Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ

June 27, 2011

Jesus called into my heart and I attended Him with great joy. He says:

Come to Me wheat flower, I am your God and I am calling to let you know what I want you to reveal to the world.

Make of you, an instrument to alert those who wish to know true Peace, true happiness and fight to stay in Me forever.

Come My daughter, hurry up the time is becoming less and many souls are in danger of losing Heaven. Your life belongs to Me, do not neglect it, one day you need to present before Me so I will say to you if you took good care of it or not.

My Lord and my God, Source of love and mercy to us all your sons, pour your forgiveness on us and give us Your protection.

Lord, You call me, here I am, tell me what You want me to do, I am all yours. You are the Master of our lives and one day we will have to give account of how we take care of it. But Lord, we fall, it is necessary the grace to understand this mystery. Your life in us is our life in Thee, to know better how to take care the life that is in us, but it is not ours, is yours. Give us light to understand.

I love Thee, adore Thee, I praise Thee, bless Thee, I glorify Thee and to Thee I surrender Thanks for your great glory in the Three Persons of the Trinity.

Little daughter, there is no mystery, you can understand, as you are living in sin, you are not free, because you are prisoners of disobedience to Me that I am God.

When you renounce sin you will be free, you will cause no more harm to the life that I gave. So that you will understand that you are in Me because I am always in you.

If you are sinners, you are not always in Me, as I am God I am always in you, I do not abandon you, because I do not sin, I have true love for you and gave you Salvation.

When you receive Salvation, you will understand everything you are not yet able to understand.

I take care of all for no one to lose the Salvation.

For this, I lighted on you, you that are My instruments, the Divine Light of the Holy Spirit so that you may be lights in the darkness, bringing clarity to many.

Is in the midst of this clarity that you will recover the lost time, starting a new time with more faith, more hope and making more charity. So you will have the certainty that you will overcome fear and to feel the true security in Me that I am your Savior.

My Lord and my God, Light that illuminates the world, always give us the clarity to get rid of the wiles that are hidden from our eyes to distract us. We want to get rid of them, but do not know where they are, only You can show us where they are, because You are our God.

Little daughter, trust in Me, nothing bad will happen to you, I am your Peace. Whoever believes in Me will have My protection, My help and I show him the dangers that threaten him.

In today's world, men are judged wise, do not accept Me as their God, they think I am old-fashioned, they are in front of Me, do not need Me more, they are able to live without Me. But this is the century of the fall of the 'Deadly Sins' man will straighten out once and for all.

No one can stop what is coming for the world. It will be like when the rain falls, no one can stop it or reduce it, but I can.

The world will correct itself, but must fall before its rebellion, disobedience, will fall in the blink of an eye, the man will understand that I am the Lord.

My Lord and my God, Thou are our God and we will all have to please Thee, we will deserve our purification even if have to go through so much suffering You will save us.

Little daughter, is little by little that you learn how to be happy.

Message of Jesus Christ on June 27, 2011 (Continued)

All happiness to you is given, every time your hearts are opened to Me I give Myself to you, I am God, I am who I am, I am happiness, I am peace, harmony, joy, then you must understand that I am the greatest wealth that exists. If your heart is open to Me, I filled it full.

My Lord and my God, Thou are infinitely good and loving. My heart is yours, but how many times I do not please You, because do not know how to be kind, loving and often commit mistakes on the day and ended up having a weight in my heart. My Lord I wonder, why I do not realize how to control my feelings and fail.

Little daughter, you are still a sinner; you were not purified and occasionally close your heart when something is bothering you. It is necessary to overcome this trial, who does not win is losing the merits rather than believing spiritually. You do not grow, do not evolve, you remain as a bit of standing water, because do not pour love, do not pour serenity.

I love you like a flowing river irrigating the land to reforest new families. You are the flowers I planted in the ground, you have to grow, produce flowers and fruit to be picked up by Me. You must bear all enemy attacks in silence as I did in front of My executioners during My Passion and Death.

You would not know if you do not learn with Me to be kind. Always look towards Me, I am Who suffered most, but I emerged victorious. I am the example of what is real, true and certain.

Anyone who wants to be Me is My enemy, he teaches you to live with hatred, anger, gossip and to commit the 'Deadly Sins' and others. I am the Love in your heart. When these things happen, it is because you are giving ear to evil counselor, he is My enemy, he only teaches you bad things, destructive things, things that hurt your spiritual enrichment.

Oh! My Jesus, my Lord and my God, forgive me, forgive us all, deliver us from this danger, take my life in your hands, it is all yours, let my heart be Your dwelling.

Let Saint Peter and Saint Paul feed my life to improve, they who received this mission of pasturing your flock.

I do not want to cause grief to thee, I know that you suffer for all us sinners.

Make of me my Lord, a bridge to Heaven, that I can fulfill my mission of bringing the world what You want me to bring, Your message. They were and are bridges to heaven, are examples of faithfulness to Thee, I need much help from them as well to deserve your blessing.

Little daughter, yes, Peter is the cornerstone of the Church on earth, he did everything he could to keep the sheep of his time on the road to Heaven and Paul also did it because they were both My apostles. Today, many are chosen but few are faithful as they were. I also continue to call more apostles to serve and they must accept My invitation and be faithful in their mission.

Little daughter, you did well to ask help to them, Peter and Paul, because you've been very concerned about how to balance your feelings right and they can give you help to discover the treasure you have in your heart.

My Lord and my God, Thou are an inexhaustible source of Council to lead to the Father, give me the humility to listen to your advice and straighten my life. I want to learn to correct my way of life. I also want to learn how to live for Thee, giving Thee joy with my actions. I know Lord, That joy comes from You, it is impossible to have anything good out of You, cause I just want everything to cultivate the joy You give me, to stay in You forever.

Give me strength to pull any weeds that comes every day in my heart to hurt, to cause harm. My joy is knowing that You dwell in my heart, you are talking to me and I hear as now.

You are my companion, my joy, my happiness, You are my life. You are, Lord, my best Food. How often loneliness arises in me, but suddenly I think of you and I am not alone, because You are the greatest companion, I no longer feel loneliness.

Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ on June 27, 2011 (Continued)

How wonderful is the Lord, to feel Your presence. This is the highest award one can win.

Thank you my Lord and my God, for giving me life and taught me to preserve it. Thanks for being my best friend, my faithful companion. You are my joy, always give me Lord, Your life, and so I will live in Thee.

Yes, little daughter, if you continue in Me, every last second of your decision for Me, you will not revolt because of suffering, I will give of My Body and My Blood for all eternity. But who decides for hell, will have no part with Me.

I am Love and who does not love Me will know the hell. There is a place reserved for those who did not want My Love, they are people who love life, did not repent to live in hatred and stepped on the Salvation. Those will not continue to live in Me because I no longer will live in them, they will be condemned to unhappiness forever.

My Lord and my God, Source of mercy deliver us from the fire of Hell, purify our lives and give us salvation.

I love Thee, adore Thee, I want to do this for all my life.

Little daughter, I love you with Everlasting Love, I will never leave you. I kept My promise, I am God. Be faithful in your 'yes', fulfill your mission regardless of whether or not someone believes in what you do fulfilling My Orders.

You love me because you receive this love from Me and valorize it, but those who do not love Me, do not do this because they do not value the love that goes from Me to them.

Love they have, but do not love themselves, or none. They are condemned to hell.

Now daughter, look at the vision that I give you this day, look at My Heart.

My Lord and my God, Holy Heart, infinitely Holy, now I see Your Sacred Heart out of Your Body wrapped in a flame of fire that does not burn. A Crown of thorns is in the middle of it and there, above the crown I see a cross. This time it is all light instead of wooden.

Little daughter, you are seeing two things that will happen in the world hereafter.

The crown signifies the suffering that you will have to go from here on in front of the light that will be seen in the Heaven by all. You will receive special graces, be attentive.

Now continue writing what I will show you.

My Lord and my God, Sacred Heart, full of love and forgiveness for us. Now I see Your Heart opened and within it a great destruction on our planet.

My God! Bombs and more bombs, war. The ground is full of bodies, black birds descend on them. What horror!

I feel a strong bad odor. There is no one near, I see that everybody is dead. What horror!

Now this vision fades. I see a green field, I see now pure and crystalline waters. Now I see people with beautiful clothes, transmitting light, are coming happy and sing praises to our God who waits for them, but I cannot see Him, only perceive that they are looking, all to a place that enchants. Now this vision was withdrawn. I see Thy Sacred Heart to close, returning to normal and into Your Body. Nothing is more exposed. I see Your white robe.

Thank you Jesus for the strength you gave me for this view. I think if You were not with me, I would not survive it.

Little daughter, all you saw will happen in a short time. In the last part you saw the 'Promised Land', to there will go all those who await Salvation. But first you will have to overcome the final trials, war, disease, famine, riots of nature against human offenses. You have to conquer sin and receive the inheritance that My Father reserved for you.

My Lord and my God, Sacred Heart of Jesus, you who are the tabernacle that holds the love of the Father, kindle in us the fire of the Holy Spirit saving us. Forgive us our sins and give us light, give us salvation.

Message IV of Our Lord Jesus Christ on June 27, 2011 (Continued)

Daughter, I am your Salvation, I am in you.

Now do your prayer for the agonizing in this end time.

My Lord and my God, Your Will be done. Give me light before, with this prayer, we reach peace for all the dying before death. Stay with us, Thou are Peace.

Daughter, I give you everything you ask of Me at this time.

I am the Light that dwells in your heart and in all those who believe in Me. I do not force anyone to believe, but I give more knowledge to those who believe.

Make the prayer with your heart and soul and your spirit elevated to Heaven.

Thank you Jesus, I am all yours. You are everything to me, I love Thee and adore Thee for all my life. Lord Hear my prayer.


"My Lord and my God, Blessed are You Who that born in the middle of us sinners to give us Salvation.

At this time we are all dying, nearby is the time to leave this world of sin and to pass through the curtain of Eternity. We beseech Thee, look at us and see our weaknesses, our mistakes, our sins, our sicknesses, our hunger, our thirst, our total loss of all that we have, Forgive us.

Who are we to say that we are well, that we deserve Heaven, that we value your love for us? You know we do not do anything right, but here we beg Your forgiveness and hope to enter the 'Promised Land'. Let your goodness to be poured upon us, so we can be accepted by Thee with our repentance.

We have only one life, we cannot start all over again to do the right thing, but we hope Your goodness, Your power transforms our shortcomings forgiving and giving us the right to enter eternity.

Deliver us from entering the bitterness of hell.

Look at us and see, this is the time of our passage from this world of sin to the world of holiness. Make us saints with Your Forgiveness and with Your Goodness of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen."

(1 Creed, 1 Our ​​Father, 1 Hail Mary and 1 Glory Be.) Amen, Jesus.

Daughter, I like your prayer. Now pray always that all repent and ask forgiveness before it is too late.

The day of the Final Judgment is close enough and you, on that day will remain knowing where you will abide.

Now I want you to prophesy to Jerusalem, My Church, My people, these people that are all humanity and that I want to save.

Yes, my Lord and my God, You called me to serve as a prophet of the end of time for the sin of the world. Nothing can stop me to serve Thee. Do with me according to Your will, I prophesy.

Daughter, I like your 'yes'' I cover you with My Love do My Will and you will be blessed in Heaven. Do not be afraid of anyone.

My order is to be obeyed by all.

Thanks my Lord and my God, I am all Yours.


“Jerusalem, Jerusalem, here is one more prophecy for you.

Get up, stand up and listen with an open heart. Plant in it what I talk to you, for not to say tomorrow that I did not warn before punish you for your transgressions.

This is the day that I give you to meditate on the hour of your agony.

You are already agonizing and you know that there is a Heaven, Purgatory and Hell.

In every day of your life I give you lessons about good and evil. You are free to decide which way you want for your life.

Message V of Our Lord Jesus Christ on June 27, 2011 (Continued)

But I warn you, the punishment will fall upon all evil and only those who do not practice evil will be out of it.

It is decision time, of reparation, is time of conversion. If you want Heaven, repair your errors, repent of your sins and come back to Me.

The evil compromises the soul and lead it to the danger of hell.

I am warning you Jerusalem, the moment arrived for your final decision. I am going to spill the cup of bitterness on the earth, suffering, war, disease worse than those you know, hunger, cold and heat. Then you will remember that you despise the time I gave you to ease your suffering, spend it on useless. You wonder why the Blessed Mary came into the world at this time to help you. You will remember that you made fun of Her and did not welcome Her in love and gratitude. You chose to be punished, but Jerusalem, once again I am warning you, who despise My Mother despises Me too, because I am Her Son. I do not allow contempt for Her.

Know Jerusalem, you mock today but you will cry tomorrow, have no doubt. The morning of which I speak is at hand to correct you.

Surrender your freedoms; it is time for your final decision. I forgive who asks Me with true repentance. Only with true repentance you will have peace.

I advise you, it is better ask Me for forgiveness. I forgive who asks Me with true repentance. Only with true repentance you will have peace.

It is necessary to repair the sins now because Purgatory is not eternal, it will expire when I return to the world.

Only, there will be two places to decide where you want to go to, Heaven or Hell.

I am giving you time, My Church, My people, but it will run out and then comes the day of 'Final Judgment'. On that day I will call you from the grave as I called Lazarus and you will receive your verdict. Do not forget I want to give you happiness, true joy, time is short.

You Jerusalem, are My Church, My people, I want to purify you for your wedding garment.

And you will shine after being glorified through Me. You will always be Mine and I am your God, your Salvation.

Come My beloved and see what I want to give you. Come My beloved to My Arms and you will never have stain of sin on you. "

Daughter, now go and take the world this notice it is late and then comes the night, and the world is about to go through the darkness ahead.

Yes my Lord and my God, Source of Mercy for us, have mercy on us, do not look our sins, look at us, we are only creatures and we need Your forgiveness. Forgive us.

Little daughter, trust in My power to save you, and to all of you will be given by the humility of your heart.
I bless you and bless you all.

I am God. I am who I am.
I am Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

The human disobedience hurt the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The punishment will be complete as there is no way to avoid it, since most mocked the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, who came to bring the warnings from Heaven.