Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Monday, November 5, 2012

May 28, 2012

May 28, 2012

Jesus called me within my heart and I attended Him with great joy. He tells me:

Come to Me wheat flower, I give you beauty and perfume you with the perfume of Holiness until you have to go through your purification.

The day that I am going to purify what is Mine is near. Come, follow Me.

I am your God, I am the life, I am who I am, nothing can change My Nature. I can change the world, I can correct what is not correct and give you a new Earth.

My father sent Me into the world to save you and I do everything to please Him. I will purify you at any time.

Persevere daughter in your mission every day, doing My Will, thou art Prophet, your mission is to tell the world what I command you. The time is serious, be all ready.

Trust Me, you do not have the ability to comprehend the love that I have for you and to everyone who follows Me.

You know daughter that you do not yet have the ability to comprehend the love I have for you.

My Lord and my God, source of Mercy for all us sinners, pour your goodness upon us.
Forgive me Lord, my sins and all the sinners of the world.

You called me, here I am to serve You. You know Lord that I am dust of the earth, but I am also here to listen to you and do Your Will, with Your help.

I love Thee, I adore Thee, I praise Thee, I bless and glorify Thee. I pay to Thee thanks for Your great Glory, in the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity.

Daughter, you know that a river of bitterness exists on earth and it is deep and now soon will overflow. This will cause a great sadness in the world. For this reason I am calling mankind to prepare. Humanity is under the illusion, lost respect for Me and for herself and now she can drown in bitterness if does not repent of the sins committed and does not return to Me now urgently. It is time to face the big difficulty.

My Lord and my God, You who intercede for all us sinners in front of the Father, let us be sure in Your Hands, for not to be in danger of dying drowned in the river of bitterness, this is our hope because we know that You are the Savior.

Daughter, I call everyone to pay more attention to the advices that I have sent, but a majority does not want to listen to Me or accept Me, and yet they challenge Me, mainly because does not love Me.

For humanity, scientists know what they do and do not need of Me, they do dangerous experiments and are not concerned with the consequences. They think that it is easy to give excuses and cover up their responsibilities.

Happy are those who are firm in My Hands. Who loves Me will win.

Prepare yourselves, you irritated the nature, you cannot imagine what provoked. Now you will seek Me with contempt, you need shelter because I'm going to blow My justice worldwide and the River will overflow, will be like a tidal wave.

The difference is that the river of bitterness scares the consciousness of the wealthy sinner, is a danger to the human science.

Only will have acceptance those who were in the sacred Refuge, the Refuge that I offer to the converts, the Immaculate Heart of My Blessed Mother, the always Virgin Mary.

By this I come alerting the world in advance to fully understand what is the Refuge that is more secure, ye shall know It before the purification comes for all converts. I protect you, you should have more faith, cultivate it, is still time to cultivate more faith, to have where to go when the bitterness overflows on the world, then you all will seek Secure Refuge.

My Lord and my God, infinitely merciful You are, have mercy on all of us and gave us a Secure Refuge, the Immaculate Heart of our Blessed Mother, She is yours, and also ours. I think it was at this time, when our Father sent and chose the Immaculate Virgin to be your Mother and ours, that Heaven and earth were opened, joined by the Will of the Father. I think that it was so when evil was defeated. For this reason I trust in Your love.

God the Father gave us full happiness, now we have to improve, we are not going to spoil it, we will win, they are two for us. You are our hope and we will get it, I am confident that we will not drown in the river of bitterness.

Our lives come from You, in You and with You we will live eternally.

This river of bitterness will be dried with the Fire of Your Mercy that you descend as you promised when the divine Holy Spirit comes upon the world.

You well know that nothing we deserve and need more time to improve but, if we do not have more time, we still have yet the sweet hope that You are going to help us.

Only Your love makes miracles and our recovery only happens with miracles. It was for this that the river of bitterness became greater danger to the world, because in this river will be killed those who do not believe in You. You can only dry the river, because you are Holy, you are God, you have the greater Power that exists.

Daughter, for the converts I give the Sacred Fire, the Divine Holy Spirit will visibly descend to the Baptism with Fire, He will open your spirits and you may understand that being creatures depend on Me that I am God. So this way happens the great miracle which will bring back, to all converted sinner, the merit of Salvation.

I already saved the world dying on that Cross and resurrecting overcame the death, but the man needs to believe in order to receive Salvation. He cannot be forced, but to have the acceptance that I can save him. It is necessary for man to believe in Me to live forever.

When I send to the Paraclete, the Comforter, after comforted, you will see with the eyes of the spirit that you are creatures, you depend on Me that I am God, you may understand what is real, and will not defy Me more, you will return to be meek and humble of heart and you will wait with patience My Return to separate the converted from the no converted.

My Lord and my God, You are the hope of those who suffer, give everyone a heart full of courage to embrace the Holy Sacrament of penance and return to You through a well done confession.

Not even to confess we have courage, for this on behalf of all humanity I ask this Grace, of true repentance of everything we do offending You.

Forgive us Lord, and save us, have mercy on us.

Daughter, now that you understand more about the Holy Sacrament of Penance, which is the request for forgiveness through a real confession, that one when the heart feels the need to be emptied of sin and be filled with peace, pray more and more.

I want that you do a prayer for all the sinners in this time that you're talking to Me and listening to Me, according to the appeal that I made.

Yes my Lord and my God, You who are the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, save us, we are all sinners awaiting for Your forgiveness. I offer to You my prayer for all humanity. I am all Yours.


"Lord Jesus Christ, son of the Living God, you that You descended from Your Reign in Heaven to this world polluted by sin, on behalf of all of us sinners, I ask the grace of our liberation of our doubts with you." Recognizing that You're always loving, You that are worthy of all honor and glory, You have only received from most of us, that we are sinners who are alive on earth, ingratitude, disobedience, offenses, challenges and very little love.

You Lord, that are the Only-begotten Son of the Father, the Son with Divine Nature, You are true God, true Man, we ask for Your Power that is infinitely merciful, we ask You Lord send upon us the healing of our hearts and our souls. We thank You with our lives, this opportunity that we have to repair our sins before our death and return our hearts to You.

That this time we have left on earth, grant us the light, love and peace. Give us the grace of true repentance of sins and to value our lives to deliver them to You. Give us the spirit of gratitude, give us always Your presence every day more knowing, teaching, loving, and leading us to the meeting of God the Father.

You are our happiness, help us stay together with You for all eternity.

Come Lord and save us, we worship You, Oh! Jesus! Amen."

(1 Creed, 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary and 1 Glory)

Daughter, you pleased Me with your prayer. I see that you worry about everyone, continue always offering your part for them and placing you next to them. Never judge you different from them, you well know that I will purify to all those who decided and those who have still not decided by Heaven.

Be faithful in your duty to help improve the world. You know that I can do all by Myself in a blink of an eye, because I am God, but I want your purification, I want all help with prayers and participate in this battle against the evil that still acts on humanity.

Daughter, I will give a vision now, so that you reveal to the world.

Remember that you will also have much to meditate to prepare for the arrival of the events that were already announced and which are now being revealed. They are already at the gates.

My Lord and my God, you that are Savior of the world, come over us, help us, we ask You, sanctify us in order to receive the merit of eternal life. Give us the grace to enter the door that is Your Sacred Heart. You that are able to forgive our sins and give us peace. I ask You, give me strength for the time of the vision, give me courage and compression at this time in which You want to me to see things to come and reveal them to the world.

You know that I'm weak, I'm afraid of everything that is dangerous, help me, I love you, I love you, with all the strength of my heart, stay right near me Lord, so I won't have fear.

Daughter, I will never let you alone, be confident and calm down so you can see what I will show you.


"My Lord, I see Your Sacred Heart outside of Your Body." It is wrapped by a flame of fire that does not burn. At the top, there is a cross with a flame at the feet, at the arms there is a mantle with patches of live Blood, do not dry, on this cross You died to save us. It is a rustic wood not perfect uncut and without sanding, it seems that they cut it from dried tree trunks.

I now see a Flash of lightning in Your image suffering on the Cross. Your look is penetrating, makes me see what the cruel world was able to do with You in that day.

Oh! How it hurts my heart to witness Your suffering!

Forgive us Lord, forgive to all us sinners of the world.

I see now descending from the Cross an immense and deep river running flooded. I see now that it goes too far, is fast, many bodies descend, descend boats, debris and large objects. The carnivorous birds are flying low trying to feed on human bodies that are floating on the waters.

Now I see on the water, the red waters, this is blood, I see a plate where a single word is written there: "BITTERNESS".

The river is more quickly now, it seems to fall from a big height.

"My God, how much blood!"

Lord can you explain to me?

Daughter, truly I tell you, this is the blood of the innocent martyrs who are slaughtered until today by the cruelty of the foolish, they practice bad attitudes.

This river is in all Nations. Crucifying Me, they abort the children, practicing crimes, challenge Me by the lack of love in their hearts.

In My eyes nothing remains hidden, everything is very clear. The time to judge arrived; each country and no one can hide from Me what he has done wrong.

I am God, I see deeply all the sins of every person that exists on earth.

It is time for the hit. There is coming the Divine Judgment.

I'll let everyone see their mistakes and what he did in his life. Everyone must ask forgiveness of their sins and repair, to continue taking part with Me. Who opposites will not have more union with Me. These will be thrown into the fire of Hell.

I will dry this river of blood with My forgiveness that I will give to whom humble himself and recognize that sinned, asking Salvation. I will dry this river with the fire that will descend from the Heaven.

The Divine Holy Spirit will be sent very soon.

The world will recognize that I am God, I am the absolute Lord who reigns above all the universe and My Kingdom will have no end.

These are the last calls, which were done for so many years and now in this era of warnings.

The decision is free, every sinner has the right to choose their future when complete the pilgrimage on earth.

For those who convert and survive the final trials, I'll flow a River of pure and crystalline Waters on earth, they will have peace, there will be no suffering for them. These Waters will sprout a beautiful spring in the heart of man. This River will sprout from the Father's Heart, the Divine Holy Spirit renewing and reconstructing a new world and man by thanking and receiving every day more the Grace of the Father. Who drinks of this Water doesn't feel thirstier, because he received the sanctification.

Thank you Jesus, for joining me in this view, explaining everything, I can now better understand to reveal to the world.

You know well that few are who believe, but I am your instrument as you already said, and I will fulfill my duty.

"Lord, I now see Your Sacred Heart returning to Your Body, the vision ends." "Thank you Lord."

Daughter, I know you want to know whether or not this River is spiritual. Truly, I say that it is a spiritual River, everything you saw will pass within this river, are the consequences of sin, death, destruction, lack of love.

Everything will be very soon justified, the cruelties, crimes, abortions, all dishonesty. The blood cries out for justice.

Who do not repent and who do not ask Me the forgiveness of their sins, will be taken by surprise and will have much to suffer.

My Lord, You who died because of our sins, forgive us. Your heart is Holy and full of mercy for us, you know that we were victims of the enemy, he deceived the first sons of God and continues to mislead the rest until today. We ask you, come fast and get rid of all the traps that he makes to each of us.

Come Lord, destroy the strength of the hell which acts on Earth.

You are God, You can do it all.

We ask You Lord, help us, have mercy on us and save us.

Daughter from My compassion comes forgiveness for those who asks Me. It is necessary to repent, ask for forgiveness and repair the sins committed, with resignations, prayers and participation in the Holy Mass, confession and communion. Communion is not only receiving the Holy Eucharist, is also being in union between you.

When the world is full of clean hearts, everything will improve.

Prepare yourselves everyone, it is coming the time of purification.

My Lord and my God, Your Will is done, give us strength to prepare more before this day that still comes to us.

Daughter, I am the strength that sustains the universe, I am everywhere. Do not be afraid.

Now prophesy to Jerusalem, My church, My people.

My Lord and my God, your Will is done, enlighten me I prophesy according to your Word.

The prophecy:

"Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you have here a prophecy for you, get up and stay stand, to listen to Me, I am your God, and I'm talking to you. Plant inside your heart the advice that I give you to overcome the major difficulties that are coming for you.

Remember Jerusalem, thou art My church, You are My people and I want to elevate you to glorious life.

First I show you every day how to clean your heart of every sin, then I will purify you.

Welcome with love what I speak and hasten to live in fidelity to Me that I am your God.

Time ends soon and you have little left, you must value it doing the tasks that I give you, because your hands are empty with nothing to bring in front of Me on the Final Judgment.

What I want you to do has to be done with good intentions, is the cleaning of your heart and taking care of your soul, I will do of your heart a Holy Temple for Me and your soul a joy and will sing Me her praises eternally. So you'll have the joy of being near Me constantly.

Do not be ashamed because you are weak, just understand that you depend on Me to strengthen you, but you have little faith, you don't remember Me at all time, only when your conscience hurts.

You are wasting your strength because it only exists if you love Me truly, when freckles you are away and leave Me, you don’t ask Me anything, you think you're independent. But I will bring you in front of Me, so you will remember that I am your God and you are creature, you exist only because I called you to life.

You will revive, you'll see a new Sun in front of you and will thank Me for the love I have for you. I love you with Eternal Love.

I am God, I am who I am. Come Jerusalem, do not stay away from Me again.

Prepare yourself, there is a flooding caused by the river of bitterness, if your heart is still hard as it is, you will drown and won't have more peace that I give you. You do not perceive that I am Peace. Peace is for you to possess riches and I tell you, all you need is My compassion, I can take away your material wealth at any time and you will feel abandoned. But burn inside your heart, I will never quit because you're Mine and I take care of you, I will let you know how is to live without My help, but you're just being purified.

You are a fruit that is not yet ready to be picked up, so I'm going to purify you now, very soon and you will love Me with true love because you will recognize that everything flows from My Heart for you. I am the Church, I am who commands the life you have and you're people, My people for whom I died so you are eternally Mine.

I am God, I govern, take care, purify and sanctify everything that exists.

Know Jerusalem, only in Me you will find the happiness that you want for your soul.

Get ready, our wedding will happen very soon.

Your will rest a little earlier, will sleep, then you will wake up happy because your groom is waiting for you, and together we will go in front of the Father for the blessing of our eternal union.

See My beloved, listen to what I'm talking about, plant in your heart and cultivate it, you will see grow your happiness and I will gather it on the last day, the fruit of the love you have for Me.

I am thy God and thou creature.

"Jerusalem, Jerusalem, planted in your heart the life, so that you will have part with Me, I love you and you will love Me forever."

Daughter, now go and take to the world what I have ordered you to transmit, I take care of you, do not be afraid.

Do not worry with the one who do not want to listen, I take care of them also, and do not worry over the time that it is passing, you cannot do much more.

Do what you can, I understand your difficulty, there are many but you will conquer because I’ll come for you.

My Lord and my God, You who perceive everything and can help me, I ask that You open the paths for all that You want to find at this time and that help me perform Your order given to me I'm just a sinful creature. Only in You are my hope.

Daughter, I take care of the world, I know what to do to heal the wounds caused by sin, trust Me and take ahead your mission, now will be fast because the time is short, the time that the world has to decide if want to climb to the Heaven, or if want to descend to the depths of Hell.

For the Heaven go up the meek and humble of heart, those who were converted.

To hell will go the rebels, the revolted against the submission to Me, those who lived trampling on the happiness, are unfaithful and deserve nothing. They were not converted, they never have union with Me.

I bless you daughter and bless you all.

I am God, I am who I am,
I am Jesus Christ the Savior of the world,
I am Peace.

River of bitterness is the weight of consciousness.

River of pure and crystalline waters is the sanctified soul which sin no more, only loves.