Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

May 5, 2012

Message of Our Lady - Mary, Full of Grace
The Advent of the New World - Words of Our Lady
May 5, 2012 - First Saturday

            Dear children, with much love and affection I come to bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

United to the Holy Trinity, together we will get the real peace for the world.

My children, I feel great joy to find you here waiting for Me to pray together, asking God's Mercy for the world. My children, you have been called to serve in My army, but actually I was also called by God to lead this army, I am only the Servant of the Lord, but here I am fulfilling My duty, to pray with you at this time that all countries in the world are stepping on the Grace of God, are stained with blood, are attracting to the world a terrible punishment, because they have countries that have killed more innocents than soldiers in a war. God did not want this to you, but He is Righteous and now will do Justice on the innocent blood that covers the nations.

My children, today also dedicate along with Me, your prayers for the souls in Purgatory.

Come on children, bring more joy to the souls in Purgatory for more time, they are waiting for the Final Judgment to come in Heaven, they made so many serious things that have been there many, many years, does not mean that they were forgotten, but their faults are so severe that they have been there for more than 200 years waiting for the time of entering into Heaven to live the great Happiness.

Thank you for your presence here today My children, for complying with your duty to say 'yes' to God in your mission.

As much as you strive, are not able to understand the importance of this meeting. You saw how many people that have accompanied you and come to pray with you and walked away, never came back. Perseverance is a Gift very rich, because he who perseveres learns and puts into practice. Today I can tell you, now ye have delivered from so many faults with only your presence here to pray with Me.

Many times you stand to think about: - Why do we pray in this place, in this neighborhood so far?

My children know why, I say unto you, Ye were not the ones that have chosen but God. He knows why of everything. So you are happy because understood and came. It is important to fulfill the duty.

My children, the Holy Word of God today reveals about the authority that Jesus Christ received from the Father to save you. God gave His own Son, the Divine Son, Jesus Christ, true God, true Man, to His sinful children to free them from bondage of sin and to lead them to Heaven. Jesus Christ is like the Father, and is also God the Father, God is in Him and He is God the Father, that is why They have the same Power, that is a mystery that only They know. But humanity shrinks, becomes deaf, has been mute, for not to understand because they understand it in its own way, and will misunderstand. You must ask for help to the Holy Spirit, He gives clarity, He gives to man Holiness, understanding and improve their situation in the world.

            The world today does not want to be interested in the teachings of God, because it is afraid of losing what they have and do not know how to live with little, but now will be more severe.

They're coming world events that everyone will have to face situations so severe that many will put an end to their lives, because they cannot live with little.

I am now starting a movement of total detachment from material things to you because if you are not aware of this detachment that have to do now, will enter into despair. God has given you a time and let's get it now, we must begin with courage, if you do not empty your hearts of all that is hindering you now, you will not endure to lose what you have, you will be left with nothing, only will remain the consolation of God. He wants each one to learn to live with little.

To strengthen, you ought to valorize the Holy Eucharist, It will feed you in time of famine, It will give you more strength to nourish faith.
            God does not let you lacking of anything, but you have to have faith, you must believe that He may sustain you, be meek and humble of heart. Accept all suffering and offer to God for your strengths do not fall and there you may fall into the temptation of suicide for not enduring the lack of something.
            My little children, pray with hope, is not to increase the number of prayers but to increase your confidence in God and do what He tells you to do.

This is what I reveal you today for your improvement.

Pray, pray, pray for the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, for all the Clergy, for the religious men and women, for all mankind.

Pray for the atheists and pagans, help them, help them.

Pray for the Holy Church founded by Jesus Christ, unity and prayer, prepare yourselves, a great change will happen within the Holy Church, this year will happen the union of all peoples to what God wants, one church, one shepherd.

Help the Holy Father the Pope. He needs help.

I love you very much and cover you with My Mantle of Love. Brazil, Brazil, unite in prayer, the prayer can avoid many hassles, believe and pray, a great storm approaches.

All nations, stay alert.

Now I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Mother of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world,

Mary, the Immaculate Conception.

Thank you for the tributes today, this month you devote to Me, you will receive many Graces. Now is the time for many miracles to happen.

I thank My daughter Marluci for allowing this meeting here today. Know My daughter, that you pleased My Immaculate Heart, I leave to everybody, My Heart and the Peace be upon you all.

You must meditate on the Holy Gospel today: John, 14: 7 – 14.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

April 15, 2012

Message of Our Lady - Mary, Full of Grace
The Advent of the New World - Words of Our Lady
April 15, 2012 - Feast of Divine Mercy

            Dear children, today, the day of the Lord, with much love and affection I come to bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

United to the Holy Trinity, together we will get the real peace for the world.

My children, you who are listening to Me, know that this day is very important for all humanity. The Holy Father Pope John Paul II while he lived on earth, dedicated to the Divine Mercy the 8th day after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Holy Lord's Passover.

Everybody on this day should ask God to bestow upon the whole world His Mercy because the time is now the most terrible that can exist. You need to defeat this time, only God can help you and He helps pouring upon you His Mercy that is His Grace, God is good, is compassionate, fair, merciful, He gives what everyone needs, forgiveness of your sins.
            Humanity provoked the wrath of God with disobedience to the Commandments, the contempt to the Sacraments, now is in danger and so brought upon itself a great punishment that will come very soon.

The Mercy of God is His goodness, His love for all the children that He created to live with Him in Heaven. So everyone can live from the Mercy of God, is just for they to repent of their sins, confess asking for forgiveness, to be converted.

But repentance must be true and God knows when.

God is good and just, is the Father who knows to love and because His love is infinite, He calls each one and teaches you how to win.

God wants to give you Eternal Happiness and for you to be happy, ye need of reconciliation with Him, because you are far from Him in the guilt of your sins. All sin is death and death is separation. If man does not reconcile with God, loses salvation.

If reconciles, will rise on the last day to live in Heaven.

Who does not reconcile, will have the second death, the separation of Heaven. No more union with God and will go to Hell.

Then ponder upon it, God wants to give you His Goodness that is why teaches you, His Mercy is for all, is His forgiveness.

As He does not oblige anyone to anything, He offers you His mercy if ye ask Him forgiveness of sins.

The time that you have left now is only time for the reparation of your sins and every day it gets lesser because it is a limited time by the Will of God.

You until now are accommodated and doubting everything I'm showing you. Beware, I am only the Servant of the Lord, but He is God Almighty and knows how to look for each child.

What comes to the world now, very briefly, is already knocking on doors of every heart, will not be easy for anyone, all people will have the same difficulties to survive, hunger, thirst, disease, wars and revolts of nature, many natural disasters will happen whether on earth or in the air, everything will be terrible. It is time to prepare, each man to decide about his future, valuing the present and converting increasingly, cultivating the faith.

The man despised the purity, abused of the goodness of God and is now losing the last opportunities He is giving before the final trials.

This is the time for man to decide where to go, will go to Heaven or to Hell.

All countries, not only Brazil, but everyone needs to hear God telling them what is needed to do to overcome the despair.

Know dear children that the feast of Divine Mercy opens a new era, new horizon for everyone. In each passing year, the Grace of God manifests by giving protection to everybody, every year is getting closer to God for it gets harder because the world has sinned and has not asked God's forgiveness of their faults, their sins. Without forgiveness, the man has no way to reconcile with God.

            On this day of the Divine Mercy, God gives you more wisdom, more courage, more light to be in sure of your decision. God wants all children in righteousness. It's time that you will have to receive final instructions before going up to your Calvary. There you will die and in the Final Judgment you will rise to hear what you deserve, Heaven or Hell.

Who get converted, will go to Heaven, and who has not converted will go to Hell. So the Father sent Me to tell you this.

Carry your cross with love, faith, hope and faithfulness to God.

The time is serious, make haste in your conversion. Prepare for your purification, is already very near the day when the Holy Spirit will purify those who repent at the last hour. It's time to clean up your hearts, to prepare them for purification, renouncing to sin.

My children, the Holy Word of God leads you now to meditate on the passage in which Thomas, a disciple of Jesus Christ, faltered, doubted and demanded proof of God by showing him that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ happened.

God has planted within your hearts the love, faith, obedience to Him and everything good. Your only duty is to cultivate what He has planted for not losing your salvation, but not everyone is aware, you are not taking seriously what God teaches you. So comes the doubt, the loss of faith, hope and confuses your mind keeping you away from God and offending Him.

See My children, Thomas was always with Jesus Christ and hesitated. He recovered, acknowledged of his error and was forgiven. After all, he said: "My Lord and my God" and Jesus said to him: "You have believed because you saw. Blessed are those who believe without seeing." (John 20: 28-29)
            My children, listen to this advice, you who are with Me today, stand firm in faith, hope and true to your 'yes' to God. Very soon you will see how this has placed you in righteousness, and you acting like this will overtake the salvation of your souls.

How many people today are thinking that they are ready to truly believe in God, that do not require warning, signs, of cultivating their faith, that they have enough.

But in fact nobody is ready, it is near, so after the New Pentecost comes, the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the world is when humanity is ready to receive Jesus Christ.

When He comes (the Holy Spirit) will open your mind and you will have more knowledge about your life.

Prepare yourselves, the Mercy of God is pouring over you every day of your life.

This is what I come to reveal to you today for your conversion.

Pray, pray, pray for the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, for all the Clergy, for all the religious men and women, for all mankind.

Pray for the atheists and pagans, time is running out.

Pray for the Holy Church founded by Jesus Christ, unity and prayer.

Help the Holy Father the Pope to seek the sheep, who are away.
You must not seek for them with words, but with prayer, the prayer already contains strength to bring them. That's why I call you to prayer, is to help you and to help your brothers. The power of prayer performs great miracles.

God does everything for not losing the children who believe in Him. Will ultimately be in pain, there is no medicine to ease this pain, only the recognition that in Him you will find a cure for this terrible pain, which will reach those who did not want to believe in His existence.
            Help more to the Holy Father the Pope, he is suffering greatly because of the growth of false churches in the world and it is the worst, the number of sects in countries with greater economic development. The devil is invading all through sects and in exchange for favors that many depend on.

Pray My children, the world situation worsens each day more.

I love you very much and cover you with My Mantle of Love.

Brazilians, prepare yourselves, observe the signs of God, the greatest of them are the Warnings that are on the world, especially on Brazil, your country. The time has come, make haste in your conversion.

All nations, the Warnings are the same, the danger is the same.
Pray, pray, pray. God is pouring out His mercy upon you.

Now I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Mother of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world,

Mary, the Immaculate Conception.

You must meditate on the Holy Gospel today: John 20: 19-31.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

April 8, 2012

Message of Our Lady - Mary, Full of Grace
The Advent of the New World - Words of Our Lady
April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday - Holy Lord's Passover

             Dear children, today in this beautiful day that you are reliving the day that Jesus Christ is Risen freeing you from the bondage of sin, thus freeing you from eternal death, you ought to thank God for your conversion.
            This is the most beautiful moment for all mankind.
            Now the only thing pending is your 'yes' to God with your gift of life to Him. The man must have gratitude for the life God gave you. You must always remember that God the Father hath given His own Son Jesus Christ to save you. He is the Lamb of God who was slaughtered on the Cross for the guilt of your sins, was slaughtered, shed all His Blood and the whole water of His Body to wash you of all your faults, He shows you with His Suffering that is capable to forgive you if you ask Him forgiveness of sins.

            Therefore, strive, strive, you have it.
            My children, the Holy Word of God will lead you today to relive that moment when happened the Resurrection of Jesus Christ the only Son of God, true God, true Man, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.
            He did not give up from you My children, died and rose for all.
            He, Himself bore witness to His promise, who is the Saviour of the world. He gave testimony that day for all who seek Him in the tomb.
            You have heard today, during the celebration of Mass, which on the first day of the week Mary Magdalene came to the tomb of Jesus Christ, it was still dark in the morning at dawn, she was taking perfume to anoint His Body. Upon arrival she found the stone that closed the tomb, away. She, Mary Magdalene was not alone, Mary, mother of Santiago and Salome, were together before and thought how they would remove the stone, but were surprised when arrived, the stone was removed. They did not enter, went back and looked the disciples and found Peter and told him, he and another student went to see what happened. Had confirmation that Jesus Christ was no longer there, had risen, they saw only the linen cloths that were on the floor and the cloth that covered the head of Jesus Christ, He was separated from other bands, was wrapped in a place apart.
            So truly believed because they understood what they had not understood about when Jesus spoke to them of His Resurrection, which happened shortly after His Death.
            My children, see how you ought to strive to increase your faith. Man is weak, has trouble believing and because of it, is a risk of danger of falling into Hell.
            It is necessary to overcome this difficulty by increasing the faith day by day.
            Falling into hell is the easiest thing today because the world lacks of faith, without faith man disobeys God more each day because they do not believe in Him.
            It is necessary to believe in God, believe in His Power, you must obey Him.

            Is missing in man the true faith, hope and trust that He has shown both His Love to everyone and not everyone believes. The man is stepping on God's Grace. The man to believe, needs to see with eyes of spirit, soul, heart.
            Blessed are those who are seeing so are those who are now celebrating, remembering and living the Holy Easter of the Lord, all those who believe and those who still believe, will come the day that will also celebrate their final Easter.
            The Gate of Heaven is open for anyone who converts.
            The Kingdom of Heaven is for those who decide for God, all who love Him above all things, obeying Him and detaching from all sin.
            All sin is death, everything that comes from God is life. God is not the lord of death, He is Lord of Life. Only God can give you Eternal Life, Eternal Life and is life in God. Who does not believe in Him will only have in his life suffering, without God, without any Light, only in eternal unhappiness.
            You have to practice good deeds so you may taste the happiness and be at peace with your conscience.
            If you free yourselves from accusations of your conscience, you will have peace. But for that you have to love God very much, this love of just say that believe in Him is little, you must bear witness to that love with your life, being true Christians. Consciousness is like a judge who judges every day, he watches your actions and you say, 'This is wrong.' It is an inner voice that comes from God. Satan wants your error, not because he wants to help, he wants to offend God using you, he uses your weakness to dominate you and offend God for revenge for what he lost, he lost his happiness.
            Conscience is a help from God to you, watching you and telling you: - "correct, correct what's wrong, ask forgiveness to God, love Him every second of your life, obey Him and so you will be happy, otherwise you will be unhappy." This, was the judge that Judas could not get rid of it and ended up in despair and falling into Hell. Today nobody cares about consciousness, but does not advance, needs to hear it.
            What it is said in the wind, the consciousness listens also and man is only happy when has no charges to be repaired, only God can deliver you from this situation.
            When a person kills another has no more peace, until he realizes that he killed himself, he is in greatest despair. As with the soldiers who killed Jesus Christ, at the same time they recognized that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, right there, right then, they preferred to be dead than having to face the Divine Court.
            So My children, valorize this time of Grace that you are living and listen to the voice within you that shows you where your errors are, correct yourselves because now very soon, you will not be judged in earth courts, but you will face the Divine Court, the Private Judgment, the Judgment Day. It is coming the hour, correct yourselves.
            Now it's time to prepare for God to improve your lives. Only He is perfect and He also wants to give perfection to all who will live with Him in Heaven.
            Jesus Christ Resurrected already, conquered death, and now is your time to pass your agony, your flagellation and go up the path to Calvary carrying your cross and crucified in order to be taken to the tomb and from there you will stand up by the Power of God, for your Salvation. You must ask for forgiveness to God before your passage to Eternal Life.
            Ask now, go to confess all of you Christians, stand ready to win. God is waiting you with open arms.
            This is what I come to tell you today on this beautiful day, because it will be suddenly the Call of God to man for him to appear before the Judge at the Divine Court and show what he did in life he received from God to live in peace.
            Jesus Christ has freed you, show Him now that you have the gratitude within you and let Him lead you to Heaven.
            Pray, pray, pray for the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, for all the Clergy, for the religious men and women, for all mankind.
            Pray for the atheists and pagans, they think that God will give up from them, but He will not, for God nothing is impossible, He calls all until the last minute and gives opportunities, only will lose it those who do not want the Salvation of their souls, those who love more the sin than God.
            Pray for the Holy Church founded by Jesus Christ, only who wants to be part of this Church will survive forever. For He, Jesus Christ and His Church is the Church founded on earth that is represented by the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI so far.
            Does not advance for the world to want to undo this determination, all the churches that are not subordinate to the Holy Father the Pope, will fall. But, does not advance anybody thinking that this will not happen. Who rules the world is only God and He bears witness to what He talks.
Will survive the Foundation of the Church of Jesus Christ. He will gather His followers.
            Help the Holy Father at this time of great change in the world. Will start the war in the Middle East, pray, pray, all the people united in prayer to find strength in God.
            I love you very much and cover you with My Mantle of Love.
            I wish you all a Happy Easter, may your hearts be open to God. Be all you merciful with each other, humble yourselves, recognize you that you need only to love God, you shall receive all what you need. Remember that your consciousness is on the ground by the guilt of your sins. Repent, ask God to forgive all that you did wrong, be thou My son who is now the most indebted, God does not abandon you, humble yourself and ask forgiveness, the world does not know what is coming now but if you trust in God, you win. One must learn to surrender, trust and wait for the Grace of God, one day it arrives, it may take long because only He knows the time, day and year that will give the world the grace that so desperately needs.
            Stay ready waiting for the hour of the Lord. He loves everyone with Eternal Love.
            Brazil, Brazil, heavy rains will fall upon you and the world, overwhelming storms, prepare yourselves, do not stay careless.

            The man is careless when do not pray to ask God for His protection. Rain is not the worst thing, worst thing is the anger, lack of acceptance of God's Will. Jesus Christ is God, Saint Christopher crossed the dangerous river. You who are also sinners need of help through any kind of danger. Be all confident and humble yourselves asking for help.
            All countries listen to the Advice I give you and also the messages that I bring, God is telling you, stay tuned for not drowning in the deep waters of disobedience.
            Now I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Mother of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world,

Mary, the Immaculate Conception.

            You must meditate on the Holy Gospel today: John, 20:1 – 9.