Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

April 26, 2013

Message from the Divine Holy Spirit

April 26, 2013

The Light of God descended upon me and I Heard His Voice. He tells me:

Daughter, listen to My Voice, I am your God, I am the Light of the world, I want you to be a beam of My Light taking to all people My Message of warning for them. 

I want that everybody knows that is near My descend to the world. On that day, nobody will be out of My reach and I will show to everyone the moments in which they did not value the life received from Heaven. 

I am God, I am who transform what I want to transform. I am the Comforter, I comfort those who suffer and give them the right to happiness. But, those who lost the right to happiness, these will receive the eternal condemnation. 

When you tell to everybody what I am commanding you to, it will be very near, and then who did not want to listen, will not pay attention and then will stay accommodated as if nothing was happening and they will suffer more than all who opened their hearts to welcome Me. 

But, you should not desist of your mission, you should continue firm until the last time. 

When the world perceives what was said, the hour will be late and can’t do nothing more. 

Tell to the world that it is already submerged in darkness, needs from Me to stand up, and the worst darkness is the sin. 

Everybody needs to be aware of this and bend the knees and ask for help to the Holy Trinity. 

My Lord and my God, help us to get us out of this loneliness, You are the Light of the world, You are the Absolute Power, have mercy on us all sinners and forgive our sins. Give us Lord Your Seven Gifts to help us. We are Your people and want to drink of Your Mercy. I love Thee, adore Thee, praise Thee, bless Thee, glorify Thee. I give thanks for Your immense Glory in the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity. 

Daughter, I am attentive to your behavior, those who have gratitude are strengthening. Those ungrateful are drawing every day more My Love for them, they are with the hearts full of malefic miseries which cause their indifference to My Authority upon them. But, I will show to the world that is totally wrong. Everybody will understand that depends on My Light to take steps asking help for their lives.
The world will scream asking: “Where is God?” I will answer: “I am here in the same place.” Because I am God, you did not want to see Me, to listen to Me. Now you are in a time of darkness, time of hate, of vengeance, of selfishness, of indifference and of illusion. Throw from the front of your eyes that black band which impede you to look the Water from the Fountain of Life, and you are drying, you are thirsty of love, because are disobedient. 

My Lord and my God, You are the Fountain of Life, give us to drink from this Water, because we need to satiate our thirst, pour upon us Your forgiveness. Forgive us Lord and give us Wisdom to live in Your Peace, forgiveness and mercy for all us sinners. Divine Holy Spirit, forgive us and give us Peace. 

Daughter, there is not advance for the world wanting to be forgotten without humiliation, to be repented and not asking to Me the forgiveness of sins committed. So they will not be happy. 

Is already approaching the hour for each one to feel that need to open the heart and recognize that is wrong. Is very close. When that day arrives, many will fall in the ground repented for not listening to Me nor given to Me the attention. They will lament for the time that passed and will never return. They cannot feel anymore the same happiness that will feel those ready to be present in front of Me. 

For the converted in that time I gave for conversion, that day for them, will be a day of joy and feast, but for those who defied Me idolizing the sin, not renouncing to it, despising My Existence, that day will be like the day of Sodom and Gomorrah, it will be so. 

My Lord and my God, I do not know if yet I can do a request, but I take the risk. I believe You are Merciful and give us a little more time, but I know that we can hesitate, that is why I ask my Lord, illuminate us, give us Your Seven Gifts for us to prepare much better. We will improve and receive You on that day that You will come upon us visibly. Be that day for us a feast, not a punishment. That Your Love pours upon us purifying us and sanctifying our souls. 

You will baptize us with Your Sacred Fire and we thank You already. Sanctify our lives, to deserve to live eternally, for not to lose the Salvation. 

Daughter, all that the mankind needs is to be obedient to Me that I am God, I am part of the Holy Trinity, everybody must obey Me and renounce to sin, have faith and keep in the heart the Teachings received from Heaven. 

The mankind, in most part, trample on the offering that receives and now for more effort they do, cannot prevent the sufferings that drew with her rebellion. You have chosen to undergo through many suffering because thought that it would be better than obeying to Me. 

Who did not want to humiliate and listen to Me, now will suffer bitterly. Time like the one is coming never has passed, because this is the time in which the human disobedience will end, will bring back to Me those who have distanced from Me. 

Who does not convert will go to Hell.

My Lord and my God, Light that never goes out, deliver us from the fire of Hell, descend upon us the Flame of Your Love, make us like You. 

Glorify us, You that are the Eternal Light, give us a new heart, make us saints to remain always in You. Warm us Divine Holy Spirit, You that are the Distributor of the Grace that sanctify everything that comes from You. 

Little daughter, I am your God and I am always giving the clarity for you may take a right decision related to the future of your souls, this is yet a time to decide, but when it closes, will come a time to see with your own eyes what you chose.  
How good it would be if everybody did the right choice, but many choose the ruin and they will really have it. 

Happy are those who decided for the Eternal Life. I will give them the true Happiness. 

Daughter, do now your prayer for those who are yet with hard hearts and distanced from Me. 

My Lord and my God, Divine Holy Spirit, Light that illuminates our hearts, our spirit and our soul, come upon me, so my prayer be pleasant for You. 


“Divine Holy Spirit, Lord God of the Universe, You created with Your Love all that can exist and extended on us the human being Your Divine Grace (the Love), pour upon us Your Seven Gifts, so we can serve You faithfully.  

Fertilize in our hearts this faithful and true Love. 

Give us wisdom, charity and make us more fraternal so we know to live in equality, without selfishness, without pride, without vanity, without any feeling of superiority. Make us simples and humbles, that we are able to keep our hearts clean to receive You every day of our lives, accepting Your Will. 

Lord, illuminate us, for not to err from the Way that leads us to Heaven, Jesus Christ our Savior. 

Burn the sin of the world, let us not to fall into Hell. You know that the sin, is the cause of our ruin, come Divine Holy Spirit, come with Your Sacred Fire and burn it.
We are weak, without courage, come Lord and heal us.

You that are the Light of the world and that in our eyes You have placed from this Light, for us to see the good and the bad, hold us firm in Your Will to win. Come Lord and straighten us each day more. We are sons, we are not sons of darkness, give us Lord each day more from this Light for not to lose the right of the Life You have given us.
We adore and bless the Divine Holy Spirit.” 

 (1 Creed, 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary and 1 Glory)

Little daughter, your prayer pleases Me, be perseverant until the end of your time on earth, you are in the final time, you all, but be aware that only those converted will be happy eternally. Who does not convert will go to Hell.  

My Lord and my God, make of our hearts temples to receive You, pour upon us Your Grace, do not let no soul be lost and fall into Hell. 

Your Grace is Your Light, Light of understanding, of total clarity, Light that never goes out. Only You are above all things because You are God. Thanks for Your Love for us.

Little daughter, now prophesy to Jerusalem, My Church, My people. 

My Lord and my God, I am all Yours, here I am to do Your Will. Illuminate me to understand the prophecy You have given us, we all sinners need to understand the Warnings You give us. I will prophesy. 

The Prophecy:

“Jerusalem, Jerusalem, listen to My Voice, here you have one more prophecy for you, stand up and open your heart.
Is coming the hour that I have warned you so much, after it, you will be decided already for the obedience to Me, therefore, stay stand up with an open heart. Keep inside it what I have tell you today, for not stumble on the rocks that are on the ground where you step. Keep watching for not to fall in the dark abyss.  

Listen Jerusalem, I made of you My Church, My people, this people will have to understand that is a pilgrim on this earth, where I have placed them for their growth in love and that receive the Light of My Light. 

These people are My Church, human Church founded with the power of My Word. I want that this Church be pure, Holy, faithful to Me for all the Eternity. 

My Will is the one that prevails, therefore, this people that do not know Me today, defy Me, will be corrected by Me that I am God and will become obedient, will be aware that is a creature and that I am your God. 

I am Light of the world and give to all from this Light, to remain in Me for all the eternity. 

Listen Jerusalem, you are this Church, this people and I am your God, I lead you giving My Light for your triumph. I am always above you. I am the Light of the world and give you from this Light for you not to fall into the depths of Hell.

 Convert Jerusalem, stand up, you cannot continue sleeping as you are, I will purify you very soon. You will see sufferings much stronger, water, fire, earthquakes, famine, illnesses, windstorms, devastation, much danger, but if you remain with Me, you will survive and will stand up for our wedding to happen after your true yes. 

You will be more beautiful that all brides that prepare for the wedding. Because you are the Church that will prevail for all the Eternity. You will shine with the Light that I give you, Glorious Light and I yet will give you a place of honor because I love you with Eternal Love. 

Daughter, now go and transmit to the world My Will.
Do not fear anything, because you are covered with My Light. 

The one who persecute you, will have to recognize that erred and will repair it because you are at My service, I am your God, I give you My protection. You are at My service, you are under My protection.

My Lord and my God, I will do Your Will, I am just Your servant, You are my God. 

Daughter, now I bless you and bless you all.

I am God, I am what I am, I am the Divine Holy Spirit

I am Light of the world. I am Peace.