Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Message from Our Lord Jesus Christ


June 20, 2013


Jesus called me inside my heart and I attended Him with great joy. He said to me:

Come to Me wheat flower, hear My Voice, I am your God, I am what I am, I want to give a little bit knowledge of My Love for you. I want also that you take to the world this message of warning announcing what they will go through in this end of times.

Daughter, come closer to Me and listen with your soul, so she will bright very soon when the hour of the Final Judgment arrives. When you are closer to Me will be in that day terrible for who does not believe in Me, and a splendid day for who believes in Me. Who deserves Heaven will ascend without fear to look down, he will be secure in My Hand, will not fall, I am Security of who loves Me. Come daughter, secure and with trust, I am the Way to Heaven, I will take you to the presence of My Father.

My Lord and my God, You that are our Savior, give me strength and courage to get close to You, every day I sin and give back steps. I am not strong, I am weak and that’s why I ask You day and night Lord, take my life in Your Hands, I recognize that am not able to give any step alone. Take care of me. I would like to start again, but I know that is not possible, but I ask You to forgive me Lord my sins, forgive Lord to all sinners of the world. Forgive our failures, our cruelties, our infidelities, our arrogance, we were far away from You, now we want to repair and the time is short, but I take the risk to ask You help us, free us from this slavery. Come and save us.

At this moment when You are calling me, I ran to see if it is possible, here I am Lord to serve even when I am a sinner, I am nothing my Lord, but I am here, I know you love Me and I ask you, make me whichever is your Will. I am mud in Your Hand, give me life Lord. Give the Peace to all us sinners of the entire world.

I love Thee, adore Thee, praise Thee, bless Thee, glorify Thee, and give thanks to Thee for Thy great Glory in the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Little daughter, listen with love what I speak. The Advices I give you are to strengthen, I let that you felt the approaching of the end to strengthen you more, everybody are waiting for the end, to think about the sins accumulated at heart since childhood, but is necessary to think and act, because nobody knows the hour of the end. 

Happy is who welcome the Advices that I am sending to the world and putting the soul away from the danger of the end.

Everybody should know that will be surprised suddenly by many events that will take most part of mankind to death. Before the death is time to clean the conscience because life has no end, but the body goes through death and after dead cannot open the mouth to ask for forgiveness.

The forgiveness is not denied to anybody who asks, but is necessary to ask with true repentance and with reparation.

The sin does not enter in Heaven, that’s why the Purgatory exists for the man who dies to pay his debt with Me.

There a soul of who converts but did not repair what has done, he will stay there until repair, only then will enter in Heaven.

In Heaven does not enter who is not converted, is necessary the conversion to deserve the Heaven.

Prepare, the world will be surprised suddenly by a terrible event and is not prepared.

Convert, there is no more time. Who did not convert has no strength, will fall and will not rise again.

Who prepares will have tranquility. All who take seriously what I speak will be surprised with the tranquility that will feel in front of all problems that are approaching for the mankind. Who does not hear can despair. 

Trust in My Love for you and have in you the certainty that I do not abandon, nor neglect who My Father commanded Me that I have to Save, all you sinners.

My Lord and my God, Savior of the world, save us. Your Will be done on earth and in Heaven. Take care of all us sinners, repented of our sins.

Little daughter, the scare will be big, the consequence of all sin. The consequence of each one will show how much despise was given to My Warnings. I do not punish anybody, but the nature accuses and punishes, she has no compassion. Know My daughter, that the nature of each person is the own conscience, she accuses and condemn, when a person deserves punishment she does not know to forgive. That’s why many put an end to their passage on earth, commit suicide because their weigh of conscience overwhelms them.

Is the despair and it leaves a person blind, deaf, dumb, and without strength to fight against the evil and ends up committing suicide. The person turns away from God, does not ask help, because has no more faith inside the heart. So gives up, does not humiliate, prefer the death.

But has no advance, the life has no end, who do this increases his suffering, stay years and years in the Purgatory, there is worst than to humiliate on earth, and repair the guilt, because there the person does not doubt more about the existence of God, and stay anxious to enter in Heaven, knows that is very close but has to wait and purify what did wrong in his passage on earth for then deserve to see the Light of the Father.

How suffer those who have the certainty already, but has not the grace to enter for the Door of Heaven because yet is impure. Only after being totally purified is when he will enter in Heaven.

Consider that yet is more easy now to deserve enter in Heaven with the request of forgiveness and reparation on earth, because yet you have time to repair some part while nothing happens that hinder your pilgrimage.

Hear My Advices, I came for everybody has life in has it in abundance.

My Lord and my God, far from me to despise Your Advices. Help me Lord, I want to detach from all which despise You, but yet I have no the ability to detach completely from this world. Give me Lord, the pure spirit without detachment to the material things.

Change me Lord, I want to overcome this situation, I want to be as light as a bird, without worries on mind, I need a lot of Your help. I would like to do everything to please You. But, I am in difficult times, I feel weak, alone, despised, I do not have many friends.

You know that I am persecuted because You have called me to serve You. But I am happy to serve You, I am all Yours, I want to be always Your slave, to You I belong, nothing in the world has more importance than to be always near of You.

Thanks for the Blessed Mother You gave us.

Little daughter, you know that I fill your life, you are happy because feel that I am with you, that’s why you are strong, have acceptance to all suffering you go through. So you should continue living for Me, to arrive to the Eternal Happiness. Many persons think you suffer because are always alone, but you know that I do not leave you alone.

Little daughter, your life belongs to Me, she is life of My Live, I am God.

I take care of everything that is Mine. Because My Father gave Me the duty to take care of all His children. We are one family, we are united by the love. To you I give My Grace and with It you live, do not worry about the future, value the present to have tranquility that the future will be prosper.

Sow today and will have what to harvest tomorrow.

My Lord and my God, all the time that I live I want to repair what have done wrong in life, I want to clean my heart, take care of my soul. Because I know that from this world nothing is taken only the soul received by You, to live on earth and to take her clean after death to please You. I hope to take care much better of this soul You have given to me to deliver her to You when I am called by the Divine Court where each person will receive the response about the merit.

You know that I am very weak, I think that lose more points rather than gain, but have faith that You are the Greater of Masters and correct me and protect me and I shall win and to be free forever.

I love You, You are my greatest Friend, my eternal Professor because You are God.

Little daughter, continue always making effort, never conforms that is difficult to recover from a failure and end giving up to take ahead the project of grow each day more in faith and in hope.

If you trust in Me do not worry with those who want to destroy you, know to value each day more My Presence with you. If they want to destroy you remember that I want you to come out victorious and when this happens, those who hurt you with unpleasant words will stay ashamed. But yet you have no the ability to know right, how much is the life I give to each creature.

Only who lives in Heaven can know because who is in Heaven, has the certainty that My Love is above all the human loves, nobody loves you as I love you.

My Lord and my God, thanks for loving me so much, since there are so many people in the world who do not love me, there are persons who do not know me, do not love me because do not accept that You have called me to be Your instrument.

How sad is the persons who say things against other people without knowing.

I hope that one day all this end and the persons change their way to act so unjustly.  

Little daughter, do not be sad with this, I see and know each one of you, I know they do this not against you but against Me indirectly, because they haven’t the courage you have to say ‘yes’ to Me every day of your life.

Poor children, how they are harming their own soul!

The heartbreak leads the man to hurt more his own soul than those who throw swords.

Little daughter, now I want that you do a prayer, for the persons who like to mistreat the brothers. Your prayer is of much importance at this hour when you are talking with Me.

My Lord and my God, You that pour upon the world Your Mercy, I ask You, illuminate me for my prayer may come to Thy Sacred Heart.


“Divine Heart of Jesus, Infinite Love, hear my prayer, I am here as I am, a sinner. You have called me and I came to hear You and ask Your help. My Lord, in this moment of prayer I ask Your help for all sinners in the world.

I ask for everybody who persecutes me, rejects me, for those who offend me, those who hate me, those who are my enemies.

You gave us the right to pray one for each other, even though being us sinners, give us Lord, each day more opportunities to straighten our life and to live in perfect union and in Your Peace. Give us Your forgiveness. Make us meek and humble of heart, purify and sanctify us every day of our life on earth.

Lord, do not let us to deviate from Your Love, give us strength to increase our faith, our hope, our good will to take care of our soul and deserve to know and to live on the Promised Earth, the Paradise. This is the heritage that You offers every day of our existence on earth for all of us sinners to convert, so we will have it.

Hold us in Your Hands, we are not able to do anything without Your help. Forgive us Lord, do not let us to lose Heaven. Pour upon us Your Forgiveness, that Your Will is extended upon all us and so we can reach the Eternal Life. Amen.

Come Lord and save us, take us to the presence of the Father to receive the award of Eternal Life, the Eternal Happiness.

We love You, adore You, You are our Savior.

(1 Creed, 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary, 1 Glory)

Little daughter, you have done a prayer of forgiveness, of reparation and unity to Me, know that so you are preparing for the day of purification and for the day of the Divine Tribunal to give the sentence for all mankind.  

Happy are those who were invited to enter in Paradise.

Thanks my Lord and my God, in Your Hands is my security. Look for all of us sinners and do not let us to lose the unity with You. You are Fountain of Mercy for all of us sinners of the world. Pour upon us Your Will.

Little daughter, trust in Me and you will be protected.

Now prophesize to Jerusalem, My Church, My people.

I want that a new springtime grow on earth.

My Lord and my God, give us strength to grow pure, kindly, united and filled of faith and hope in the Salvation.

I will prophesize according to Your command, I am all Yours.

The Prophecy:

“Jerusalem, Jerusalem, here you have one more prophecy to you. Stand up, stay standing and listen. I am your God and call you because love you. You are My beloved, My Church, My people.

You never will be forgotten by Me. The hour will come when you will be repented of your sins and will ask Me the forgiveness for having committed them. Yet the hour has not arrived for your awareness regarding to your errors, because your heart, it is hard yet. Yet, you have not thought on the time, it passes, but before you will have to pay account of your deeds.

Prepare Jerusalem, our meeting is near, is approaching the hour of our wedding, it will be after the Judgments, the Particular and the Universal. This will be the end, My Justice make no mistakes. The true will be known face to face.

I will reap the fruit that is good and what is putrid I will give the sentence, to be thrown to Hell by the Angels.

Jerusalem, you are My Church, My people, I will transform you and will clothe you of glory and give you a pure and holy heart.

It is approaching the hour of harvest, remember that I always loved you and never will stop loving you.

But, yet is time to cultivate the good and refuse the evil, do this as soon as possible. Sow inside your heart My Word, I love you with Eternal Love.

Let’s prepare for our feast, very soon we will celebrate our union.

All pedestals will fall, there will be one people, one family, one heart, one nation.

Yet, I am inviting you to open your heart to Me, to receive My Word, My Peace.

I am your God and want to give you Eternal Happiness.

Little daughter, now go and take to the world My Call. So much time you had to prepare, now is already the last one, you have not much time already, who lost, if did not make sure in the last drop, will have no more.  

My Lord and my God, You are Righteous and all You do is right, if we do not hurry up and value our life, will lose it, help us for not to lose it. Give us strength and courage to win all the battles. We will please Your Sacred Heart. I love Thee, adore Thee, wait in Your Mercy for all of us sinners of the world.

Little daughter, trust in Me each time more. All will be according to the Will of My Father, Mine and of the Holy Spirit. We are together the Holy Trinity, who obeys Us reaches Heaven.

I bless you and bless everybody.

I am God, I am what I am,

I am Jesus Christ the Savior of the world,

I am Peace.