Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Monday, October 31, 2011

August 17, 2011


August 17, 2011 - Dream Vision

In my sleep during the day, the Angel of the Lord came to speak to me again. I do not know the exact time because I woke up to pray at night, I was exhausted and had a very heavy sleep.

The angel woke me up and I asked him to let me sleep a little longer because I was unable to awaken. But he did, he insisted quietly. He said:

You can sleep after, but now listen to me because I will not come later, I have to fulfill my duty, because this is the order of the Almighty, whom I serve.

You must do the same without complaining, your benefits are many, do not forget it. You must pray for the world, which is a grace you have received from the Most High, chosen to pray for the children of God.

So I reacted and I apologized for my discouragement. I said - I love my Jesus and I thank you for waking me up to hear what He asked you to tell me.

At that time I was seeing all his beauty, that Light that covered him, he was a little away from me and I asked: - Why are you away from me but I can hear you as if you were here?

He replied:

This is a spiritual communication, your mind, listens to me, your soul is really close to me and it is she whom I speak, it is not necessary that your body is upright.

I said - good! So my body can rest, as is the one that is tired. He replied:

But remember, your body will also one day go to heaven, remember that your life is all of God and needs to be blessed by Him.

If you have a soul that responds to the Called of the Lord, you must also have a holy body that stands up and make sacrifices, endures the pain, remains standing when the Grace approaches you, you must remain on knees.

When I am who speak to you, you should just listen to me, I'm just a servant of the Lord, like you. You should receive me with attention, not for myself but for the grace that I bring. I'm just who announces what is coming to the man. As I announced to Mary, the first coming of Jesus Christ to the world, so now I announce the second coming of Him, so that the world is prepared, because this time He will not descend to suffer for your Salvation, but He will come to reign over those who fear Him. The world will be ready to receive Him with love.

Those condemned will go to hell and those who deserve salvation will receive the inheritance that the Creator gives to them.

The world will be purified before and baptized in the Spirit, but many things will happen before the Coming of the Lord.

Then I asked: - Please, Holy Angel, can you tell me if we still have the opportunity to further improve our lives for not to be punished severely by the guilt of our sins?

He replied:

I am not a judge, I do not know the weight of your sins, but you have to feel the weight of your consciences, and repent repair before it is too late.

However, my angel, of course, we will make mistakes in calculations, since we do not know the total of our sins before God.

But, you know where I come from and what it takes to return. Repair without measures and not remain lost forever. If you really believe in the Salvation that Jesus offers, fight for it until the end of your days on earth. Do not be discouraged.

Thank you my angel, your visit and the announcement. I'll put it in my heart and will correct myself, but help me, pray for me.

Then he showed me the scroll as usual, and there were the warnings of God.

Continuation of the message from Archangel Gabriel on August 17, 2011

He said:

I come to bring peace of Heaven, cheer up, you are just a creature, ask to God for strength, He will give you.

"Be attentive, a great sign will be given to you through an event that scientists will not know how to explain. It will be very soon. Pray, pray, pray."

"Humble yourselves, bend your knees asking God for forgiveness of your sins.
Always ask His Mercy. "

At the end of the parchment it was written:

"I'm the one who serves the Almighty.

I am the Archangel Gabriel, of the Blessed Virgin Mary."

He, with all its beauty, with all the Light, was dressed as before and now was in his hand a golden cup and gave us this advice:

"The hour of the Divine Justice is coming,

read about the seven bowls of Revelation, chapter 15."

I said to him - I will read it and I thank you for letting me know.

He replied:

You do not have anything to thank me, but you must thank God, especially you because He is giving you time to repent of your sins and you can still repair some of them prior to the big sufferings. But when the Counselor comes, He will open your mind more and you will remember everything you have done wrong, no sin is hidden and you'll regret it all with a clear conscience and will seek forgiveness from God. All this will happen before the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ the Almighty, when the Father commands it.

Remain in peace and now I say good bye.

I thanked him.

He was brighter and went to Heaven.

I was thinking and I thanked God for this visit. I asked Him to have mercy on us all sinners and grant us peace of mind while we still cannot have peace in the world because of our disobedience, war, ambition, greed, contempt, exaltations, the selfishness, lack of unity, brotherhood, this means a lack of love for God, neighbor and ourselves.

But when the Holy Spirit comes, I think we can correct even more and deserve the forgiveness of God and thus peace will come. Let us pray.