Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

November 27, 2012

Message of the Divine Holy Spirit
November 27, 2012

            The Light of God came upon me and I heard His voice. He told me:

            Daughter, come, listen to the Voice that calls you. I am God, I am the Light of the world, the Light that penetrates your whole being, to give you life and spiritual knowledge. Listen carefully to what I speak and communicate it to the world today.

            I'm preparing you for a very special moment as I prepared and am preparing all the prophets before and now.

            You know that you gave Me your life for the Salvation of the world, Salvation of souls that are far from Me.

            All you endure for them, you will be well rewarded.

            The time is coming when you have to beat the strongest assaults upon thee from My enemy, but persevere in thy love for Me, you will win, you will leave victorious. Brace yourself, now is close the time for the whole world should have to endure to be saved.

            Today I want to tell the world this little message. It is small but it is deep, it is a warning, only to take it seriously those who have faith and who does not have it, will stay only knowing, but will continue in the coldness, indifference.

            What must be, will be, so everyone want so be it.

            But, I am God, I govern the whole universe. Nobody has the strength to compete with Me, that the humanity prepare, there is no longer time for the man to play with the life I gave him. This is the last for the repair of your sins.

            Who wants to continue living under My Light, correct their sins, I will blow on the earth the time of the earthquakes. Will be many earthquakes, the convenience of man will end and many will be dead everywhere.

            Who would not strengthen now, will lose the strength that already have and will not get another unless they convert. Especially those who expect to happen to see if it's true or not. They will suffer more, much more than those who are already preparing.

            My Lord and my God, the Holy Spirit, enkindle in us Your merciful Light, warm our hearts, grant that all people look for You and seek the forgiveness of sins.

            Lord, I am nothing, I am only mud in Your Hands, You called but here I am and I beg forgiveness of my sins, I beg forgiveness for all of us sinners of the world. Come on all sinners and to help us, give us strength for us to repair our sins.

            Do Lord, that everybody listen and live all the warnings that Ye are giving us. Assist us with Thy Forgiveness.

            I love Thee, adore Thee, I praise Thee, I bless Thee, I glorify Thee. I surrender to Thee, and give thanks for Your immense Glory in the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity.

            Daughter, you are happy because you have woke and sought to take seriously what happened to you, so you offered your life to Me and your brothers. You know you're still in the same battle, thou shalt thank Me because are still living on earth, being alive can repair your faults, thereby diminishing your feathers before your passage from this life to the next. On earth you can repair even easier, because you are learning, you can still pray for yourselves.

            In Purgatory is not so, souls are only dependent on prayer. They cannot pray for themselves, only for those who are still on earth. So they are there for long time before coming of time to deserve enter in Heaven.

            My Lord and my God, Light of the world descend upon us and fill us with your Spirit so that we are good, worthy to receive Thy, help to get out of that darkness which is sin.

            Teach us to overcome temptations, they often present themselves before us in the guise of good things, but they are just bad thing.

            Show us Lord, the traps for we not to fall over them. Lord to help us.

            Daughter, I give strength to each one every day, for you to take it ahead on your decision for the renunciation of sin, but few are taking care of the soul. You daughter, you are attentive, but careful not to stumble on the rocks.

            Thou art faithful in your offer, seeking everyday strength in Me. Abandon yourself increasingly in My Hands. You know I love you so much, you know that love is eternal, you cannot even measure the love I have for you.

            My Lord and my God, light that illuminates the entire universe, enkindle in us this infinite Love, sow in our hearts the Wisdom, the Gifts that come from You, to find solutions to problems that arise suddenly in front of us.

            In Your Hands is my life, that I screwed it so much and I ask You now to take care of it for me, so I will not miss it. Give me Lord, another opportunity for me to learn to take better care of my life. I know I have not quality better than anyone, to offer my life to save anyone. But I'm sure that giving it to you, You will do with my life an instrument of salvation for the world.

            Make me a fire burning weed that grows in the earth that is drowning all mankind. Lights on me Your Love and do with me whatever is Your Will. Lord give me strength and courage to be a Your servant.

            Daughter, you are happy because want to serve Me, you know very well that are not capable of anything without My help, but offer it to Me as you are, trust that I will make of thee what I want to do. I make you a ray of My Light and for the world take the Warnings of Heaven. When someone pays attention, this one can be happy because have the opportunity to stop, think and improve his behavior.

            If everyone offered to serve Me, the world would soon have many improvements. The good worker receives good salary.

            People do not want to offer Me as an instrument because they are ashamed of being criticized, do not trust Me, and every day more are worsening their situation.

            The one who offers, learns more, because have to know what is doing, to learn well after, he knows where to take My Warning, whom I wish to be taken. Who does not listen to what I say, cannot say that I have not spoken and who listened when I told to clean the heart, cleanse it first for then to advise the other to clean his. So all I speak have to first enter in the heart of a servant after to tell the other what I said.

            If all were My servants, everyone would know just what need to do. It is only the servant who offers to be. I do not oblige anyone to serve Me.

            My Lord and my God, thank you Holy Spirit. Really learned a lot, now I can put into practice all that I hear from you, because before being your servant, I am a sinner like everyone and I have to correct my mistakes as much as everyone. I know if I do not offer myself, it would take long and could have not an improvement in my life, nor know anyone who does not convert for love will be converted only with pain. Thank God, I know that the pain comes for me too, but Your mercy extends to those who hear Your Voice.

            Daughter, who convert for love is not free of pain but receive the Grace to endure it and not despair. You will suffer more than you can imagine, but I'll give you strength to overcome. You know that you are not capable of anything without My help and I do not deny anything to anyone who asks Me for help. The first thing a good servant has to do is ask My help and you have asked Me many times.

            Now say a prayer for the souls of all sinners.

            My Lord and my God, Light of the world, enlighten me to know how to please Thee and pray for our souls.


            "Holy Spirit, who is Love and Light that illuminates our thoughts, our hearts and save our souls. Enkindle in me the desire to pray for the good of all sinners without separate for whatever reason.

            Holy Spirit, have mercy on our souls, they suffer for our sins, they are prisoners, are reliant on your Grace to enter in Heaven. Give us Thy forgiveness, deliver this darkness in which our souls are for our own faults. I wish them to fly to You, but we are still holding to the ground because we do not take care of our hearts, we must look first to Your help to deserve Heaven after.

            Come Lord and heal us, take us to Heaven. Come Lord, with Your Fire that sanctifies and sanctify us, give us the merit of happiness by Your forgiveness to enter into the Promised Land. Look for us that we are delayed, in danger of not being able to win the Salvation.

            We know well that do not deserve, but we dare to ask Thee not to look for our sins, but forgive us and give us back the happiness that we lost because we did not know to thank the life that You gave us.

            Your Love is infinitely Powerful, come upon us and help us.

            Let us not fall into the fire of Hell. Save us.

            We adore you, You are our Light, our Life, our Happiness. "

(1 Creed, 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary, 1 Glory.)

            Daughter, thy prayer pleased Me, those who are waiting for Me I will give them My Protection. Be steadfast in your offer to be servant and pray for everyone with equality.

            Now prophesy to Jerusalem My Church, My people.

            Prepare, messages are coming to an end. Soon you will live only reminding them and striving to not forget this time of Mercy upon you.

            My Lord and my God, Fountain pouring over the world, the Heat that fertilizes the heart of man, for he to live forever. I am here to do Your Will.

            Help us Lord, to accept the prophecies with love.

            I prophesy, pour about me the understanding and a lot of Light.

The Prophecy:

            "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, here is another prophecy for you, lifts, stands, listen and plant within your heart before the last day comes upon you. The Judgment Day.

            The prophecy I give you is more valuable than any jewel, because is Living Word, is something that happens for you to know that you have one God and He warns you everything that will happen.

            A God who is I, I do not punish anyone without deserves to be punished. I'll blow over the world the time of purification, I give you My protection to straighten your steps and not to fall in past traps. I will cover thee with My light, like a dome on around you, to protect your soul, for not waver, the danger now is faltering. When you hesitate you will weaken.

            I'll get those who do not wanted to convert.

            Thou art My people, only those who convert will continue being My people. Among these people there is a part that is in danger of revolt against Me that I am God, because do not believe in Me, doubt about My Power.

            While I give them time to meditate, think and decide whether believe or not, they still have My Protection. But the last day is near when the time that I gave them ends, they must have already decided where they want to go. Then there will be only for them the condemnation.

            Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou art My Church, part of humanity, is the part who will enter Paradise.

            Trust in My Love for you and follow My Light, when you get to the level that I want, I will clothe thee with glory and thou shalt no more stay away from Me.

            Thou art My beloved, will live with Me forever.

            I love you with Eternal Love. "

            Daughter, go and announce to the world what I told you today and do not fear persecution. The pursuer never won anything, on the contrary, is already defeated.

            I love you, protect you, no one can stop you from fulfilling what I command you.

            Thank you my Lord and my God, I'm all yours, I do Your Will, even if they want to kill me.

            Holy Spirit, Come, descend over the world and cleanse us to deserve sanctification of our souls. We're not ready, help us.

            Daughter, I take care of what is Mine, I will give all the support and protection.

            Now I bless you and bless you all.

I am God, I am what I am

I am the Holy Spirit

I am the Light of the world.