Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

February 28. 2012

Message from the Divine Holy Spirit

February 28, 2012

            The Light of God descended upon me and I heard His voice. He told me:

            Daughter, come and listen to My Voice. I am God, I am the Light of the world.

            I call you because you are My instrument, I want you to take to the world what I reveal, this is My Will, that the world knows what is necessary to do before it's too late for it. Prophesy daughter, I gave this mission for you to work in building a more fraternal world.

            I enlighten you, give you the knowledge of prophecy for you to know what I want you to do. Fulfill your mission without hesitation for you to have a firm hope of achieving the merits that descend from Heaven to those who have.

            Being firm in your faith, you will have the certainty and not the uncertainty that you are in the correct way, a prophet is not a prophet because he wants to be, but because he was created to be, from the womb of his mother is a prophet. He exists to serve Me at the right time.

            Does not advance a creature wanting to judge what I create and what I have created, I am God, only I give each creature its mission.

            The day of judgment is near, I warn you, every creature will be before Me So do not judge what I do, you are not My judges, stop tormenting the prophets, just listen to them, I have sent them for ye have need to know what time you are living, to prepare yourselves in advance. Do good and not evil. I see everything, I am the Light that is not quenched. Nothing is hidden before Me.

            There's no hiding from nobody. So daughter, do not be afraid, reveal what I command you and do not worry how many are listening to you. When nobody wants to hear you, speak to the nature, she listens and obeys everything I say because nature is wise, no sin, only human nature has no fear of Me, commits rebelliousness. Therefore talk to the plants, water, earth, air, if man does not hear you. What matters is that you do what I command you.

            The man sins for he challenges Me. But the time has come, I will purify humanity, I will mark what fruit is good and what is not, for when the time comes for the harvest so I will have what to harvest.

            My Lord and my God, Light of the world, Light that illuminates my life, You have called me, I am here to serve Thee.

            Only I beg forgiveness for my sins, that You have mercy on me. Lord forgive all people and give us Your Peace, Stay with us, we are Your sinners children.

            I love Thee, adore Thee, praise Thee, bless Thee, I glorify Thee, to Thee I surrender, Thanks for Your great Glory in the Three Persons of the Trinity.

            Daughter, I always forgive to whom asks forgiveness, trust in Me. You know that I love you, you should always take care of your life, it is a treasure that I gave you.

            My Lord and my God, inexhaustible source of love for us, thank You my Lord, for Your compassion for all us sinners. Enlighten me so that I can fulfill your command.

            Daughter, I want you to prophesy to Jerusalem, My Church, My people. The time is approaching.

            My Lord and my God, I'm all yours, I will prophesy. Come, descend on us all, Your children. I prophesy in obedience to You. Give us understanding and wisdom to understand the prophecy.

The Prophecy:

            "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, here is another prophecy for you, stand up and listen. Plant it within your heart to increase in your conversion.

            Today I speak to you about the darkness, hear My voice Jerusalem, I am your God and do not give up on you.

            Every time you're distracted or asleep I call you, I warn you, because you're in danger, you know you need of Me. Do not make yourself a deaf ear because if you do so, will be worse for you.

            Do not try hiding from Me any longer, for not to hear Me.

            I will defeat your disobedience, since you not even tried to detach from them, you know that I am your God and you will fear the great punishment that is coming.

            You'll be devastated, desolated and lonely, and will call Me. Your call will be strong, because thou hast made the deaf. Mocked of all the prophets, mistreated them and now you will have to ask for help from them. You are in the darkness of sin and now very soon you will enter into a worse darkness, the great punishment for those who defy Me.

            During the darkness in your flesh you will feel in your soul the result of your disobedience to Me. And thou shalt remember that I am the forgiveness and you'll have to call Me to forgive you. But during the punishment, you will not have My help, punishment is punishment, is to correct who is searching the road to perdition. You will have to overcome the trials that I will give you.

            But, I am your God, I am warning you, there is still time to improve, to repair the faults and return to Me.

            I want you to think, think it over and meditate, and think about how to improve your merits, pray and walk with heads high.

            It is still time for reparation. But then thou shalt see what it comes.

            Listen Jerusalem, thou art My Church, My people, you will be in darkness but if humble yourself now, you will conquer.

            I am your God and you are Mine, I'll look for you because I love you. You will be purified and sanctified if you continue faithful to Me and I will glorify you, and you will be no longer far away from Me. I will give you My Light forever."

            Daughter, now go and tell the world what I, your God, revealed. Do not worry about the reaction of many. Soon they will have the proof, the darkness.

            My Lord and my God, thank You for loving us so much.

            We trust in Your Goodness, we will also overcome the darkness.

            Daughter, I bless you and I bless you all.

I am the Light of the world

I am God - I am what I am

I am the Holy Spirit.