Darly Chagas is a devote Catholic, a woman of a deep prayer, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

She receives regularly messages from Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception; and sometimes from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Some messages are directed specifically to Brazil, while others are for the world as a whole. Words of the Immaculate Heart of Our Heavenly Mother to Her sons that need to learn how to prepare well for the events that are coming.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

June 30, 2011

Message OF The Divine Holy Spirit

June 30, 2011

The light of God descended upon me and I heard His voice. He says:

I Am the Light of the world this is what I want you to do at this time of great danger, a channel of this light for clarity amid the darkness of sin that are upon the earth. Come and this is My wish for you. Do your mission and you will be blessed in Heaven. Look at Me with your spiritual eyes and see, I give you Wisdom, Strength, Understanding, Counsel, Knowledge, Piety and Fear of God, that we are One God in Three Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I am. These gifts will make you light on through the darkness.

My Lord and my God, Light of the world, cleanse us. Come on all of us and enlighten us, show Your love for us to forgive the sins of all us sinners.
I am nothing but dust and on this dust can only build my existence You in Your Love, Your Peace, Your Justice, Your Mercy.

You called me, I'm here to listen to Thee, to serve Thee. I'm all Yours, do with me what is Your will.

Forgive me, my heart is happy to give myself to Thee.
I love Thee, adore Thee, I praise Thee, bless Thee, glorify Thee, I give thanks to Thee because of Your immense glory to the Three Divine Persons of the Holy Trinity.

Daughter, you are little because you are still the flower of the seed that was well cared, I warmed you since you were little, enlighten you and you were growing up, I gave you beauty, scented, I fed you, gave you spiritual beauty because I give the gifts and you, if you meet my teaching, you shall return the fruit to be picked up at the last day on earth, the day of ‘Final Judgment’. Thus you will please your God, the Holy Trinity.

You must understand that you are My instrument and I am who performs the work, I lead you to where I want you to go.

My Lord and my God, You are the Force that moves the world, are our hope, You are our Helper, we are seeing in the world the atrocities that happen every second.

We do not have the freedom to walk quietly through the streets, not for those who live, because the number of people who engage in the vices of drugs and theft, beverage and those
disadvantaged scare us because they kill to steal . They do not want to know if God does not accept this.

You know everything, but likewise I ask You, help us, give us courage to fight for our defense.

My God, You are the Fire that burns the evil of this world, turn in all of us the spirit of peace. Come Holy Spirit, let Your Fire reaches us, we are still making so many wrong things in this world, heal our vision and give us the joy of being good sons for not lose Your help.

Make us humble and simple, able to understand that time is too short for us to respond in a firm voice our 'yes' to God.

Daughter repair time is ending and happy are the ones who understood and sought to repair their mistakes because it will now start for many the time of reparation through suffering, and almost there is no more time to repair through suffering. These were years of opportunity, but vanity is dominating the man, and he thinks he is able without Divine help.

This prevented the man to be humble and take care of the soul.
The man needs to understand that it's just a child. Now it's late, humanity will sweat blood to be purified to enter heaven. Many works were built in the sand and they have no foundation.

Many people in the world today want to be seen by the charity they're doing and forget that charity cannot be a matter of vanity.

My Lord and my God, you are the Amender and teaches your children how to walk in righteousness and to know when is only with punishment that they can hear you, Your Will be done because Thou determined so and no one can change Your decision.

Suffering is something very sad, very painful, but if we deserve, we must accept with heads down. I just ask You Lord, have mercy on us, let us not lose Your Salvation. Give us what we deserve, but not according to our rebellion, give us according to the goodness of Your Divine Spirit.

Daughter, I will speak you a little today, because I you might rest a bit to start again, your walk will be more painful now, everything will be more difficult. Renew your strength, you need a lot of them now and I will give, trust and prepare, this preparation is acceptance.

I want you to persevere in your decisions for Me, but mainly to be faithful to Me. I am your God and I lead you through dark valleys, and you must not fear because I am with you.

You need to come over the valleys to get to Heaven.

You thought you are now confused because do not understand either the way I save you, your wisdom, when you're confused, is less than a grain of sand.
Because you are in this affliction which takes you far from Me, but you already have the certainty that I live in you. I am your God, I govern your life, although you hesitate, I will keep you standing, I do not abandon you.
When you do something that I do not accept, I overthrow that thing because you're mine and I want heaven for you.

My Lord and my God, Divine Spirit, You who dwell in our hearts, and have power over everything that exists, warm my life, give me more understanding each day so that I know to despise what is not pleasing to You and seek to make more Your Will.
You who are the force that makes us grow and understand the value of life in us, come over us and turn your flame that purifies and sanctifies us our existence.

Daughter, I am preparing for you not come to fall in your faith at this time that will pass through great change in your life.

The time is coming when the world will go through an evolution, nature will be returning to man the offenses received from him. The man did not respect his own life or the nature, he will have to pray hard to avoid being crushed by it.
The more you delay in repair man’s errors, the worse the rebellion of nature about him, but the man is losing the opportunity to reduce their suffering.
Suffering is approaching while the man is going to regret not having heard the warnings that I gave to him while he remained deaf. It is now late for mankind.

My Lord and my God, forgive us, do not let us fall on weakness, lack of faith or despair to receive the grace of Your forgiveness. We are sinners, we cannot fill ourselves, only You can fill our hearts with the virtues, the Gifts and all that we need to live, because our life is not ours.
All we did was far different from what You wished from us and we want to do what we can still, at this time left, but do the right thing as your will. Give us Lord always, a bit of Your Love.

Daughter, My light is not quenched, enlightens all who want to Love me, for all eternity to whom I offer for help, forgiveness, love and so many things, but not everyone wants, I know everything, but I only forgive who I ask forgiveness with repentance.
I warn in advance that so you may have deep regret, you must be born within the heart. So you know what you should do, and who heeds should use its intelligence and learn to humble and not lose Salvation.

Remember that you have an inheritance in your wait, Paradise is the 'Promised Land' to you from God the Father. Be worthy.

My Lord and my God, Light that enlightens all of us, come and blow every one of us. Help me to be like a bird, I need so much love to feel stronger, help me, I stand in your hands forever.
Blow on us with Your consoling Fire, which brings joy and happiness. This is a difficult time for us, we are already like the early Christians because of the persecution that is spreading around the world. They were persecuted and given as food to the lions in the arenas to the amusement of their emperors and Roman citizens.
The citizens were glad they did not know what they were doing, they did not know You, they were not afraid, they were pagans. The Christians of that time were
brave, they assumed their faith, they walked towards the death of the lions to be devoured by them, but they were singing in the direction of the lions and were not step back. They trust you.

Divine Holy Spirit, give us the courage that you gave to them, their souls were taken from the bodies before being devoured by lions, also give us that Protection.
Our Blessed Mother Mary tells us all about God's action at that time of the sacrifices of Christians.

Come and burn all the satanic power that acts on earth and encourage your children to believe in Your Power.

Come Divine Holy Spirit, infinite Love, Source of all the virtues of love and teach us to overcome the great danger in this end time.

Daughter, if you have the wisdom to understand what will happen in the time of the martyrdom of early Christians, do not worry, also all you who were converted will not lack of Heaven's help, you will enter into a deep sleep and awaken before of the Holy Trinity for a true life, life only in God.

Thank you my Lord and my God, Thou art the Helper of our lives, our souls, our hearts, our whole existence, come upon us all and purify us, sanctify us, You are the Sun that never goes out, lit within us, You are the Sun than fruitful in us Your Love.
Thank you Lord for the Gifts You give us every day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second. You are the Companion who is not far from us, You advise us, instruct, teach us to be a true bridge to Heaven. Thanks my God, I'm just mud in your hands waiting to be transformed, purified and sanctified to be joyful with my life that I received from You. Enlighten us, illuminate all sinners.

Daughter, do not be just mud, ye also as a bird that comes to rest in My Hands.
What I like is the love of those who trust in Me. If you renounce sin until the last moment of your life on earth, you will fly like a bird because you will have less weight, you will be lighter than the bird. You will fly for My Hands. Trust me, you will be happy and forget all the sufferings, lie down in the Palm of My Hand feeling the heat, and listening the beating of My Heart, that is, I am revealing you how precious you are to Me. I love you with Eternal Love.

Thank you my Lord and my God, I do not want to go out of Your Hands, show me every day to give up the satisfactions that the world has to offer which are things that keep me from flying like birds flying in the Heaven, mainly preventing us from being careful with our souls.

I want to deserve freedom from this bondage to spend a day resting in the palms of Your Hands, warmed by Your Love.

Daughter, you can do this soon, I promise you if you are faithful in your 'yes' to Me until the last second of your mission on earth where you are.
Every man is learning to love the life I gave him, while living on earth. I gave you all the life and fertilize, I am God, I love you, it is hard to understand this mystery, but soon you will understand. Record it in your heart, it is difficult but not impossible. Someday you will understand why all this time you remained on earth before entering Eternal Life, to enter into Eternity.
Daughter, now listen what I'm talking about and communicates to the world. Listen with your heart, your soul and with all your mind.

"The world will feel a big scare in this year yet, get ready. A portion of the earth will be shaken by earthquakes and tidal waves, caused by the sins of all mankind. May be milder if the world spends more time in prayer, otherwise, the event will be terrible. "

Prepare, prepare, remember that My mercy is offered to you every day.
Now I want to do a prayer for humanity that is in the atheism, paganism, they trample on the commitment made during Baptism.

I will have mercy on those days with those who pray now, to minimize what is happening.
You need to have tranquility in you all. The man just feels calm if its conscience is at peace. For this, he needs to practice better fraternity, charity and detached from all sin. The illusion is bad for you sinners, you need to wake up to reality, now you have to hurry, because the end is near, the ‘Capital Sins’ will be defeated and all that still exist. Fight against evil and will be victorious.

My Lord and my God, enlighten me, give me wisdom to make this prayer, I'm all yours.


"Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, you who are one God in three distinct persons, Look at us now that is dangerous for the world and console us, we need to endure the pain that shake us. You know that we are weak and anything that happens to us leaves us distressed, afraid because we have the weight of sin upon us. We are imperfect even in our prayers, so we ask Thee relief. Give us Lord, a safe place to shelter from the stronger suffering.
My Lord, we all need of Thy mercy, have mercy on us all sinners in the world.
I know we can die at any moment and we are not prepared because we fall into the snares of the devil without even realizing it. Have mercy on us, come and get us in this vale of tears and take us to Heaven before the time of so big destruction comes to the world.

Remember, atheists and pagans, touch them to awaken them, keep away from them all the temptations and show them Your Power.

We ask You Lord, help us all Your children.

We love Thee, we worship Thee and pray for all that You want to save.
Come and enkindle in us the burning flame of Your Love, sanctify us to be pure. "

(1 Creed, 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary, 1 Glory.)

Daughter, I like your prayer, persevere to the end, fighting for all without distinction.
Now I want you to prophesy to Jerusalem My Church, My people.

Yes my Lord and my God, infinite Light that illuminates everything that exists, give me understanding to serve you at this time. I'm all yours, I prophesy according to your will.


"Jerusalem, Jerusalem, here you have another prophecy for you.
Rise up, open your heart, I am your God, out of Me there is no life. Plant in your heart what I'm talking, do not forget to grow to bear fruit of your salvation.
Rip out the weed because where she grows up, if it is not ripped out, My Fire will fall on it to destroy it.

I planted in your heart the love, take care of it because I will clean it.
You gave value to human knowledge and forgot Mine. My Science is divine, it is true, you were deceived by human science. Your laboratory inventors, invented monsters and spread them throughout the land. They have a human appearance; they can destroy your body but cannot touch your soul. But, I am your God, am the God of all that is created, I am Life, I am the Light that lightens your heart, your soul, your spirit. Nobody can turn Me out. I see everything and will show you the invention, the invention that you do not know and you will feel disgust for it.
the human science defies Me, wants to measure strength with Me. I am going to disarm it, leaving humanity to feel the impact of inventions, because disobeyed Me.
Know that you will humiliate Jerusalem, repent of everything, you will bend your knees, when I open your spirit to cleanse and I'll show you that I created you to be the Church, I did not create you to serve My enemy and I will restore you, to give a bath of Light and you will recognize that I am your God.
You are My Church, My people and I love you with Eternal Love. I will purify, sanctify you, you are My wife, you will wear a dress and will be in radiant glory for all eternity.

I am God, I am who I am. No one can forget this and if someone forgets that I am, so I am going to activate his memory again.

Be careful, the Fire will descend from heaven upon you to renew and make new, transfigured to live your life with Me. You will not use more your strength to challenge Me.

Just a puff of Me and your knowledge will be unmasked.
The Science that I give the world is Love, not a factory of evil things. All good is from heaven and all evil comes from hell and there is the abode of evil.
My Science is Light, the world’s science is darkness.
Prepare Jerusalem, now I seek you and I will burn all the laboratories that are used to make the monstrosities that are in the world.

The science of all evil will fall and only the Knowledge of Good will prevail. My power is endless.

The Fire purifies and I am going to descend on you.
I am who corrects what is wrong. You Jerusalem prepare because I will renew now.
I love you with Eternal Love. "

Daughter, go and take to the world My Warnings, do not mind the sharp tongues, the more you are pursue, the more strength I give and you shall be victorious, no one can stop you, because you are an instrument I use.
I give you protection, I put My eye on who attacks you.

Thank you my Lord and my God, I'm all yours, I'll do whatever You want me to do. I Love Thee, I adore Thee with all the strength of my heart, my soul and my spirit.

Daughter, I bless you and bless you all.

I am God. I am who I am. I am the Light of the world.
I am the Divine Holy Spirit.