Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Message of Our Lady - Mary, Full of Grace
The Birth of the New World - Words of Our Lady

November 1, 2008
(Hour of the Morning Prayer)

My dear children with much love and affection I come to bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

United to the Holy Trinity, together we will get the real peace in the world.

My children, the Holy Word of God reveals you today, on the Beatitudes and for the man to receive them need to practice good deeds during his life on earth, to earn the sanctification of soul and body.

One day the soul, after the death of the body, will back again to join it on the Day of the Resurrection of bodies.

All humanity should seek grow in sanctification of the soul and the body in order to be Blessed in Heaven The man is not concerned about the Beatitudes because he is away from the love day to day, is living in selfishness. The man is idolizing himself, is trying to be equal with God than to submit to Him.

You are today to celebrate the day of 'All Saints', they already received the Beatitudes and that is why you can hear that many bodies of Saints remain uncorrupted, Saints are rewarded with beatitude.

They are children who knew to practice the virtues received from God at the time of Baptism. They are children who were surrendered in the hands of God. Are children who opened their eyes to see the spiritual light that illuminated showing them what is the Way to Heaven. They all followed Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, the Life. The Saints are waiting the time of the Resurrection; when will return to their bodies, together with them, will return to Heaven, where will live for all eternity.

God wants to all fight to merit this Grace.

Then the Mercy of God is showed on this day so great, so glorious, that the most beautiful thing is the man to become obedient to God to be one day a Saint. In order to occur the Sanctification, first will come the purification, and who purifies is the Holy Spirit. He is responsible for the purification.

He will come for the baptism with the fire, the baptism that will change the heart of man. You have been baptized with Holy Water, the Holy Spirit of Water poured through the Seven Gifts that you need for your conversion. The Baptism with Fire will melt in your hearts the purity, the true love for life. He will confirm your decision for renouncing the sin; He will give you the merit of Paradise.

This Baptism will change the man and he will recognize that God exists and never will doubt. The man who would convert will endure great tribulation, will not waver, will no longer tell that is abandoned by God. God does not abandon any of His children. The Baptism with the Fire will console the humanity that will pass through very difficult hours, many hours of suffering.

When the great tribulation comes, the man will find that life has no meaning, that God does not exist and that the world is of who is smarter. All this will happen very soon, yet you will see much desecration, much more than now, the world is challenging the power of God, nothing is hidden. I can tell you here now, that the world is coming to a major disaster.

All the children should now kneel and pray the Holy Rosary with much love, because prayer without serenity does not produce fruit.
For the person to make a good prayer, has to ask the Holy Spirit Light, to pacify all his being.

I ask to God that give serenity to My children, that all kneel in this difficult time coming up. Everyone should be kneeling more to God with great love, because a prayer without serenity does not produce fruit. Now that the man is closest to God is time that he kneels to ask God for forgiveness for his mistakes, his guilt.

Stay vigilant, keep away from the world, leave all sin before the Great Catastrophe. This is what I come to reveal for your growth in conversion day to day. The world will have very heavy suffering, but also will have great joy, will have brief moments unforgettable. The hour of the miracle of God is coming, but humanity is not ready yet, the better things will come after the worst.

Pray, pray, pray for the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, for all the Clergy, for all religious men and women, for all humanity. Pray for the atheists and pagans, the time comes when they will want to rush to know the Truth.

Pray for the Holy Church founded by Jesus Christ, comes the danger, the great betrayal to her. The prosecution will be very strong for all Christians. The Holy Father Pope is in great danger, pray to help him to lead his mission until the end.

I love you very much and cover you with My Mantle of Love, mainly I cover Brazil at this time so painful that comes up to him.

Brazil, Brazil, put the hands in the Holy Rosary and pray, this is a powerful weapon that God gave you.

Now I bless you in Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Mother of Jesus Christ the Savior of the world,

Mary, the Immaculate Conception

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Message of Our Lady - Mary, Full of Grace
The Birth of the New World - Words of Our Lady

November 2, 2008
(Soul’s Day)

Dear children, today, the day of the Lord, with much love and affection I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. United to the Holy Trinity, together we will get the real peace in the world.

My children, My little ones, listen carefully to what the Word of God reveals you. Look how sad the time comes when the world did not expect it and suffer the consequence your hearts, your souls are in danger of losing the eternal happiness,
because you are not wanting to listen to God’s advices.

You shall lit your lights, brighten your hopes on Eternal Life. You are in the dark. The Lord will arrive one day in surprise without anyone is waiting.

The world is accommodated, sleep, sleep and sleep, is thinking that this is not the generation that will receive Jesus Christ and with this in mind, is not ready, hopes that other generations will come before the day of the Lord. My children, you little children because you do not grow spiritually, and are not recognizing that is your time, remeber to prepare, here comes the day of the Lord.

And that is why I say that this generation is the same and you also have to grow yet, have to grow in love, in faith, in hope, in faithfulness to God, having to practice the love with each other and with your souls. Lit your lamps, you are in great difficulty.

You are now waiting for the Lord, you are like children in the womb of the mother, that child will be born, many are not enough to be born, they do not wanted to prepare, but you who are listening to me, you are the children who will birth, but do not know the outside of the womb. You know not to make the difference between darkness and light, if knew, your lamps would be lit, because you remember that you are sons of light, not darkness.
Your lights are out, are in darkness, this darkness that is sin.

Lit your lamps, watch, stay vigilant, pray, pray, keep waiting for the Lord, He will come very soon. The Lord will come first in your hearts, will be the day of descent of the Holy Spirit, is the first trial, he light up the hearts converted to the real Hope in Eternal Life.

Take care, in your hearts sin is growing so much! You must watch, your hopes are falling, you are day to day falling, careful, you shall throw away the sins, not your hopes. Increase each time more, increase.

Look, in the graves are still awaiting many children, their bodies are waiting for the day of the Lord, many are not prepared, their lamps were not lit, poor children, poor children! To you who are still on the ground without falling to the tomb, take care, prepare, prepare. Valorised the warnings of God and convert, you can also learn that your destination is turning to Heaven.

The day of the Lord will come, are not converted in the Path of Heaven and those not converted by own will not to love God, will lose the grace of eternal happiness, will fall into hell. For years and years I have heard children who are criticizing the service of God in this time, announcing to the world the prophecies that I am transmitting and that is Jesus Christ Himself that comes and announced in so many places. God placed the children that serve to Me as a tool to advertise the events, so I also help the priests in more urgent evangelization,
but most men do not want to understand this, does not take serious knowledge of what is and are not correcting their mistakes, are not renouncing to sin.

My little ones, you are in great danger to enter into despair, because of fear for what comes up. Today most still divided, do not believe, will not be our tools that will prove the truth. The events will prove, because God does not fool anyone, the truth will be discovered. Today it is still hidden by the time, but soon you will see with your own eyes that God warned long before.

You will want to run for the hills, but can not leave the place where you are in those days. You will want to run for churches near your home, but also you can not find them.

My children, you leave the pride to be a link that linked you away from God, forgot to take care of your spiritual life, you arrive to turn off the lights that showed the danger threatening you, is like if you were blind from your carnal eyes, you are spiritually blind and are not exagerating the reality.

My children, the coming of My Divine Son, the only begotten Son, the True Son of God, is close and He is closer, closer is the coming of the Holy Spirit. He comes, he also comes suddenly, without anyone waiting for. Be prepared.

Sin is the only thing separating you from God, the person who has been obstinated by sin, not rennouncing by free and spontaneous will, be prepared because it will be painful the Day of the Lord.

God does not oblige anyone to anything, but He shows, He corrects and I as a Mother and Mediatrix of all Graces that He pours on you, as your Advocate warn you, to light the lamps, day and night increase them.

Faith is the Lamp of man, prepare for the return of He who is coming to Save you. This spiritual lamp should remain lit in your hearts, in your souls, so you can see your mistakes and correct them before the coming of the Holy Spirit and before the coming of the Salvation.

He comes, God only knows the day, the hour, but even if He sends you the warnings and I, the Mediatrix, I am in who brings the message. And the prophets of this time of trials for humanity, which are ahead. You are enhanced by the grace of God when the pilgrims hearts are open and welcome with love, with hope, which comes from Heaven.

Nobody is a prophet because wants to be a prophet, any prophet receives the call of God and to comply with its duty, in obedience, for humility, because understand the determination of God. It is the Will of the Creator that prevails on the creature.

God is the Creator and the power over all creatures, of all things. The creature that has to be submitted to the Creator. You shall thank God for know a man who announces the warnings of Heaven, this is a great opportunity to not fall in the deep abyss where fall those who do not valorised the signs of God.

The biggest sign that God is giving you this time is the word, He announces the time for the final conversion. This is what I come to reveal this day so close to the coming of the Lord, and you knowing that He comes, strengthen your lives, your hearts, take care of your souls.

A soul well cared is a light lit waiting for the Lord.

Today, the day dedicated to children who have already left this world land and are waiting for the Resurrection, I ask you pray more to alleviate the suffering of souls who are in purgatory, so they can get to God faster and live the real Happiness. Pray, pray, pray for the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, for all the clergy, the religious men and women, for all humanity.

Pray for the atheists and pagans, help them with your prayers so that they lit their lamps and out of darkness.

To all God has given a lamp, even those not yet decided where they want to take their souls, but they have not the light, are in darkness.

The lamp are the gifts and no one can despise them, who despise them will not have them more. Pray for the Holy Church founded by Jesus Christ, is coming the great persecution of Christians.

But ye shalt be vigilant, who watches his soul, surrender it to God and He gives it eternal life. I love you very much and cover you with My Mantle of Love, especially to Brazil, first country to pass a strong tribulation. You Brazilians, you will see the start of events with the carnal eyes and you will see the rest only with the eyes of the spirit. You would convert, not realizing that you can live far from the love of God.

Now I bless you in Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Mother of Jesus Christ the Savior of the world,

Mary, the Immaculate Conception
Message of Our Lady - Mary, Full of Grace
The Birth of the New World - Words of Our Lady

October 26, 2008

Dear children, today, the day of the Lord, with much love and affection I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. United to the Holy Trinity, together we will get the real peace in the world.

My children, My little children, the Holy Word of God reveals you today that you must love Him above all things, must learn to understand the Commandments, must place first in your lives the existence of God, to know that He wants to be loved by you. And to teach you more, He has sent His Divine Son Jesus Christ, He came to save you.

Love God above all things, with the whole heart and with all the soul and the whole spirit and love your neighbor as yourself. Know to value what God warns, because who wants to be happy really have to learn to love.

God gives you opportunities every day to grow in love, He wants you know your brothers and look to see in them the presence of God the Creator. God wants to transform the world, transforming every man from guilty to saints, transforming the entire universe.

So today humanity is having a worse performance than in the time of the flood, humanity is challenging the Love of God and is attracting great and terrible events to move its purification. The man left the hand of love, gave way to indifference, there is not more unity, equality, fraternity is not going, what there is more is the lack of respect for life and who does not respect the life, infringes on God, because God is Life.

What deviated from the Love of God was the individuality, the man wanted to be unique, the lack of obedience to God and obedience to the Commandments, the lack of trust in His Power.

The challenges have increased, have multiplied and all this needs to stop, because sin is not something eternal. One day very close it will end with the end of sin, humanity will be more beautiful because they will learn to love God truly.

My children, the Secret of God is within your hearts, very soon He will manifest to the world. God will send the Holy Spirit to confirm your baptism and your worthiness to Paradise.

Empty of all what's enslaving you,
remember that you are the family of God and that it needs to survive, needs to preserve the wonders that God has placed in you, when He created you.

Convert, convert, very soon you will be grateful to God and to Me, for giving you knowledge, warning you, showing you the right way to Him. If you do not follow it, you will not get to heaven, do not continue following an illusion, the Way of Heaven is the Truth is not an illusion. You will want help if continue in the illusion.

Throw away all the falsehood and take your cross to the end, the end is near. The Way of Heaven is difficult but is not impossible for the man to triumph and get there, just perseverance in the love of God.

This is what I come to reveal today, this afternoon, in order that you be steadfast in your decision.

Pray, Pray is time to tell you are surely firm in the hands of God, only in His Hands can rest your heart, your soul and your spirit in all the difficult moments of each day for you. Convert, convert.

Pray, pray, pray for the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, for all the Clergy, for all the priests and nuns, for all humanity.

Pray for the atheists and pagans, help them to find the Peace.
Pray for the Holy Church founded by Jesus Christ, the persecution of Christians, especially the Holy Father will increase, only God can help you.

I love you very much and cover you with the mantle of My Love, especially your homeland, many sad things come to the Brazilians, but you are learning where to get help. Go now and strengthen your sacrifices, the penances, the fasting and prayer. So you will triumph, feed your hearts with the things that come from God.

Now I thank the presence of all and I thank my children Felisberto and Elza for receiving with affection the people that God brings to this place to pray together and thus attract peace to the world and the whole universe and especially to your hearts.

To all I ask, strengthen your Faith, Hope and Charity and Trust in the Love of God. Now I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Mother of Jesus Christ the Savior of the world,

Mary, the Immaculate Conception

Monday, December 22, 2008

Message of Our Lady - Mary, Full of Grace
The Birth of the New World - Words of Our Lady

October 12, 2008

Feast of Our Lady of Aparecida

Dear children, today, the day of the Lord, with much love and affection I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. United to the Holy Trinity, together we will get the real peace in the world.

My children, My little children, My heart today is pleased with the tributes that you dedicate Me. I feel this joy because all My children that give tribute need help.
The enemy is arming a plan to make the man deviate even more from this commemoration, are the attacks of false religions to lead many to despise Me, but he never can separate those who are faithful to God of Me.

I love My sons, I love to everyone, even those who still did not understand that I am the mother of humanity by Will of God, nobody can change the orders of God, all His children are My children and I love you very much inside My Immaculate Heart.

In this great day, day of great grace especially not just for all nations, because every day is the day of God to shed Graces, but for Brazil, the country chosen by Him to be a great signal for all humanity. So I, your Mother, I ask you, increase your faith, practice good works because the faith without works has no value, the two must be lived together, side by side.

My little children, thank you for the manifestations of love for Me this beautiful day, now it is necessary that you also love to each other as God loves you and I also love you with love without measure, without distinction of race, color or any thing that do not pleases God.

Equality, fraternity, kindness, generosity, justice, honesty, companionship, friendship, loyalty, all this is very pleasing to God and you are practicing day by day all these wonders, they are graces that God gives you. So you can complete your journey toward God.

Today the Holy Word of God shows that you have to beat with Me the great battle to change the world. He needs to become a better world and only the miracle of God can accomplish this change, so He makes all of us, His children, instruments to make the miracle happen. God will perform this miracle and we will be part of this great miracle: He wants to give us this great joy,that is why the children need to convert and win the battle against evil.

A New World will birth, that is why there will be so much pain before, the change is coming, the transformation and who is angry with this change is the devil because is the time of the end of his principality. He will have no more strength after the conversion of man. Who becomes no longer come under his domain.
For a while you are still sinners, are yet to fall into temptations, but the devil time to act on the men is running out. The Time of God is near. The big transformation will change everything.

The devil prepares a vast destruction in the world, wants to destroy the planet, but in a blink of an eye God will show His great power and then born of the New World, never will be heard speaking in disobedience to God, is the end of the sin of the world. My Divine Son, the only Son, the True Son of God, will implement His Kingdom of love of peace, of justice forever.

You still being sinners, you must recognize that you are, but this is a battle to win and this will happen with your renunciation of sin once and for all, the miracle of God is coming, He performs. The world needs this miracle and God gives to the world everything He precise. The Time of Grace is coming.

A Major destruction is the result of sin of mankind, because it helps the devil, becomes a tool and just getting him prisoner, his slave.

The devil uses the man to offend God and man has no fear of God, he thinks to possess only material things easier that is why trust in the help of the devil and serve. Everything that the devil makes is falsehood, is a deception
and man falls for neglect of his soul, for not taking care of the spiritual life.

The suffering now at the end of the time of sin, is very big, good and bad will suffer at the same time. God wanted to help you, but the purity was little and now it is time for the purification of all, it's time to prepare for the arrival of real change.

Most men do not accept God's help, he believed as wise and not listened to the advice of God, were few and that few will bear any suffering, because it is within My Immaculate Heart.

I am the Refuge of them and of all that still want to refuge during the purification. Convert, convert. Most did not believe that I'm down to the world for help; I came to announce, by the Will of God, that the world needs to convert.
The warning is because of the great disaster that will shake the world.

I am the Mother of Good Advice, I warn you so that you will firmly in a state of grace every moment, because nobody knows what you will reach very soon. There will be screams and gnash of teeth, the man despised the Love of God wanting to be him, the man, wiser than God.

The Warning that God will give to the world is of Mercy, who would not want to hear, will not have strength, not borne with resignation. Convert while there is time for conversion. The Warning of God will leave the man thoughtful, he will want to run to a church, but can not leave the place, he will want to clear the conscience, but it will be too late, you can not do anything else, the time is already run out for the smooth conversion. Convert before, convert, convert.

That your hearts open now to God, this is My advice, engrave within them that God warned. Now begins the tribulation more painful than all the days that you have lived, the pass of each day suffering that you already know, now things will come heavier, more difficult, more in mass.

Prepare My little children, Prepare, you know to give up in the hands of God. Prepare more for December 8 at noon, time of special Grace, not despise the time, bend your knees at this hour that God wants strengthen you, is an extra time, then it will be more difficult.

Pray, pray, pray, and pray for comprehend better the changes of time. Prepare, prepare with more love for the Holy Mass, the Holy Eucharist, God wants to give the Salvation and you are not leaving the place to get it. If you do not appreciate the grace of God, you will suffer more of what you can imagine.

Today I brought many thanks for humanity and hope that they know to open the heart, because if their hearts remain closed as they are, the Graces will return to God, as I said to my daughter Catarina Labouré, the rings are erased. The world then will suffer the most painful hours, for not wanting to know what God was warning.

My little children, prepare, prepare, this preparation is not for the person to be aware that something very painful will come, but it is for the person to change the heart, change the behavior, becoming simple, humble, not judge anyone, not wanting to be bigger than anyone, do not step on the other, not wanting to be on a pedestal, do not think that has nothing to correct in its interior, all need to correct, correct what do not please to God and start to please Him doing well.

It is the renunciation of sin. Renouncing to it every day of your life on earth. Sin must fall, must be removed from your hearts for yourself by the renunciation.

You must follow the teachings of God, He teaches you through the Scripture, through your obedience in the experience of the Holy Gospel. He gives you opportunities for you detachment of sin.
Convert, convert abandoning the habit of sin. Sin out of the heart and of love within.

This is what I warn you at this time so close to your purification. Be your hearts clean, pure for the encounter with the Light of God. He is the Holy Spirit, the Paraclite, the Comforter comes to confirm those who deserve paradise, all those who convert without any exception. Convert is renounce the domain of the devil, is free of sin. Who freed the man is Jesus Christ.

To be released, is precise that man asks to Jesus Christ that comes to his heart and Jesus do not love the sin. Jesus wants your hearts are cleaned for him to make them His dwell. Now pray, it is time to pray, asking for peace and God is peace.

Pray, pray, pray for the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, for the whole Clergy, for the priests and nuns, for all humanity. Pray for the atheists and pagans, they need God, fight for them all you that are Christians.

Pray for the Holy Church founded by Jesus Christ, unite in prayer to combat human weakness. The Miracle of God must come, to save the world. The Church purified will live better the Grace of God. The persecution will increase now, but will not be victorious, will lose the strength with the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Pray Christians, is approaching a time of much evil. I love you very much, cover you with My mantle of love, especially you Brazilians who chose Me as Patron of your country.
I am the Lady of Aparecida of Brazil which will become the Sanctuary of God, then the Great Miracle which He will perform in front of the world.

improve, improve this is what a Mother who loves Her children, wish from them, that they're good children. Now I bless you in Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Mother of Jesus Christ the Savior of the world,

Mary, the Immaculate Conception

“A special Blessing for all children in this day that is of them.”

Vision: She came as Our Lady of Aparecida, full of light, barely able to see Her beautiful face. Her Mantle dark blue flashes as if they were the shining star. Her dark skin and a crown of twelve stars on the head were lights. She showed me a river full of boats with fishermen looking for their fish, but she cried, there were no more fish around and everything was drying up the waters of the river were dry. She said that it means the love in the world diminishing and humanity would starve because they lost their faith in God. The drought means lack of love. After She showed the nature angry, gushing forth water to the world, like a flood.
She said:

"Prepare for times of heavy rainfall, dangerous, seek refuge in My Immaculate Heart."

She blessed me and went to Heaven.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

October 27, 2008

Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ

October 27, 2008

Jesús called me inside my Heart and I responded with great joy. He says:

Come to Me wheat flower, and I will give you the Peace.

You are the instrument that I wanted to use for the end of times. This is the end of time for conversion of mankind. You and many others are My instruments, I am God and call those who are willing to serve Me. Those who do not exalt. To Me all have the same value, the same utility, but even so I like to call those who receive My Voice with humility and come to know what I want.

I called you and you came and emptied of all content to know what I want that you do. Now, come. I want you advance on your mission. You are prophetess of this time, so I determined. I love you, come and do My Will.

My Lord and my God, here I am before you. Do with me what is Your Will. I know I am nothing, but You can only do with me something pleasant to You. My Lord and my God, I love you, I adore You, I praise You, I bless You, I glorify You, I thank You for Your immense Glory in the Three Persons of the Trinity.

Little daughter, I want you do a prayer for the benefit of mankind. My Lord and my God, I implore You, heard my prayers, give to the whole humanity Your peace, Your Mercy. Stop Lord, the world is in terrible state, each day emptier of You rejecting You for lack of humility, lack of knowledge of how to response about the sins he commits.
Forgive us Lord, give us Your Light, Your forgiveness, to change each man. I know that to be forgiven we need to ask for forgiveness. Not all ask, but I implore You Lord, give us strength, give us courage, we need Your Forgiveness.

Forgive us our sins, our weaknesses, forgive us Lord. Little daughter, to all who ask forgiveness with sincerity, with real repentance of their sins, I will forgive them. But not everyone does this. Repentance must be true, there can not be disregard, the man can not love sin more than Me. Without conversion there will be no forgiveness. The men need to repent of their sins.

Oh! My Jesus! Do with all that they repent and seek help in You. I implore You for us all sinners. Little daughter, now I want you to open your spiritual eyes and look inside My Sacred Heart and write about what you see. Yes, my Lord. I see a flame burning in a fire that consumes me in love, it do not burn my eyes, but strengthens me in a wonderful way. Is an ardent love, a love that people feel the will to fly to Your Arms, without looking back.

My Lord, your love for me means that I see the world at huge difficulty. It is spinning very fast, it is difficult to find countries. I only see stains. Now I see the earth surrounded by a smoke. It seems that is inside a cloud of smoke as a volcano in eruption. I do not see fire, only smoke. It is not making easy the location of countries. Something terrible is going on, the heat is very strong, I feel my skin burn; it appears that will cause burns. I now see a place on earth, I am among the people, people do not tolerate more the heat. Now I see many deaths. Lord, help us, I am not tolerating the heat! Come Lord Jesus, come quickly.

Daughter, I am at your side, still showing what you see and trust Me.

Yes, my Lord. I now see another region of the earth, seems to be in South America, a dangerous storm is coming. Arrived. It is very strong, very hard! Houses are collapsing. It will be very painful, I have the feeling.

Lord, the population is in despair. I see a lot of water, it seems an invasion of water from a large dam that is broke, but now I see that is not, is the same storm, big flood, caused only by the storm itself. Many bodies are on the water, there is not much assistance, is difficult, everything is being washed by the waters. Now is stronger, I see so much water like a tsunami, but is not just heavy rain.

Jesus, help us! Help us! Help us! My God! My God!

Little daughter, do not be afraid, it is time for purification, it is time for changes in nature, still showing what you see, write, write, I'm your God. Now my Lord, I see the epidemic. The people being reached by it, in the region of rain. It is a painful situation! Much of debris come in the flood, there are a manifestation of flies in large numbers, there is almost nothing out of this situation.

Lord, yet is not coming help from countries. They are Brazilians, I understand their conversation. People without resources are accumulated in ruins, hoping to find help elsewhere.

Now I see the storm of hail. How terrible! I have never seen anything like it. Woe to this people that is us Brazilians!

My Lord, forgive us, forgive us, come to our rescue or we’ll not survive more! Little daughter, will not survive who is out of Me, who did not convert. Jesus, now finished? Little daughter, no. Continue writing.

My Lord! My Lord and my God! Have mercy on us! I now see other place in the world, a great catastrophe caused by an earthquake. I see many ruins, many dead. How terrible! How terrible! It seems the result of scientific experiments, from crazy. The human science failed, how terrible! And now how the world will endure this consequence my God?

Daughter, I am God, I am who resolve, not the world. Thank God, O Jesus, for your love for us. Continued daughter, continue I want you to reveal. My Lord, I now see a great war between nations. I think from this war anything will be left, I think it is the end of a people who ventured. Someone went crazy and caused this war, this is the huge tragedy. This is a work of the Hell, I have no doubt.

Daughter, all war is Satanic work, has a master Lucifer, he is trying to take possession of the world. My Lord, take care of us, we are yours, we fear this time that I am seeing in advance. Daughter, who loves me not die, sleep and I will raise you on the last day. Lord my God, not all are out of you. What will you do for those who love You? See all sleeping at the hills, I do not know who is good and who is not, all are together, dead, and I do not see survivors.

Little daughter, this is not important, I will remember to all; about the soul is what matters, that be healthy to fly in My direction. The difference is in the soul, bodies are all equal. But Lord, and those who are sick of the soul, there will be no help for them? In truth I tell you, I decide. I will collect and give them a time of peace to recover and they will have to deal with the uncertainty and start a lifetime of effort to win. I will put them in place then I will seek those who have learned to be faithful to Me, the others I decide where they go, those who did not convert.

Lord my God, when all this will come? Daughter, these things will come soon, very soon. Lord, I can not understand the time coming soon, I do not know how many years. Get ready, should prepare all peoples. The near future belongs to Me, not the man. Jesus Forgiveness, forgiveness, yet I have not learned to wait. I have fear, distress and worry about surprises.

Now you see the arrival of the Light that will purify humanity, but remember that make part of it, you need to prepare also. The Light comes to cleanse humanity and mark those destined to Paradise. Are few in comparison to those who are alive.

My God, that beautiful! But do not hurt my eyes and not feel scared, because I know that the Lord is near me.

But now my soul trembles, it hurts, I am feeling that never happened this. Lord, Lord, help me. Little daughter, it is time for purification and then I will do the Great Miracle and will seek the dispersed.

During the Miracle, all knees will bend, will be a mass conversion and the cure for sick, there will be an acceptance of those who are humiliated.
Then the great chastisement will come.

Woe to those who trampled on My word, in My church. Is coming, is coming the hour of adjustment.

My Lord and my God, forgive us. I lost speech. How terrible! It hurts know about this day! Come Jesus, come help us, come to console us.

Little daughter, see now the hour of Salvation.Everything I do to Save My brothers and bring them to God Father, My Mercy is spread over all generations. My love is eternal.

Daughter, now prophesy to Jerusalem, My Church, My people. Yes my Lord, do with me what is your will. Here I am at your complete disposal. Continue My daughter, I love you and protect you.

Thank You Jesus, even though my heart is in pain for so many visions, I will prophesy because I love You with all my heart, with all my soul and with all my spirit.

The Prophecy: Jerusalem, Jerusalem, listen and engrave well inside your heart, with much love and obedience to Me your God.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, listen to My advice, correct your steps, do not deviate from Me, get out of the error and return to reality. I am your God and out of Me there is no life, do not want the darkness.

I will send the Purifier at any time and you're ready, do not be attached to more illusions, give up what you already have. If you want to win, reacts and start your conversion. Detached from your “I” and be Mine entirely. Do not forget I gave you a Mother and want Her to be loved, respected and honored by you.

The punishment is coming and woe to those who offended My Mother.
The balance is now ready to weigh your works, your charities and it will give the result only. Will be irreversible, punishment for those who merit to be punished. Is coming, is coming, is coming the day of the trial, it wont be long, there is still time for conversion.

Jerusalem repent, take care of your soul.

You are My beloved, My church, My people and You will triumph over evil, even if I have to let you suffer but you will win. I will cover you of Glory. I am God, I am what I am, I am the Light of the world.

Anyone who truly loves me will not see the darkness, will sleep and will wake before My Light.

I love you with Eternal Love Jerusalem.

Daughter, now forward what I revealed, do not to give up in your mission. You will be blessed in heaven one day, if you remain with Me until the last moment of your life and being faithful in your mission.

Bear your cross as I bear Mine, in quiet, loving the Trinity until the end.

I bless you.

I am God, I am what I am. I am Peace; I am the light of the world.

27 October, 2008

Mensagem de Nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo

27 de Outubro de 2008

           Jesus chamou-me dentro do meu coração e eu O atendi com grande alegria. Ele

           Vem a Mim flor do trigo, vem e Eu te darei a Paz.
           Tu és o instrumento que Eu quis usar para o final dos tempos. Este é o final
do tempo de conversão da humanidade. Tu e tantos outros são Meus
instrumentos, Eu Sou Deus e chamo aqueles que estão dispostos a servir-Me.
Os que não se exaltam. Para Mim todos têm o mesmo valor, a mesma utilidade,
mas mesmo assim gosto de chamar os que acolhem a Minha Voz com humildade e
vêm saber o que Eu desejo.
           Eu te chamei e tu esvaziastes de tudo e vieste contente saber o que Eu quero
que tu faça. Agora vem, Eu quero que tu leves adiante a tua missão. Tu és
profetisa deste tempo, assim Eu determinei. Eu te amo, vem e faze a Minha

           Meu Senhor e meu Deus, aqui estou diante de Vós. Fazei de mim o que for da
Vossa Vontade. Sei que nada sou, mas somente Vós podeis fazer com que eu
seja alguma coisa agradável a Vós. Meu Senhor e meu Deus, eu Vos amo, Vos
adoro, Vos louvo, Vos bendigo, Vos glorifico e Vos rendo graças por Vossa
imensa Glória nas Três Pessoas da Santíssima Trindade.

           Filhinha, quero que tu faças uma oração em benefício da humanidade.

           Meu Senhor e meu Deus, eu Vos suplico, ouvi as minhas orações, dai a toda a
humanidade a Vossa Paz, a Vossa Misericórdia. Vede Senhor, o mundo está em
estado terrível, cada dia mais vazio de Vós rejeitando-Vos por falta de
humildade, falta de saber raciocinar sobre os pecados que ele comete.
Perdoai-nos Senhor, dai-nos a Vossa Luz, o Vosso perdão, para mudar cada
           Sei que para sermos perdoados precisamos Vos pedir o perdão. Nem todos
pedem, mas eu Vos suplico Senhor, dai-nos força, dai-nos coragem, precisamos
do Vosso Perdão.
           Perdoai os nossos pecados, nossas fraquezas, perdoai-nos Senhor.

           Filhinha, a todos que Me pedirem perdão com sinceridade, com verdadeiro
arrependimento de seus pecados, Eu os perdoarei. Mas, nem todos fazem isto.
Arrependimento tem que ser verdadeiro, não pode haver desprezo, o homem não
pode amar o pecado mais que a Mim. Sem conversão não haverá o perdão. O
homem precisa se arrepender de seus pecados.

           Oh! Meu Jesus! Fazei com que todos se arrependam e busquem ajuda em Vós. Eu
Vos suplico por todos nós pecadores.

           Filhinha, agora quero que tu abras os teus olhos espirituais e olha para
dentro do Meu Sacratíssimo Coração e escrevas sobre o que vês.

           Sim, meu Senhor. Vejo uma chama ardente de um Fogo que me consome em amor,
Ele não queima os meus olhos, mas me fortalece de uma maneira maravilhosa. É
um amor ardente, um amor que a gente sente vontade de voar para os Vossos
Braços, sem olhar para trás.
           Meu Senhor, o Vosso Amor em mim faz com que eu veja o mundo em grande
dificuldade. Ele está girando muito rápido, é difícil localizar países. Vejo
somente manchas.
           Agora vejo a terra envolvida por uma fumaça. Parece que está dentro de uma
nuvem de fumaça como de um vulcão em erupção. Não vejo fogo, só a fumaça.
Ela está dificultando a localização de países. Algo terrível está
acontecendo, o calor está muito forte, sinto arder a minha pele, parece que
vai provocar queimaduras.
           Vejo agora um local da terra, estou no meio do povo, as pessoas não suportam
mais o calor. Agora vejo muitos mortos.
           Senhor, socorrei-nos, não estou suportando o calor! Vinde Senhor Jesus,
vinde depressa.
           Filha, estou ao teu lado, continua revelando o que vês e confia em Mim.
           Sim, meu Senhor. Vejo agora outra região da terra, parece ser na América do
Sul, está vindo uma chuva perigosa. Chegou. É muito forte, muito mesmo!
Casas estão desabando. Será muito doloroso, eu pressinto.
           Senhor, a população está em desespero. Vejo muita água, parece uma invasão
de águas vindas de uma grande represa que se rompeu, mas agora vejo que não
é, é temporal mesmo, enchente fortíssima, provocada somente pela própria
tempestade. Muitos corpos estão sobre as águas, não está havendo muito
socorro, é difícil, tudo vai sendo levado pelas águas.
           Agora está mais forte, estou vendo tanta água como se fosse um maremoto, mas
não é, é só chuva forte.
           Jesus, socorrei-nos! Socorrei-nos! Socorrei-nos! Meu Deus! Meu Deus!

           Filhinha, não tenhas medo, é tempo de purificação, é tempo de mudanças na
natureza, continua revelando o que estás vendo, escreva, escreva, Sou o teu

           Agora meu Senhor, vejo a epidemia. O povo sendo atingindo por ela, na região
da chuva. Está uma situação dolorosíssima! Muitos entulhos vindo na
enchente, há uma manifestação de moscas em grande quantidade, não há quase
nada fora desta situação.
           Senhor, ainda não está chegando ajuda de países. São brasileiros, estou
compreendendo a fala deles. Pessoas sem recursos estão acumuladas em ruínas,
esperando ajuda para se localizarem em outros lugares.
           Agora vejo a tempestade de granizo. Que horror! Nunca vi nada igual. Ai
deste povo que somos nós brasileiros!
           Meu Senhor, poupai-nos, poupai-nos, vinde ao nosso socorro ou não
sobreviveremos mais!

           Filhinha, só não sobreviverá quem está fora de Mim, quem não se converter.

           Jesus, agora terminou?

           Filhinha, não. Continua escrevendo.

           Meu Senhor! Meu Senhor e meu Deus! Tende piedade de nós!
           Vejo agora outro local do mundo, uma grande catástrofe provocada por um
grande terremoto. Vejo muitas ruínas, muitos mortos. Que horror! Que horror!
Parece resultado de experiências científicas, de loucos.
           A ciência humana errou, que horror! E agora como o mundo vai suportar meu
Deus, esta conseqüência?

           Filha, Eu Sou Deus, Sou o que resolve, não o mundo.

           Obrigada meu Deus, ó Jesus, pelo Vosso Amor por nós.

           Continua filha, ainda quero que tu reveles.

           Meu Senhor, vejo agora uma grande guerra entre as nações. Penso que desta
guerra não sobrará nada, acho que é o fim de um povo que aventurou. Alguém
enlouqueceu e provocou esta guerra, esta é a maior tragédia. Isto é obra do
inferno, não tenho dúvidas.

           Filha, toda guerra é obra satânica, tem Lúcifer por comandante, ele está
tentando apoderar-se do mundo.

           Meu Senhor, cuidai de nós, somos Vossos, temos medo desta hora que estou
vendo antecipadamente.

           Filha, quem Me ama não morre, dorme e Eu o ressuscitarei no último dia.

           Senhor meu Deus, nem todos estão fora de Vós. O que Vós fareis por estes que
Vos amam? Vejo todos dormindo aos montes, não sei quem é bom e quem não é,
estão todos juntos, mortos e não vejo sobreviventes.

           Filhinha, isto não tem importância, Eu os acordarei a todos, sobre a alma é
o que importa, que ela esteja sadia para voar em Minha direção. A diferença
está na alma, corpos são todos iguais.

           Mas Senhor, e os que estão doentes da alma, não haverá ajuda para eles?

           Em verdade Eu te digo, Eu decido. Eu os recolherei e darei a eles um tempo
de paz para se recuperarem e eles terão que lutar contra a incerteza e
começarem uma vida de esforço para vencer. Eu os colocarei de pé depois Eu
buscarei os que aprenderam a ser fiéis a Mim, os outros Eu decido para onde
irão, os que não se converteram.
           Senhor meu Deus, quando tudo isto virá?

           Filha, estas coisas virão breve, muito breve.

           Senhor, não consigo compreender o tempo do que vem breve, não sei quantos anos.

           Prepara-te, apenas devem preparar todos os povos. O breve a Mim pertence,
não ao homem.

           Perdão Jesus, perdão, ainda não aprendi a esperar. Tenho medo, aflição e
preocupo com surpresas.

           Agora vê a chegada da Luz que vai purificar a humanidade, mas lembra-te que
fazes parte dela, precisas te preparar também. A Luz vem purificar a
humanidade e marcar os que são destinados ao Paraíso. São poucos em relação
aos que estão vivos.

           Meu Deus, que lindo! Mas não dói os meus olhos e nem sinto medo, pois sei
que o Senhor está perto de mim.
           Mas, agora minha alma treme, ela dói, estou sentindo que nunca me aconteceu
isto. Senhor, Senhor, ajudai-me.

           Filhinha, é hora da purificação e depois farei o Grande Milagre e buscarei
os dispersos.
           Durante o Milagre, todos os joelhos se dobrarão, haverá a conversão em massa
e a cura dos doentes, haverá a aceitação dos que se humilharem.
           Depois virá o grande castigo.
           Ai dos que pisaram na Minha Palavra, na Minha Igreja. Já vem, já vem a hora
do acerto.
           Meu Senhor e meu Deus, perdoai-nos. Perdi até a fala. Que horror! Como dói
saber sobre este dia! Vinde Jesus, vinde nos socorrer, vinde nos consolar.
           Filhinha, vê agora a hora da Salvação.
           Tudo faço para Salvar Meus irmãos e levá-los a Deus Pai, a Minha
Misericórdia se estende sobre todas as gerações. O Meu Amor é Eterno.
           Filha, agora profetiza a Jerusalém, Minha Igreja, Meu povo.

           Sim meu Senhor, faze de mim o que for de Vossa Vontade. Eis-me aqui ao Vosso
inteiro dispor.

           Segue filha, Eu te amo e te protejo.

           Obrigada Jesus, ainda que meu coração esteja doendo de tantas visões, eu
profetizarei porque Vos amo com todo o meu coração, com toda a minha alma e
com todo o meu espírito.
           A Profecia: Jerusalém, Jerusalém, escuta e grava bem dentro do teu coração,
com muito amor e obediência a Mim teu Deus.
           Jerusalém, Jerusalém, escuta o Meu Conselho, endireita os teus passos, não
desvies de Mim, sai do erro e volta à realidade. Eu Sou o teu Deus e fora de
Mim não existe vida, não queiras as trevas.
           Vou enviar o Purificador a qualquer momento e tu estejas preparada, não te
apegues mais às ilusões, renuncia as que já tens. Se tu queres vencer, reage
e começa a tua conversão.
           Desapega do teu 'eu' e sê Minha totalmente.
           Não te esqueças que te dei uma Mãe e quero que Ela seja amada, respeitada e
honrada por ti.
           O castigo vem aí e ai de quem ofendeu a Minha Mãe.
           A balança já está preparada para pesar as tuas obras, as tuas caridades e
ela dará o resultado único. Será irreversível, castigo para quem merecer ser
           Já vem, já vem, já vem o dia do Julgamento, não tardará, ainda é tempo de
           Arrepende Jerusalém, cuida de tua alma.
           Tu és Minha amada, Minha Igreja, Meu povo e tu hás de triunfar sobre o mal,
ainda que Eu tenha que permitir que tu sofras, mas tu vencerás. Eu te
revestirei de Glória.
           Eu Sou Deus, Sou o que Sou, Sou a Luz do mundo.
           Quem Me ama verdadeiramente não verá as trevas, dormirá e acordará diante da
Minha Luz.
           Eu te amo com Amor Eterno Jerusalém.

           Filha, agora leva a frente o que te revelei, não desistas da tua missão. Tu
serás bem-aventurada no Céu um dia, se permaneceres junto a Mim até o último
momento de tua vida e sendo fiel na tua missão.
           Carrega a tua cruz como Eu carreguei a Minha, no silêncio, amando a
Santíssima Trindade até o fim.
           Eu te abençôo.

Sou Deus, Sou o que Sou. Sou a Paz, Sou a Luz do mundo.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

October 19, 2008

Message of Our Lady - Mary, Full of Grace
The Birth of the New World - Words of Our Lady
October 19, 2008

In this beautiful evening of the day of the Lord, He will feed you with His Holy Word to have eternal life.

The word of God and the Salvation is for everyone to be saved, Jesus Christ is the Living Word, did come to the world and teach you to fight for the Salvation.

You must listen to what God will speak and engrave well in your hearts so that you may know to live in obedience to the Commandments, you must convert with more urgency and know to thank God for the life He gave you, before is too late, this is the last time of conversion.
My children, my joy is great to continue here with you to reveal the message of God. I ask to all who wish the Salvation to be converted, return to God urgently, before the closing of this special time for your preparation because of the great transformation of humanity.

This is the last time for the man to convert gently. Who does not convert now, will be converted through great suffering, by lack of warnings was not, are many, many years that God gave messages warning you and inviting everyone to prepare.

God wants everyone to have peace for the final walk and this peace is for everyone to overcome the fear and trust more in Him. All sufferings that are coming to the world is to purify the man and sanctify him, a New World will be born. God wants all his children to spend this painful time with a heart given in His Hands.

Is approaching the day of the Coming of Jesus Christ, this day the converted will know to say that they truly love Him. The man will feel they need more of God than material things. Convert children, convert, the hour is approaching and is terrible for you.

Dear and beloved sons of My Immaculate Heart, I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, which lights you always leading you with His Light. I am the Servant of the Lord, Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. I am the Immaculate Conception of Mary. I am the messenger of God and in the message today he thanks you for the moment of prayer and alerts you:

"My children, My children, come unto Me all those with open heart, those who hear My voice, 'I say: I will blow My Force on the nature and she will move and all will know my power.

The scientists will be wanting to understand what is happening, but they can not because will remain indifferent; they will trample on my word. Prepare yourself; you never saw things so strong as you will see at the end of this time. Leave the things of the world, what is from the world stays in the world, but what is Mine will be back to Me.

I am your God, come to me with your hearts open. The time in which you have to hold stronger in My Hands is coming, who is converted waits for Me and will have My protection, but those who are not converted will cry because will feel abandoned during the great catastrophe that is about to happen at any time.

The hour will be painful, but it is especially an hour to trust more on Me I love you with Eternal Love. "

Dear children, let us reflect together the words of God our Eternal Father, the Almighty and seek further growth in love before is too late. It is late for those who despise the last Mercies of God.

Humanity is living as if it were knowledgeable of the time that is passing, especially the time from now. They do not ask God to help them, do not take care of the spiritual life, offend God day and night, forget that He is the Almighty. His Power is above all things and to Him all things have to go through. He will order the whole nature to move for the transformation of the world, so we must pay closer attention in the present time and convert urgently.

No one is converted from one day to the next, but if you do not hurry to give the first step, will lose the Salvation. The first step you have to give it alone, that is to say yes to God and the second in front of Us, We willhelp, I, the Saints and Angels help you to continue showing each one the Way to Heaven and only to Jesus Christ, My Divine Son, the one and only Son, the True Son of God and He gives you the Salvation. Convert, convert.

It's time when terrible things will happen, it is time also to bend the knees to worship God, to kneel and ask Him to send the Divine Holy Spirit to enlighten the hearts of men giving them the knowledge they do not have yet. Let there be no more misleading in the world.

You will be deceived, be Prepared, the enemy prepares to meet you in flesh. Pray, pray, pray, pray and pray.

The world is dying and few are prepared to know how to bear great sadness that will shake the hearts of all children of God. Pray My children, pray to draw peace to the world and to your hearts.

My Immaculate Heart, awaits you, come children, and in the moment when the big disaster happens to remember you that God warned, He called, offered help, but most part did not responded, and did not want to hear and now is close the arrival and the majority is not ready. This is what I warn today in the name of Jesus Christ, Son of God the Father and He being God, Second Person of the Trinity, sent Me to help you in your conversion.

Convert, convert, do not leave to be converted during the major disaster, it will be terrible. Pray, pray, pray for the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, for the entire Clergy, for the priests and nuns, for all humanity. Pray for the atheists and pagans. Poor children! They are deciding to convert through suffering in the flesh.

Pray for the Holy Church founded by Jesus Christ, be united in prayer, extend your hands to each other; there will be much persecution on the Christianity worldwide. God is preparing you, the Church of Jesus Christ will live painful moments, but she does not fall, she is the one that survive forever.

I love you very much, cover you with the mantle of My Love, especially you Brazilians, seek strength in God, so that you may know bear the tribulation. Purification is close. The Holy Spirit will descend over the world very soon.

Now I ask you a Holy Mass, the Holy Eucharist with faithfulness to God. I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Mother of Jesus Christ the Savior of the world,

Mary the Immaculate Conception

Thanks for responding to the Call of God. Blessed are those who opened the heart to the Called of Him and tried to change the life. He advised you, He only knows what will happen and how you bear the sufferings.

Be steadfast in Charity, in Faith, the Hope, in confidence in God. A most part despised the help that He offered. Now I offer My Immaculate Heart as a refuge in time of great punishment that is close for the sin.

A huge punishment is coming, take care of your souls. With all love and affection of Mother wish you peace and take to God all your requests. The Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you now and for ever. The Peace Amém. Peace! Peace! Peace! Amen! Amen! Amen! Blessed be God, Blessed be His Holy Name.

October 11, 2008

Message of Our Lady - Mary, Full of Grace
The Birth of the New World - Words of Our Lady

October 11, 2008

Dear children, with much love I come to bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. United to The Trinity, let's seek together for the real peace in the world.
My children, I am happy to find you gathered here in prayer to draw peace to the world and your hearts.
The Holy Word of God speaks you today about the Justice, Law of God and Faith.
You must engrave well in your hearts what the word of God reveals you, as you need to understand that the heart is the place where reigns His Love, is in the heart that the Light fruitful the seed that was planted in the hours of your conception.

This seed needs sun, the sun that is Jesus Christ, My Divine Son, the Only Son, the True Son of God who came into the world and was made Word to Save you.
The world today is in great danger, the danger of a more terrible disaster caused by the lack of love. If the world hears the Word of God, correct their mistakes, the world would be a beautiful place where there is full peace, but as he does not live according to the teachings of Jesus Christ, he does not know how to survive, minute by minute he runs in great danger. If the world lived the Holy Gospel as Jesus Christ taught, I do not need to have down here to insist so much for your conversion.
The Word of God is Light and Light is wisdom, is understanding, is comprehension, is equality for all. What will happen to you for blame of the sin in the world will be something very painful, will be a terrible suffering, for more that you wish to be free from this suffering, you can not, because it depends on you say 'yes' to God, I can not say this for you. As I have warned you, but the number of children who finally opened their heart to God is very small. For more hearts to be opened, God allows the suffering and will not be small, will be strong, as is suffering that makes the blood flows in tears of a mother who wants to help the children and they are saying not to Her.
Today I see you My children and think, I wish to paste you strong and keep you inside My Immaculate Heart, but I can not, God does not allow it, each one of you have to say from the heart that want His help.
My children, wake up, increase your faith, practice the charity, give to your brothers your hands, be charitable, kind, generous, merciful, be companions, unite in prayer because the hour is in the doors and you are not ready, is missing the goodwill, is missing the true faith.
I tell you the truth today, nature will be very agitated, the sea will not be sea of water, but blood, there will be a time of suffering so great which I can only say: poor children! Did not want to understand the signal of God! The biggest sign that God gives you is His Holy Word.
The Holy Spirit will come, believe and be prepared. He performs miracles in you; he warms you for your decision for Heaven. Do not hesitate, walk firm with your cross on the shoulders pointing out where the Light of God illuminates inside your hearts and outside too. Be the lights to shine, understanding that Jesus Christ came to save His brothers and God will give a time of peace that you never had because He is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

The man's sin is to come out forever, unless if do not come out from the confession, by true repentance, will leave from the flesh, the suffering will be the last opportunity for the man to convert. You still have many things going on in the world, wars, famine and epidemics. The epidemics are the result of lack of resources of a nation.

Brazil is a very big country, very desirable by the enemy and he wants to sow in the middle of all the suffering, epidemics, he has in the hands terrible diseases to hurt you.
Everything in the world is scarce, food, medicine, clean water, lack of housing, but the natural disaster that comes, it will leave many homeless, but if your hearts are best open to prayer, you will have more light and will get yourselves to finding resources. Pray, pray My children, trust in the help that God gives you.
Pray on the way to nature, asking God to pacify the winds, the vegetation, water, air, fire, the earth, God answers the request for those who humiliates. Say: "O Father, have mercy, pacify the entire universe. Amém."
My children, this is what I warn you in this time of preparation for time of tribulation. Convert, convert.

Pray, pray, pray for the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, for the entire Clergy, for the priests and nuns, for all humanity. Pray for the atheists and pagans.
Pray for the Holy Church founded by Jesus Christ, unity, prayer, sacrifice, penance, fasting and charity. The persecution of you the Christians will be strong, but if you have faith, practice the charity, live the Holy Gospel, you will be the winners. The Church of Jesus Christ is the only one to prevail.

I love you very much and cover you with the mantle of My Love.
Brazil, Brazil, stand up and pray, your hour is coming, trust in God and the victory is certain. Now I bless you in Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Mother of Jesus Christ the Savior of the world,

Mary the Immaculate Conception

October 5, 2008

Message of Our Lady - Mary, Full of Grace
The Birth of the New World - Words of Our Lady

October 5, 2008

Dear children, today, the day of the Lord, with much love and affection I come to bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

United to The Trinity, let's seek together to for the real peace in the world. My children, My children I want you so much to join Me, hear the Advices from your Heavenly Mother that I Am, Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ and straighten your lives, your lives, I tell you that already is approaching the time that I have talked about it.

The Holy Word of God shows you about the hour when you will stand before Him, with your deeds, the fruit of your effort, your conversion, like how you worked for the construction of your holiness. He wants to judge what you have done to deserve eternal life; will be the time of Particular Judgment. This time you are still cultivating the seed of love that God planted within your hearts. All were invited to work in this cultivation, but few attended the service.

The world does not value the Call of God, preferred to cultivate the bad things, things that will bring the entire earth to spend big and terrible difficulty. The world today is in great danger of war, hunger, the plague and has not yet been prepared as it should for the time of Particular Judgment.

The world has not been prepared to receive Jesus Christ. My children be ready, God will ask for what you did with the talents God the Father gave you, where are the fruits of your labor and you have to tell the truth. You can not hide from God the things that you do the whole time.
But not all is lost, there is still time to convert, it is time for the men recognize their mistakes and correct them, recognize their weaknesses and seek help from God.

Understand that you are in great danger. Do not venture men, to say that you are strong, who can do what you want with your lives.
Today the man is in danger, is at the top of a very thin wire, about to explode because did not love as should have loved to God and to their brothers, not loved life, not loved the nature.

If you do not change, not love even a little, will be lost because this is the last time for conversion. There will be a big moving in the world, you can already see the animals, they are already noticing that something is approaching, but the man makes the blind, the deaf, the lame and mute. Prepare yourself opening primary your hearts to God, to His Word, let that it enter in you for the Growth in Holiness.

He fulfills His promise and He is sending you the Holy Spirit to purify your hearts and you can continue living in Holiness and deserve the Heaven.
When comes the Holy Spirit, be vigilant. Now I want to warn you about your country, you are living today a day of decision for those who are elected by the people to take care of problems of the cities, but need to pray much at this time because your country each day is getting dirty with corruption, violence, deception, lack of honesty in leadership, lack of commitment to society. Disrespect to God.

These things cry out to heaven for punishment and it will come. You must meditate on what I advise and practice more the Will of God. My advice is that you be honest, steadfast in your duties to God and the man.

Love is the greatest wealth that God gives you, do not commit disregard for He, the Love performs miracles in you, God loves you, you do not have the capacity to imagine the love of God, but you are bearers of love, you can love without measure, you can enrich the daily life more, just loving. God gives everything to who loves, He gives to everyone, but not everyone knows everything and end up falling into hell. Hell is a place prepared for those who feed on hatred, who crush the Grace of God. Beware.

Love to each other, love, love, love each day more. This is what I reveal today, for your conversion, I hope you can understand why I descend from Heaven to be with you teaching you to overcome the snares of the devil.

I also want to leave now a word to the little children, this week that follows is dedicated to them. I ask you all to pray as Jacinta and Francisco prayed in life to help save souls in danger of falling into hell. The children are suffering much the fault of adults who do not love and are martyrs for the suffering.

They are innocents murdered, marginalized, forced to commit things horrible in the childhood, to prostitution. But the Heaven is observant to all these human cruelties against the innocent, there comes a great punishment. But they have the protection of God, the punishment is for the cruel.

I shed upon them the blessings of God.

Pray, pray, pray, for the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, for the entire Clergy, for the priests and nuns, for all humanity. Pray for the atheists and pagans, they need your help, these are the last calls, very soon you will have no more of My messages.

Pray for the Holy Church founded by Jesus Christ, unite in prayer, the persecution is coming, all are in danger, the enemy wants to destroy you and destroy your planet.

I love you very much, I cover you with the mantle of My Love, especially your homeland, the nature will be angry from now on. The events will be many. Trust in the Love of God and ask Him for the forgiveness of your sins. There will be many deaths in Brazil, also for various reasons.

Pray, pray, pray, increase your love, your hope, your faith the power of God to sustain you.

Now I bless you in Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Mother of Jesus Christ the Savior of the world,

Mary the Immaculate Conception

Sunday, December 14, 2008

September 21, 2008

Message of Our Lady - Mary, Full of Grace
The Birth of the New World - Words of Our Lady

September 21, 2008

Dear children, today, the day of the Lord, with much love and affection I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
United to the Holy Trinity, together we will get the real peace in the world.

My children, my little children, the Holy Word of God today shows you how great the Love Him for you. He does not despise his children. He wants all to trust in His justice and come to work in His vineyards, even those who are distant today are again invited to wake up and hurry up to practice the good works in favor of their own souls.

God shows that there is always a time reserved for those who will also convert, a time of Mercy and for in the new world all have the same joy, the same happiness. Every day you are called to conversion, every day you have opportunities to improve your conduct before God.

Many times the children do not value the opportunities and end up wasting time with things that will only increase the offenses to God. Well you know that this can destroy your joy, because the man who offends to God has a heavy conscience and can not escape of his blame. The conscience of man accused in faithfulness to God.

God, now more than ever before, is calling the children to conversion with urgency, because the children do not know the future and how conversion does not happen from one day to another, every day He calls you again.

The rest of time that remain, you have to be in agreement that is coming for your purification, you must not lose the Heaven. You My children, you are called today by the same way that the Lord called the last servants to work in His vineyard, which started almost in time to close the day.

They met and at the end of the day received the same amount as the others, because the Mercy of God is spread over all generations. You are the last sinful generation, you were reminded every day to come back to God. The man backs to God, when you start to understand that faith saved, correct your mistakes, change for the better, practice charity and the charity is blessed by God.

Every man must be charitable, needs to love the neighbor to be able to say that he loves God above all things. Who loves the Lord, learn from Him, listen His advice and take care of his soul. He who does not love the neighbor, is leaving the hatred dominate their heart.

When God created the world, He wanted the world to be beautiful, was full of His Love, was a free world that has only face to Him, but the man is deviated, Kneel before the evil one, the man is a slave accepting the satanic impositions.

My children, it is also time to recognize what is wrong, it is still time to turn your hearts to God, to kneel and worship the Lord, because He is the True God. Only He can Save you.

A New World will birth, the land already feels the pain like a pregnant woman at the time of giving birth. Thus the earth groan, everywhere the pain is spreading to finish up the sin that exists in human and to begin the New World, to initiate a world purified, sanctified by God, very soon will happen.

God loves his children without measure, is an Infinite Love. You do not know calculate this love, because you are guilty, but the time has come that you shall understand.

A New World will birth, the Divine Holy Spirit descend upon you, so we can better understand the things of God, understand that He wants you Save.
It is time to practice good deeds, the time will come that you have to present them to Him. While the Holy Spirit has not come yet, practice them, they have to be pure, holy, pleasing to God. As you heard today, He pays the same wages to everyone, even those who arrive at the last minute.

So you must hurry up because you are the last to arrive with your requests for forgiveness and who ask forgiveness of God with sincerity, receive the same Salvation of those who asked first. You must listen to the Will of God; consider that He already warned you all, you can not say later that did not know that would suffer much.

My children, do not be indifferent, terrible things are getting closer, they will happen in the world, be Prepared, Repent of your sins. Convert, convert, do not give up, do your best, fight against evil, he is worse than a cancer, is worse than any disease, because he leads you to despair and what is coming to the world will cause many to despair.

Convert, convert, God loves you and wants to forgive you, but you are not repented of your sins as it should be to get to heaven is precise the man detachment of evil habit of sin. This is what I reveal you today, right now, for your conversion. Pray, pray, pray for the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, for the Clergy, for all the priests and nuns, for all humanity.

Pray for the atheists and pagans, be a bridge for they to reach the Heaven, pray for their conversion. Pray for the Holy Church founded by Jesus Christ. Unite in prayer. Remember you have to beat to death as Jesus Christ won, enduring all the suffering in obedience to the Will of God the Father. God wants to Save you and His Plan remains forever on all things, He knows what he does, trust in His Will.

I love you very much, I cover you with the mantle of My Love, especially you Brazilians, pray, pray, pray, the nature will be shaken, very strong over your country. Trust in the Providence of God. Continue firmly in His hands. Now I bless you in Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Mother of Jesus Christ the Savior of the world,

Mary, the Immaculate Conception