Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

February 20, 2013 - Message Released on July 2013

Message from the Holy Spirit
February 20, 2013

The Light of God descended upon me and I heard His Voice. He tells me:

Daughter, listen to My Voice. I am your God and you are Mine, I made from you and instrument to deliver to the world the instructions I give them. You are prophet of this time along with others I called. 

Do My Will and you will be rewarded in Heaven.

Reveal to the world what I say in this message. 

Do not mind if you are accepted by the world or not, do your part and I will protect you.

I am knowledgeable of all that exists, I want that you tell to the world that this is the hour when I will purify it. I am yet offering help to who wants to recover and stand in front of Me that I am God. It will be a day of Divine Justice. Yet, it is time to overcome the spiritual war, overcome the temptations and not waver. 

It will be difficult for you, but I will give you strength, if you convert, will overcome. This war is worse than a body war, because it leads the man to despair by cause of the weight of conscience, it hurts the soul and a wound of the soul is worse than the one of the flesh. 

That is why I am warning the world to take care of the soul before the day of the first Judgment. 

Those who believe in Me, I fertilize in their sufferings hearts, the hope and trust in My Power to Save them. It is necessary to believe and to convert, repent of sins and ask forgiveness before is too late.  

Late repentance worth anything. 

There is coming a big battle, who does not seek strength, will fall and will not find any more to stand up in front of Me that I am God. 

You are in the beginning of a new year, get straight. You do not know what you have to endure, clean your hearts. 

Trust in the Love I have for you.           

My Lord and my God, Divine Holy Spirit, descend upon us and give us wisdom to wake up to reality. 

Save all us sinners, this is the request we all sinners make You. 

Forgive me Lord, I ask You forgiveness of all my sins and forgiveness for all sinners in the world. 

I know You are the Distributor of Gifts for us to grow spiritually, descend upon us and purify our souls, sanctify us. I love Thee, I adore Thee, I praise Thee, I bless Thee, I glorify Thee. I give thanks for Your immense Glory in the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity. 

Little daughter, I am who warms your hearts, in every moment I comfort you and say to you: wait the hour in which you will see the improvement coming, the Peace for your lives

I give you the constant assistance, I give you My Love. 

Who does not value My help, will not endure the sufferings that come within little time. These are who idolize the sin, the suffering to them will be peerless, it will be the despair. 

See daughter, how the world does not know Me. 

My Lord and My God, have mercy on us sinners. You know that we are very weak. 

I thank You for you have called me to serve You. I am all Your, although I am not how You would like to, because I am a sinner daughter, but I am making the effort every day more to please You, with Your help. 

How good it would be if I could make of my heart a little place to please You. 

But, I am learning, one day it will be ready for Your waiting. Help me Divine Light, descend to my soul for the arrival of the Eternal Happiness.  

Little daughter, if I would not illuminate your heart, you would not be able to see Me, you would not know Me, would not know how to talk with Me. You would not know that you have a beautiful mission to fulfill. 

The man only can understand My Presence with the soul and with the heart. It is necessary to believe in Me, believe in what I do, I illuminate the one who wants to be illuminated. 

You opened your heart to Me and I chose you. 

When the man humbles himself in front of Me, he receives special Graces. You received the Grace to hear My Voice and to take to your brothers My Advices. 

My Lord and my God, You that are the Strength that rules the entire universe, come to all us sinners and give us Your Seven Gifts, for us to grow spiritually and to see the tramples that the enemy prepares in our feet. I know that for You nothing is hidden. For us is not so, we have difficulty to see invisible things. Help us Lord, You that are Light that never quenched. Show what can harm us.   

Little daughter, you have much to repair of your sins while are alive, because the time is passing and you are not perceiving, you are leaving for the end, but you do not know when will be the final hour of your journey on earth. It can be at every moment. You are not worry with your souls, you have them in abandonment.  A painful future awaits you if you continue away from Me. Repent of your sins, repair your errors and make an effort asking to Me the forgiveness. Your souls are in danger.  

My Lord and My God, Fountain of Sacred Energy, come to straighten us in the hope, in the humility, and charity, there is no love greater than Yours, help us. I know we will go through the fire, to be purified, we will suffer much. Give us Wisdom to correct our errors. Help us Lord. 

Little daughter, trust in Me and you will have everything.
Now I want that you do a prayer for all mankind. 

My Lord and my God, give me Wisdom to pray for all us the mankind. I hope my prayer reaches You. 


“Divine Holy Spirit, Comforter of our souls, come to our hearts and warm them for us can learn to love according to Your Will. In this moment I ask the cure of all diseases that are in the world. 

Only Your Power can help Your suffering people and many times without condition to pay a medical treatment.
Lord, do not look upon our sins, have mercy on us and with Your Goodness cure all who are suffering. 

Come with Your Light, forgive our guilt, Your forgive is the greatest remedy that we all need to be free of diseases and all the sufferings. 

We adore Thee, You are our God, our hope, You are our life. So be it now and always. Amen.” 

(1 Creed, 1 Our Fahter, 1 Hail Mary, 1 Glory)

Little daughter, your prayer is of great value, you worry for your brothers, be perseverant until the end. 

I made of you an instrument to transmit to the world what it needs to know. During all this time you are serving Me, continue until the day I say: it is over. 

The hour of purification is approaching already to the world, the cure in mass of all who are suffering, will feel better, then, the chastisement for who deserves it. It is necessary first the purification of those who convert. The sin is the worst disease that is in the world. When I burn it, all the diseases will not exist

My Lord and my God, to You all the honor and glory, to You my God, all my gratitude for Your Love, for the care You have with me. 

I trust in Your Love and that You will renew very soon, as You have said several times. 

Help us, do not let my soul fall into Hell. Give us a new heart, pure and holy. 

Little daughter, all who surrender to Me, will shine in the eternity. You are not obliged to live with Me, but the one who decides for Me that I am God, will be truly rich for all Eternity.
I am Righteous, I give what Promise, I give everybody who believes in Me, the Gifts that will make you obedient, pure and that lead you to the spiritual enrichment, only so you will reach the Holiness. Improving your hearts, if you want to remain united to Me for all Eternity. 

Little daughter, now I want that you to prophesize to Jerusalem, My Church, My people. 

My Lord and my God, here I am to serve You.
Tell me what You want I transmit to the world through this prophecy, I will do Your Will. I am all Yours, Divine Holy Spirit. 

The Prophecy:

“Jerusalem, Jerusalem, keep stand up and listen the Voice who calls you, here you have one more prophecy for you.
Jerusalem, I gave you life from My Life, light from My Light, because I love you and you have not shown Me that are happy with Me. You are distant, cold like an ice block. 

You do not obey Me, you are away from Me like are running away the waves of the sea. See your actions and repair all of them, the hour arrived to say to Me what is your choice between good or evil in this time I gave for your decision. You must remember My Word and you will see that I offer all the good for you to be eternally happy, but you have not decided yet. 

This is the time for your choice, is now while you are pilgrim. 

You must decide alone, nobody can decide for you, you are free, stop and think in your empty heart and think in what will be of you if do not return to Me. You will have no Light, will have no love, will have neither joy nor Peace, because did not believe in Me, you did not convert. 

You are Mine Jerusalem, you are My Church, My people, the people I want to illuminate because it is in darkness.
Surrender yourselves in My Hands. 

Wake up My beloved, see how much I love you and come to My Arms, I am who truly loves you, nobody loves you like I love you. 

I chose you to be My wife, but you have not given Me your answer. Answer Me with your ‘yes’, but do this with your life, your blood, your love. 

I want that you live in Me like I live in you. 

Come, I will purify you and make you Holy, I love you with Eternal Love. 

I am God, I am what I am, My Light is upon you because you are the Church that I am. I will give you glory for you to shine with My Light. 

I will make you Holy if you My Church, My people, convert. Believe in Me. 

Little daughter, go and transmit to the world My Word, trust in what I command to do, do not hesitate. 

I am your God and give you protection at every second.
My Lord and my God, thanks. 

Little daughter, I bless you and bless you all. 

I am the Divine Holy Spirit, I am the Light of the world.
I am God. I am Peace.