Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

February 19, 2012

Message of Our Lady - Mary Full of Grace
The Advent of the New World - Words of Our Lady
time of fulfillment of the prophecies given to the world

February 19, 2013

On this beautiful night the Lord comes to feed you with His Holy Word, for ye may have life forever.

The Word of God is the Truth and for all men to be happy, they need to listen and save It in their hearts.

God wants man's heart to be His temple, that is why He is showing the man what it takes to be this temple.

God invites all men to hear Him for beginning the reform within the hearts. He always taught man to be pure, be good, be correct in everything he does, but not every man listens to His Advices. There are those who become deaf because they do not like to submit to the Will of God.

Every second of your life, the Holy Spirit is poured upon you, but hearts are closed for not to receive this Grace. Only who loves Him, receives Him with joy and gratitude.

The Divine Holy Spirit makes fertilize the Word at all who open their hearts to Him, to give spiritual growth.

The humbles are who value the Grace of God, they will know the Eternal Happiness because they keep with love what God speaks.

When man listens the Advices that come from Heaven, he will straighten his behavior, he begins to understand that will only be happy forever if obey the Will of God and obeys when he learns to submit to His Will, accept, does not impose his own will.

            Accept is humble oneself, is not continue wanting to be more than God.

Obedience is the guarantee to be eternally Happy.

The world today is divided because not all obey the Will of God, the disobedient always puts the world in great danger.

When man is born, he brings with him the stain of sin. But, by being baptized is clean. The man should value Baptism, but does not value it, is still sinning and causing destruction to the world. He will only improve if decide to correct the error, straighten and open his heart to God, give Him his life, to let Him to lead his thoughts, his attitudes, his jobs, his short lifetime, to walk under the Light of God, dislike the dark.

But today everyone is in danger because they cannot be obedient. In an hour they are with God, another hour they are attached to worldly things. Things of the world are deceptive, have many appearances, confuse your minds, look good, but are also bad.

The sin is hidden in the things of the world, when the man wakes up, that is when man realizes, he has fallen into error.

Not always someone falls for wanting, often falls for not taking care of his life, the person who does not think of God, does not believe that the danger exists.

My children, you should ask God the Council and save it within the heart to see the danger before you get near it.

God does not want to endanger you, you are that, with disobedience to the Commandments, ye have been deceived and lured into danger. The danger is like a magnet that pulls you close to it.

The man given to sin is ever going into danger. And now the danger is massive, the dangers are much greater.

We will prepare to win every moment that is approaching. You must remain in a state of Grace always confessing and receiving the Holy Eucharist opening the heart more to God and closing it to the taste of sin.

The taste of the Holy Eucharist is the taste of Eternal Happiness and the taste of sin is the poison, disobedience to God, is the curse.

Convert, convert, believe in the Holy Gospel and you will be saved.

God wants to save the children, He created them with so much love!

Dear and beloved children of My Immaculate Heart, I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Divine Holy Spirit, who enlightens you guiding you forever with His Light.

I am the Servant of the Lord, Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, I am the Immaculate Conception of Mary, I am the Messenger of God and in the message of today, He thanks you for the prayer time and alert you:

My children, stay alert to the dangers of the big events in the world. You are not ready to meet them, because did not value the Grace I poured over you.
You became the more knowledgeable than Me, who am God, I am what I am, ye cannot modify Me, nothing is above Me.
Do you want to know why the danger that comes is so scary? Verily I say unto you, it is easy to know, because you were disobedient to Me, did not love Me, nor the life I gave you, nor loved your brothers. It's too late for those who did not want to love.

            You did not use the Mercy I give you every day, you preferred to soak in mud, you neglected your souls.

When someone ask you why I gave the punishment, you can reply, "because we do not love as God taught us, we challenge Him with our sins, with our disobedience, we provoke His Wrath and now our worthiness is the punishment."
            My children, I did not want this to any of My children, but I am fair. To sanctify you, the first I will do is Justice.

            I'll cure this leprosy that is sin dominating you, after I will purify you and sanctify you for then enter into Eternity. I'll break the old vessel and will make a new vessel. So I give you the New Life, the sanctified life.

            The man will leave any dirt behind, he will be as clean as I want him to be. It's time to break this human error and give him the Eternal Joy. The Peace.
When it gets dark, remember, do not dwell in the darkness for too long. I Am the Light of the world, all the time that you stand in the dark those last days, it will be the time when is being broken the old man to born a new man, the man who will not sin anymore.
            The condemned will go to Hell and the converted will see the Iris of My Eyes, and then will live in My Light.

            They will no longer need the sun and not the light, I will sustain them with Glorious Light. I am God. My Love is eternal Light."

My children, united lets meditate the Word of God, our Eternal Father, the Almighty, who now once again invites you to be happy forever. You should hear Him, for not falling into temptation, for not falling into sin, for not running the risk of despair.

So heed the advice that you have heard believing in the Holy Gospel.

My children, the Holy Word of God reveals to you today that you must pray with the heart in the deepest sense, this means with greater confidence ask the Father the protection. The protection comes in response to your way of praying, you must pray with much love, prayer with content of faith, and the strongest is the one that is directed to the Eternal Father.

            This is a request for forgiveness from God the Father and is the Son who teaches, is the Son who takes, is the Son who brings the Salvation.

This prayer is an offering of what you desire to do, but you need the Grace of God and because of sin, you are not getting it, because you are letting the idols to govern you.

The idols are the sins, your attachments to things displeasing to God. All impurity. Awake My children, the snares of sin are ruining you, infidelity, betrayal, disrespect, lack of love, dishonesty, greed, gains, selfishness, everything that God does not permit, and all this are in the Deadly Sins.

Repent now everyone, each one has sinned, each one has disobeyed God.

You do not know to ask forgiveness and even do not know how to forgive, because when man does not know to love, he does not know how to forgive, he does not have enough humility to ask for forgiveness. So when the man wants to do good, he does it, and when he wants to do evil, he does it too, he does all this because he's unsure if God does exist, he does both at the same time, just because he is afraid of the true existence of God, but he takes advantages of the opportunities to do evil as well. Some abuse even saying God forgives all.
The man needs to recognize that need to do only what pleases God, it is necessary to have steadiness, to have more faith, not be swinging on faith, because now there is no time or humanity back to God, or lose Heaven.

Pray the prayer that Jesus Christ taught you: the Our Father.

Here is how you should pray: Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name, come to Thy Kingdom, Thy Will be done, on earth as in Heaven. Our daily Bread of each day Give us; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen." (Mt. 6: 9 - 13).

My children, this is what I come to reveal to you for your conversion.

Now I ask the Holy Mass, the Holy Eucharist with faithfulness to God.

Pray, pray, pray for the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, for all the Clergy, for the religious men and women, for all mankind.

Pray for the atheists and pagans, do your part to help them enter the Way of Heaven, the time is now much shorter.

Pray, so God will benefit you with Graces for the good of all.

Pray for the Holy Church founded by Jesus Christ, when He founded His Church on earth, He wished that she grew up in spirituality, obedience, humility, faith, hope and charity. For this He poured the Holy Spirit to grow in purity, holiness, but she is not yet ready.

You will see that humanity has not followed the Teaching of God. You did not take seriously His Will.

Awake, help more the Holy Father the Pope, because he now, more than ever before, needs your help. Pray for his intention and everything that comes next. You are in big trouble now.

I love you very much and I cover you with My Mantle of Love.

Brazilians, pray, is the time of big suffering for you and for all countries. All nations do the same.

Now I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Divine Holy Spirit, the Mother of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world,

Mary, the Immaculate Conception.

Thanks for answer the Call of God.

My children, remember that God loves you with Eternal Love.

Do all that you can do good to merit the Heaven.

Now I offer you My Immaculate Heart as a Refuge in time of big punishment that approaches to the sin.

A big chastisement is coming to the world, take care of your souls. The time is now shorter.

With all the warmth and love of Mother I wish you peace and take your requests to God. Repent of your sins, ask God's forgiveness and repair them before the tribulation begins in the world.

Peace be with you now and forever. Amen. Peace!

Peace! Peace! Peace! Amen! Amen! Amen!

Blessed be God, Blessed be His Holy Name.

You should meditate on the Holy Gospel today: Mt. 6: 7-15.