but still I say: If you recognize your sins and do not want in any way to ask forgiveness, judging yourself as if you do not need it, poor of you, no one will be able to help you. "Consider yourself overcome by the pride, awaiting the outcome of your vanity, your lack of humility and see how you did wrong to yourself," Now you know that in the end there will be nothing that can deliver you from the penalties.
I'll tear down your pride, your arrogance, your conceit, all the disobedience that landed on you. You are My Church, and My people of whom I am the Pastor.

You are imperfect yet but I will purify you and you will be detached from all sin that made you a slave to it.

Now you have to decide to be the Church that I will unite with Me forever sanctifying you on the last day.

What you did good or bad will pass for the balance and the result will be Heaven or Hell. You know I'm going to finish the time of difficulties and I'll show you face to face that I am the Lord.

You Jerusalem, are My Church and My people, the people of which I am the Savior, I am your Shepherd and it is time to take you to the shelter that I have prepared for you, in which you will remain protected from the darkness to come, this refuge is the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Everyone will have to love Her as she is, the Most Pure, the Most Holy and My Blessed Mother Mary.

I do not want to be your Judge, but I am because the Father wants Me to be. But, I want to be your love, your happiness.

I give you My life, for you to live forever.

I wait for you, come without fear, trust in Me, I’ll help you.

I am God, I am who I am, I am the wealth of those who become poor and wait on My promise.

I will show Myself to the world. I will show My Power at all.

When dawn one day soon, you will awake different internally, and everything will be just ours, My love for you and your love for Me. You will see that I love you with an Everlasting Love.

Come Jerusalem, do not continue far from Me. Trust in My Love for you. Get dressed with the Glory, with your wedding garments and be happy because I saved you.

I love you with an Everlasting Love. Trust in My love for you. "

Daughter, divulgate My message to the world, you know that when the hearts open to Me, I will bring them home and will reign in them My Peace.
I will make everybody rich with the Wealth that never ends and no man will be richer than another, nor less. All will be equally rich because they will live in Me and I'll show them that always Lived in them, even if they did not recognize Me as I am. I am God, do not abandon who really believes in Me. Who does not convert, will lost happiness.

So be it. I will give the judgment because I am the Savior of the world. "

My Lord and my God, in front of Thee who are rich in Mercy for us, I bow and thank You for the love You have for us.

Purify and sanctify us, we ask it.

Daughter, you sinners, if you repent of your sins truly, will have life always in Me. If you do not repent, will have it no more after the Final Judgment, I want this to be forever remembered for you.

I bless you and bless you all.

I am God, I am who I am

I am Jesus Christ the Savior of the world

I am Peace.