Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

February 25, 2012




February 25, 2014


The Light of God covered me and I listened His Voice. He tells me:

Little daughter, listen My Voice, plant inside your heart the Teachings I give you, then sow in the world. I am God, I am Light of the world, I am Light that never ends. Open your heart and do My Will, I will fill you with My Holy Spirit.

You know I made you prophet for this time of warning to the world. A day very near, everybody will be face to face with Me, to pay accounts of day lived on earth. Those who are in bad situation, should procure to improve as soon as possible because My Manifestation to the world will be suddenly, there will be no time in that day to repair errors.

Beside the request of forgiveness of sins, it is necessary reparation of all of them.

You daughter, has anything to afraid to prophesy what I command, nobody can impede it because I have called you and give you protection. Be faithful to fulfill your duty and will be blessed in Heaven.

My Lord and My God, Light of the world, illuminate us at each second of our life, we ask You. You that purify our hearts, attend our pleas, give us forgiveness of our sins and help us illuminating us for us to see opportunities of reparation of our guilt. Show us the traps that are prepared for keep us prisoners of sin. Give us faith, hope, goodwill, to practice charity. Clarify our lives, strengthen us.

Divine Holy Spirit, forgive my sins, forgive the sins of all of us sinners of the word and protect us of all evil that can impact us. You that are Comforter, comfort us, give us strength to forgive our enemies and also to forgive ourselves.

I love thee, adore thee, praise Thee, bless and glorify Thee, I give thanks to You for Your immense Glory, in the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and the Divine Holy Spirit.

Little daughter, I am forgiveness and give Myself to you each time you have courage to ask Me forgiveness of your sins.

Come always and tell Me all you cannot understand.

I am who gives you Gifts that you need to understand what you cannot understand. Don’t think I do not listen to you. Yet you have no understanding because I have no purified the world, but when that day arrives, everybody will understand more than you can imagine.

I am going to pour upon the world much more knowledge.

My Lord and my God, deliver the world from darkness, burn the sin in the world, give us joy of Your Presence along with each one of us. Give us intelligence to understand, when someone prepares traps for us sinners.

Protect us Divine Light, deliver the evildoers, deliver us from illnesses, from hunger, from thirst, from wars.

Be our shield, our total protection.

Little daughter, trust in My Love for you, learn each day more to live in humility and simplicity. When more lighter is the conscience of each person, more intelligence develops. The person which uses intelligence to do well, receives more benefits for her sanctification in the last day, but whoever uses intelligence to do evil, this will receive a great punishment and will stay in darkness of the three days reserved to punish the most rebels.  

My Lord and my God, purify us, give us Your Seven Gifts for our improvement, our spiritual growth.

You know that we have not so much knowledge because we sin, lose meritoriousness. But, You are good and at the same time You have given a little and we thank You.

Little daughter, you know that even giving you a little time for the meritoriousness, most part tramples on this little and do not worry to make anything to improve the meritoriousness. This part uses the Gifts I give to do evil. Whoever tramples on the Gifts I give them, is staining the soul, is changing Heaven for Hell. They are who kill innocents and any person, those that with cunning take possession of what is the other, those who despise life, those who do not convert and especially scientists who defy the Power of Heaven. But, now they will know the result of their challenges.

My Lord and my God, Light of Divine Love, that lights in our hearts for we can grow in wisdom and renounce to what the demon offers us, descend upon all us purifying and sanctifying for not lose the Paradise.

Give us courage and strength to pray more for the sick, for prisoners, for all vicious, for they to renew hope and don’t give up, may they wait in Your help.           

Little daughter, I want you do a little prayer for them.

My Lord, and my God, fill me with Your Spirit. You are Light, transform my spirit, my heart, for my prayer brings fruits for those who suffer in hospitals, in homes, on the streets, in sanatoriums, in prisons, those who are in vices, those who are in loneliness.

Come Divine Holy Spirit, descend upon me and upon all who pray for them.


“My Lord and my God, accept my prayers which I am doing for all my brothers who suffer and are waiting Your Graces, for they have better days. I also unite with them because all of us in the world, are sick and needing Your Goodness to cure our problems.

Oh Lord, how sad is to know that many problems get worse by lack of faith in hearts, come Lord, warm these hearts for they grow in faith and know to seek help in You. Come Divine Holy Spirit with Your Sacred Heart and burn impurities that cause many sadness in the world.

God of goodness, of mercy, help Your children, don’t let that Your children stay away from You.

Come Divine Light, lights inside me for I find to pray always for all persons You want me to pray for.

I adore Thee Divine Light with all strength that exists on me.”

(1 Creed, 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary, 1 Glory)

Little daughter, your prayer pleases Me, continue praying for everybody happiness and yours too. If everybody prays, the world will improve faster.

Now I will give a vision which you will keep in your heart, but remember that the world needs a lot of strength and courage to defeat the fear everybody has to pray each day more with the heart.

My Lord and my God, strengthen me to know the vision You are going to give me. I am afraid, have mercy on me.

Lord, it was so sad, have mercy on us.

Little daughter, I prepared you to see, think now in those who are not prepared and pray more for them.

Now I want that you prophesy to Jerusalem, My Church, My people. There are few messages that I will give your to transmit, it is coming the hour to close.

My Lord and my God, I am all Yours, make of me what is necessary for You, I will prophesize, with a painful heart to think that we are not prepared for sufferings and they are coming. Help us my Lord, help us.

I will prophesize, take my life in Your Hands.

The Prophecy:

“Jerusalem, Jerusalem, here you have another prophecy for you, stand up, stay up, your God calls, I am the Divine Holy Spirit and warn you: A time of many tempests is coming for the world. They will come with strong winds for nations.

You are My Church, My people, I advise you take refuge in the Immaculate Heart of Mary, My Wife.

She is Mother of Church, I chose Her to be Refuge.

There is no safer place for refuge, I myself gave this refuge to those who convert.

Hurry up Jerusalem, time is no shorter.

It is coming the hour of harvest, fruits are not mature yet. I am going to warm the earth for what has to mature, matures.  

I am Light of the world. I am the Divine Holy Spirit. I am Peace.”


Little daughter, take this warning to the world, don’t be afraid, I take care of what is Mine.

Now I bless you and bless you all.


I am God, I am who I am, I am the Divine Holy Spirit.