Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

February 23, 2012


February 23, 2012

Jesus called me into my heart and I attended with great joy. He said:

Come to Me wheat flower, I am God, I am who I am. My daughter, come and fulfill your mission, do not stay thoughtful, you are My instrument for the end time for conversion of all peoples.

Come My daughter, I want to make you happy, who serves Me is happy.

I offered happiness for everyone, but few accepted. Those who accept are striving to do what I do. I just love, it is difficult for humans only love, she (humanity) slips because of the Seven Deadly sins. But you must love, must serve.

I am the Good Boss, I treat My servants with true justice, give them a fair wage, and I thank them.

Daughter you know, today I will speak shortly, is only for those who hear Me. Does not love Me the one who does not listen to Me.

I am the one who quenches the soul that is thirsty for love, justice, and peace. My Word is Food, is Salvation.

And to spread My Word is why I call My servants, it is time to plant, care for plant and prepare for harvest.

My planting is not vegetable, is planting of human life, if it does not receive My Light, My Word, it will be dried and burned in hell. I am God, I plant lives and take care of them, you, all you must record this in your hearts to live, you need Me, I am the Living Water flowing from the Heart of My Father for you may have life in Me.

Trust that My love keeps you up and not be afraid of anything.

The day of your purification approaches, get ready. It was to give knowledge of this day when I called to My servants, they sow My Love in all the earth. You think that My servants are just talking about disasters, suffering, because your hearts are not familiarized with the love that I planted in them, if you had your thoughts for Me, would know that My Warnings are to show you that you have special value.

If you are not warned of any disaster, you would think that your life would end up with what's happening. But I warn to prepare yourselves for your life continues after the catastrophe and if you do not have love for them and not love for Me, you will continue living in the fire of Hell, will not be with Me in Heaven. If I would take away the lives of those who fall into Hell, what sense would have, for they would not feel the punishment.

For this I have flooded the world of warnings that all may learn how to live in Me forever.

My servants are planting hope, let fall into your heart this seed for not losing your inheritance, the happiness I want to give.

My Lord and my God, I am all Yours, You called me, here I am, make me a servant of Your Love.

I ask the forgiveness of my sins, forgive me Lord, give me one more chance. I'm not ready for the day of the Purification, I still feel fear. There are times I think I have no hope as it is necessary to win, because I cannot overcome the difficulties in my life. Help me Lord.

I love You, adore You, I praise You, bless You, glorify You, I pay thanks to Thee by Thy great glory to the Three Persons of the Trinity.

Daughter, trust Me, I'll help you every second of your life, stand up, not fall, come, you are safe in My Hands.

Prophesy to Jerusalem My Church, My people.

My Lord and my God, I will prophesy according to Your Will. I just ask forgiveness again of my sins, the sins of my country and the sins of the world.

I am all yours, do with me what is Your Will at this time.

The Prophecy:

"Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you have one more prophecy for you. Rise and remain standing, hear my voice I am your God and you need Me much more than you can imagine.

I give you the Grace you need most, your Salvation.

You know that if you despise My Word, is it Me you despise and so you harm your life.

Do not offend Me more Jerusalem, nothing will improve for you, because your conscience will put you in great conflict with yourself.

I gave you so many opportunities and you have despised them, because of your pride you are turning into a slave of sin and you've consumed above the time remaining on your earth, this earth where sin came in to ruin your humility.

If you do not return, your days will be worse for you.

Beware for not entering on the path to the abyss.

Wake up Jerusalem, look well at My Face, My Suffering in It and react, you could not endure suffering like Mine. I suffered because of the sins of the world, but you do not want to understand this because you only load the weight of your conscience, your sins. You know that your sins were also on My Shoulder, value My Love for you and sin no more.

I am your God and you need to repent of your sins, ask Me for forgiveness and repair them before the coming of the Divine Holy Spirit to purify the world.

Get ready, this is the last chance you have, go back to Me before He comes to purify you.

Remember that you are My Church, My people, it is you Jerusalem who will wear garments of Light, Light that comes out of Me to enlighten you. I love you, you are My Wife. Dress yourself with glory, so that you will not be attacked by the forces of Hell. I am your God and I give you all the Happiness. I give the instruction for you to prepare yourselves now for the day of the Purification.

It is almost time for your liberation.

I love you with Eternal Love. "

Daughter, now take to the world what I revealed today, I want My whole Church to strengthen the faith, hope. It is coming, pretty soon, the time of purification.

Do not worry about time, but with your heart that is full of disobedience, woe to them if they continue like this, wherever you are in that day, you will see that I am the Lord and like the pure heart. Keep them clean all of you.

My Lord and my God, clean us to receive You again. Give us some of this Water that sanctifies our hearts and gives us the right to receive Salvation.

Daughter, it will come down from Heaven the Water that will purify you, the Divine Holy Spirit. The Sacred Fire will make you to enter the Promised Land, Paradise.

Now I bless you and bless you all.

I am God, I am who I am
I am Jesus Christ the Savior of the world
I am the Lord of all those who live My Word.